realty: Been a commercial realtor now moving to residential - 04/23/08 04:26 AM
Can anyone please give me any tips on how to get listings?
What software solutions do you find most useful to not only manage your time, but for ease of use and obviously, what is most effective?
As I live in a coastal part of Florida (on the Gulf side in Bradenton) do you think it is worth letting people know i am English or just let it ride. We do get a lot of overseas visitors here.
Your opinions will be most gratefully received.
 thank you!

realty: Why are so many people full of crap? - 03/08/08 02:09 AM
In the commercial market we are being swamped by wannabees who try to latch onto anything and get 'a piece of the deal'!
We also get fraudsters galore!
If people got real they would do so much better, but they just see the dollar signs.
It's amazing how many of these people are not Realtors! They call themselves 'consultants'!
I suspect they 'consult' on pretty much anything rather than having any professional knowledge in any particular market.
If we as a profession refused to deal with these people, then what? Would they go away? I doubt it, but if we all checked these people out further … (5 comments)

realty: Why should a newly qualified Realtor choose your company? - 03/04/08 03:47 AM
What does your company offer you that others don't?
What should we look for? What should be offered?
Are there any horror stories or any success stories out there?
I'd love to hear what you have to say about your experiences.

realty: How best to become a successful Realtor - 03/04/08 03:09 AM
anyone done all of the course and the reading?
what suggestions would you give to people just starting in the business?
it seems so many people claim so many things... what's good, what's not?
it would be so easy to waste a lot of money...

realty: Brian Buffini Course - 03/04/08 02:56 AM
Can anyone out there please tell me about this course?
What does it do and does it make that big a difference to your margins?
Any info would be very helpful and welcome please.

realty: Bradenton & Manatee County - 03/03/08 12:10 PM
Hi guys, who are you and where are you? … (0 comments)

realty: Reading the market... - 03/03/08 04:08 AM
January's flavor of the month in the commercial world was ... Bulk builder buyouts
February's flavor of the month was REOs
What is March going to be? Good question. I think March and even April will be leaning heavily towards Hotels & Leisure plus most things medical.
Why do I say thet? Well history predisposes me to suggest that people tend to follow a bandwagon because they see profits. The higher percentage returns I see at the moment are in those areas. I personally would opt for medical in the long term due to the growing numbers of us living here. We all get … (0 comments)

realty: What tips can a residential realtor give a commercial realtor and vice versa? - 03/03/08 03:33 AM
From a point of view of marketing do we do anything differently?
Do we try to find buyers and sellers in different ways?
I'm asking this question because I have never been a residential realtor. Yes I know times are tough right now, but if 20% of residential realtors make 80% of the sales, what are they doing differently?
Do they work harder? Smarter? What is actually making the difference?
Can anyone enlighten me please?
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