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Had enough of Orlando and looking for somewhere extra special to buy your holiday home or emigrate to? This is the place to live! On the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and with stunning beaches, wonderful people, beautiful places to visit yet within a short hop from Tampa airport (British Airways) ...
What do you have out there? Please don't send us something you have passed to many others, we are for real and our clients will not entertain a bidding war. $10m to unlimited for the right deals. U.S. preferred but if you have a good offshore deal talk to me...
What exactly are the best referral sites out there? Can our members please enlighten us on who they think are good, bad and indifferent please?The good sites deserve the publicity and the poor sites deserve to be told that they need to up the ante or get out of the game.With so many options out t...
 Fuel has just reached the equivalent of $10 a gallon in the England.A typical duplex in the UK would cost you about $400,000 (at the very least and can be much more depending on location).Our sales tax is 17.5%.Our upper tax limit is 40% (and a lot of people pay that).Cars cost far more in the U...
After a long week how many of you try to finish early on a Friday?Us Brits do it if we can and that's why we call this day POETS!Believe me it's not 'funny Brit talk' it's just 'our way.POETS is Friday otherwise known as P*ss Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday.Are there any American terms for such lik...
Reported in Florida this week a woman found an alligator in her kitchen. It had made its way through the lanai and entered through the open kitchen door. the authourities believed the 'gator' was after the family cat Fluffy!The emergency call center were asking questions like, how long is it and ...
I have to admit most of my blogs have been commercially based as I am a commercial realtor and I still don't know how to use HTML.I like looking at the blog layouts on here and wonder what these people have done to learn this. Can anyone please help us poor technophobes to construct something wit...
Today is St Georges day in England (i'm English). Personally I believe Edward the Confessor should be the patron saint of England, after all not only was he a King (and is a Saint) he was also English, St George was Turkish! Edward is the patron saint of the Royal Family.Anyhow it got me thinking...
Does anyone out there have any specific experience or comments they wish to share about this product please?I have read their site and now I would like comments from users please. 
Can anyone please give me any tips on how to get listings?What software solutions do you find most useful to not only manage your time, but for ease of use and obviously, what is most effective?As I live in a coastal part of Florida (on the Gulf side in Bradenton) do you think it is worth letting...


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