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Headline:- 85% of all surveys are wrong!Now this got me thinking.... how on earth did they come up with this number, did they do a SURVEY on it?I have to admit, it made me laugh!But getting serious about it. Most surveys taken want to reflect the survey originators ideals.So what faith can we put...
i see some people have multiple entries that look like spam to me in some there a trick to getting on the front page?heres hoping you all have a good and successful week!its a bit cooler here... what's the weather like near you?
Can someone please send me an invite or link to this group please? I can't find it! I must have brainache... :(Thank-you!
My work webmail is being delivered to my Outlook but my Outlook then sends it right back. So i cannot receive messages into Outlook.I know it isĀ  this because my sent e-mails get tagged as 'read' and my work webmail cannot do this!Can anyone help me please? I am stumped because I have checked all...
hi can anyone help me please?i have visited the above website and it looks pretty good. but can anyone who has it or know of it tell me how they feel about it please?Do you know anything about the add ons that are available also....?Thank-you
what technology would you use in and out of the office?from phones to PCs... what would be your items of choice?I'd love to know as i need to buy some new stuff and i'd like a review from people in the know!
It seems everyone is offering REOs or saying they have buyers but in general this is hype by so called 'consultants'!By REOs i am meaning bulk REOs in $10m plus packages.The numbers i hear people mention make me cringe. Do these people know what they are talking about?Yes i believe there is a nic...
In the commercial market we are being swamped by wannabees who try to latch onto anything and get 'a piece of the deal'!We also get fraudsters galore! If people got real they would do so much better, but they just see the dollar signs.It's amazing how many of these people are not Realtors! They c...
Can someone please explain, in laymans terms, what you do to insert hyperlinks in your blogs.For some of us it is a mystery.Thank you.
Great game on ESPN just now...AC Milan 0 - 2 ArsenalThe first time the Italian giants have ever lost to an English team in 12 meetings at home.There is another game on tomorrow afternoon at 14.45 EST try and watch it and turn up the volume and feel the atmosphere.This is the biggest club tourname...


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