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Have i been doing anything different on here, i ask myself?Spent the last few days posting my thoughts and asking questions and noticed my score had suddenly shot up!Now i know there are many of you out there that may be dismissive of the points system, but i find it amusing that they all have mo...
What does your company offer you that others don't?What should we look for? What should be offered?Are there any horror stories or any success stories out there?I'd love to hear what you have to say about your experiences.
anyone done all of the course and the reading?what suggestions would you give to people just starting in the business?it seems so many people claim so many things... what's good, what's not?it would be so easy to waste a lot of money...
Can anyone out there please tell me about this course?What does it do and does it make that big a difference to your margins?Any info would be very helpful and welcome please.
Hi guys, who are you and where are you?
the last 2 blogs i wrote earned me 600 points in total. not bad huh? but to earn points you need to get involved... a lot of people don't have, or make the time to blog, but working on the theory that at least adding something makes points, let's see how this goes... i will put the first number. ...
I read that many Wall Street types are earning anything from $100m to $1 Billion a year!What is the world coming to? How on Earth can someone earn this type of money investing YOUR money? Yes the keyword there was YOUR! What risk do these people take when buying stocks and equities etc? I'd also ...
January's flavor of the month in the commercial world was ... Bulk builder buyoutsFebruary's flavor of the month was REOsWhat is March going to be? Good question. I think March and even April will be leaning heavily towards Hotels & Leisure plus most things medical.Why do I say thet? Well history...
 From a point of view of marketing do we do anything differently?Do we try to find buyers and sellers in different ways? I'm asking this question because I have never been a residential realtor. Yes I know times are tough right now, but if 20% of residential realtors make 80% of the sales, what a...
How many other people receive mails from so called financial institutions on here and can activerain do anything to stop it?I must get at least 5 a day of these, I also worry that some of these mails may contain viruses.Anyone got any suggestions to stop this problem?


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