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Salida Colorado is one of a handful of Colorado River Towns that we serve. Other towns in Salida's Down Valley include Howard, Coaldale, Cotopaxi, and Texas Creek. Don't Forget Poncha Springs, Nathrop Buena Vista and Fairplay. Come explore the area with us!



      I cannot believe how much I learned at the Keller Williams Family Reunion this year. And, what great connections... met realtors all over the US and Canada that were doing great in a pretty tough year for many realtors. I studied, went to session after session, picked people's brains and ....
  If you are considering purchasing Salida Colorado Real Estate and are wondering about the area, enjoy this video! It is the first of a multipart series on Salida, Howard, Buena Vista, Crestone, Coaldale Poncha Springs and Nathrop. Stay tuned.  
    I was having a bad day and happened to mention it is a very good friend of mine. We are both good at not allowing each other to spew garbage... life is hardisms, how could she-isms, it is not fair-isms and other nonsense-sims.   I only whined a little and he promptly sent me this you tube cl...
  Homes for Sale, Salida CO: 134 Starbuck Circle, Salida CO Are price, condition, location and views some of your top decision making factors? This lovely home is 4 minutes from downtown in a nice subdivision named after the local dairy in town owned by Starbuck. This home has views from the fro...
  Salida Colorado Restaurants: Amica's Pizza and Micro Brewery Come vist us in Salida. And, while you are here, try our premier pizza joint and only micro brewery, Amica's Pizza and Microbrewery. We just ate here tonight...parked out dogs out front and ordered the Biela pizza and Amica's Single ...
Motivational Monday.... Emily's post on imagination stilled me. What a gift to be still amidst our crazy, busy world. Her photo with the feather carries energy by itself. I also read her post on the raven... you may want to visit her blog and rumage through the delightful posts ranging from real ...
      Shopping in Salida CO: Free the Monkey. Have you ever been to a consignment shop with class? We have 4 in town and this one is not only classy but fun. Their attire is upscale and the atmosphere is eclectic and fun. My winter wardrobe of flannel shirts that I wear hiking is from them. My h...
Real Estate in Salida Colorado: 549 Blake Street, Salida CO.  Live in town and build another home on this large lot for income rental. Or, have an amazing garden and yard. This home is newly renovated with exquisite taste. The floor plan is open, the floors are hardwood and tile. This home is coz...
    I wrote up 2 offers this week, one from a client moving here from Colorado Springs (I will call him Carl) and one living here in Salida Colorado (I will call her Sarah). Carl was a walk in and Sarah found me on my website.   Carl and his new bride Sheryl (refound each other after 45 years.. ...
  If you have not heard, we have a winery right here in Salida. VINO SALIDA, Salida CO.They make many fabulous wines, many of which are organic.   The best thing about this winery, except for their fabulous wine, is their monthly parties. They range from catered food and wine searved by the Arka...

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