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Salida Colorado is one of a handful of Colorado River Towns that we serve. Other towns in Salida's Down Valley include Howard, Coaldale, Cotopaxi, and Texas Creek. Don't Forget Poncha Springs, Nathrop Buena Vista and Fairplay. Come explore the area with us!



  Salida Colorado Real EstateLand for sale.   A lovely 2+ acre lot has just come on the market in a premier neighborhood, Meadowlark Estates.   And, this is the best priced lot in the neighborhood.   Enjoy the 360 degree views on this level lot. For those of you who want fruit trees or a garden ...
Salida Colorado Frequently asked Seller Questions: When is a good time to sell my home? The most common question I hear from people who are thinking about selling is this one. Before I answer it, I will provide a bit of background for our area. For the past 4+ years, we have been in a declining m...
Salida Colorado First time Buyers Step 8: The Closing We call the closing/funding the Celebration. All the hard work is done. All you have to do on the day is show up and be ready to sign, sign, sign. Details:In our area, your realtor will receive the HUD statement (a document with all the calcul...
 Salida Colorado First Time Home Buyers Step 7: Contract to CloseContract to close can best se summed up by the following 4 items. Each will be dealt with below. 1. Buyer's remorse 2. Loan application and appraisal3. Inspections4. Final Walk through Buyers RemorseOr.... I can't believe I just spe...
Salida Colorado First Time Buyer Step 6: Time to make an offer  You have found the place your Realtor is going to write an offer for you. What does that entail? 1. Your Realtor will provide you with comps (homes that are similar to compare prices) so that your offer is not too high or too low.*  ...
Salida Colorado First Time Buyer Step 5: Previewing & Viewing Homes. So far, so good. Many of you have followed every post so far in this series for first time buyers. If you missed any of them, see below for a list. Previewing: Previewing a home has two parts: 1) Previewing the home online 2) Do...
We do not have too many short sales yet in Salida Colorado but I have met many clients who are asking the questions that Patty so eloquently answered in the post below: Short Sale 101. This biggest myth that people come to me with is that they can do a short sale if their home is upside down. You...
Salida Colorado First Time Buyer Step 4: Tips to focus your search -- wants, needs and location Wants and needs. If you have never purchased a home before, it is a good idea to start without the computer in front of you and really look at your lifestyle, wants and needs. Make a list of everything...
 Salida Colorado First Time Buyers Step 3:Shopping for a LenderYou are now ready to go lender shopping. It should not matter if your lender is local or national as long as they are licensed in Colorado but it does. Time after time, we have seen loans tank because the lender did not have a feel fo...
  Salida Colorado First Time Buyer Step 2: What can you afford? The good news is that you found a REALTOR. Congratulations!Now... how much house can you afford? This is a numbers and credit score dance. Much of this can be taken care of before you call your lender (remember, your REALTOR can help...

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