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Salida Colorado is one of a handful of Colorado River Towns that we serve. Other towns in Salida's Down Valley include Howard, Coaldale, Cotopaxi, and Texas Creek. Don't Forget Poncha Springs, Nathrop Buena Vista and Fairplay. Come explore the area with us!



Real Estate is  Lifestyle, Not a Career. This is so true. I have never had a more seamless and play fit together beautifully and without upsetting the apple cart, I can flex with both when I need more time for one or the other. I am selfish with my family time and can make that work a...
  Olympic Super Charging my Real Estate Business   Thanks to Anna Banana and her Olympic Challenge, I have revisited my web systems, picked the best that I have done over the past year and have systematized it. My SEO is relativelly good so I will leave it alone right now. I do all of the items b...
Reflections on a dog day afternoon in Salida Colorado....waiting for rain. The August monsoons are reportedly on their way to bring moisture to the hay fields and mountains. As they build, the humidity builds which is unusual for us. Despite the warmth, our town is bustling this weekend... the 8...
A friend of mine who blogs and knows I do sent me this one...   Had fun with my son's Dog Photo using PicMonkey And for the finale... two dogs dealing with the heat in Salida Colorado.. river town with a storm brewing. I need to learn to do what they do!  
Gone in Sixty Seconds...or should I say Sold in 6 hours? We are not in a crackerjack market like some places in the world but we are warming up. Land sales and older manufactured home sales, especially rural, are still very slow. Regardless, we just helped our buyer get his offer accepted on a ru...
Salida Colorado Buyers: How does your Agent Help? Part Two of Two In the first post, you learned about beginning your search, having your agent show you homes and deciding on the top 2-3. If you missed this post, you can find it at Salida Colorado Buyers: How does your Agent help? Part One of Two...
  Salida Colorado Home Buying Process: How Does Your  Agent Help?   Pre-Showing to Making the Offer Before we Meet. First, we will assist you in determining how much home you can buy and what your options are for buying it.. cash, bank loan, owner finance, etc.  Second, we will set up a broad sea...
When a Baby is Born,A Mother is Created There is no greater miracle in nature than the miracle of birth. The tender moment when a horse licks its new foal clean, when a woman hears the first cry of her newborn, or when a giraffe stands protectively as her baby learns to use his wobbly legs is un...
Sunday, Creativity and Appreciation   Sunday morning in Salida Colorado. Birds singing, blue skies with a hint of sunrise left, and a wet tongue from our dog Jack, inviting us to get up and enjoy the day.             This is a good day for a cup of coffee on the deck, a bicycle ride on Tenderfoo...
Salida Colorado Hot Springs Enthusiasts: 5 Hot Springs to Choose from       This area of the Rocky Mountains seems to be geologically perfect for hot springs formations. We have 5 public hot springs and more for those who like to soak after arduous hikes in the mountains. This post is about the 5...

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