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Salida Colorado is one of a handful of Colorado River Towns that we serve. Other towns in Salida's Down Valley include Howard, Coaldale, Cotopaxi, and Texas Creek. Don't Forget Poncha Springs, Nathrop Buena Vista and Fairplay. Come explore the area with us!



Salida Colorado Condos, Townhomes and Lofts   For those who want to see what is available, here is a live link (updated hourly) for Salida Colorado Condos, townhomes and lofts. There are some folks who want to live their Colorado dream right in the heart of our small resort town. The beauty of th...
Salida Colorado Dreaming: Small Ranches/Homes with Acreage   Click on Salida Colorado Homes with acreage and small ranches. This is a live link that is updated hourly on homes for sale with acreage in our area. So many folks moving here are after the dream... and we have two. This post will be ab...
  GARY DIGIORGIO wrote a great post about 13 traits that indicate a healthy 2013. Since Salida Colorado is still in a soft market, this is music to my local ears. We generally follow the Denver/front range area by a year/year and a half but the indicators he mentioned look promising. So, you wan...
  Country Bounty Restaurant: Salida Colorado Yelp Review of the Week   The Country Bounty Restaurant is located at 413 W HWY 50, Salida CO 81021. It is more than a mom and pop local restaurant. They serve locally roasted coffee, micro beers brewed locally, and great food prepared with local ingre...
If you are on the Western Slope and want a slice of history in a beautiful area, check out Ridgway, Colorado. You will be immersed in stunning views as you experience the "gateway to the San Juans" and will find out that the movie "True Grit" played there. And, the crafter of the Grammy tropies l...
Salida Colorado Real Estate Market Report for Pleasant Valley   What is Pleasant Valley? Where is it? What is happening there wrt the real estate market? Pleasant Valley is a term coined during the mining and the early railroad era for the lovely valley along the Arkansas River between Salida and...
Cats Cavorting in the Snow: Just for Fun   Who said cats did not like snow? This is a pictorial story of cats in the winter and how it all evolves.   I like this white stuff! I feel good, brave, like swimming in it! I am an adventurer. I can sing in the snow.   Whee! Jumping, playing, hunting. I ...
Nice post for Debbie Laity, Donna! I am working with Debbie on a client who may want to be on the Western Slope. Love her. She is a great ambassador for her area and a hard working realtor to boot. My Referral Agent for Colorado's Western Slope: Debbie Laity I met Debbie via Active Rain. I began ...
Appraisals are still tough in Salida Colorado real estate market. it is hard to find comps and at times, the sale cannot go through because the appraisers cannot find comparable homes. The post below by Bryant Tutas offers a glimmer of hope for the future.  Hi Folks. Fred Glick posted an article ...
Buena Vista Colorado Real Estate: January 2013 Market Report   Buena Vista had a slow January, similar to what we saw in the Salida Colorado Real estate market report for January 2013. There were no home sales (homes with less than one acre), 1 home with acreage that closed and 5 parcels of land...

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