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SUGGESTED VIEWING: "2001 SPACE ODYSSEY"I know, I know--it's a stretch, but if you watch "2001 A Space Odyssey" you just may come up with I just did:The reason the whole thing with these high-tech listing platforms like Z and R seem so otherworldly right now is the disconnect to the individual, th...
HOUSES WITH BLUE BATHROOMS AND MORE...Now, here is an example of what one of the biggest issues we have with Z, is all about:  "Homes with Blue Bathrooms Sell For More?". Not to insinuate that Z is an appraisal company, of course--but what can you think when they come up with their ridiculous Zes...
"WHO WOULD HIRE SUCH A PERSON?"This post is short--to the point and meant to wake up those who still think that paying for leads is an acceptable practice:QUESTION: What is wrong with paying money to get leads? Why not take advantage, in my marketing plan to pay more money than the competition to...
SOME CRUCIAL TIPS TO SURVIVING DISRUPTION...When I wrote my featured post "THE CASE AGAINST ZESTIMATES--CASE CLOSED??" in June of 2018, I never dreamed I would be where I am now: I have written at least 5 posts since giving a rundown on how the big sites Z, T, and R are going after our livelihood...
REAL ESTATE LISTINGS--INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY??Prompted by a comment by Kimo Jarrett on one of my last posts, I decided to write this post to get the opinion of others, maybe more informed members here on AR. The comment by Kimo was on the post  STOP COMPLAINING AND START EXPLAINING!! written 2 day...
HOW IS YOUR LOCAL KNOWLEDGE?--ITS NEEDED NOW MORE THAN EVER!!William Merritt Chase lived here and ran the Shinnecock Hills Summer School of Art from 1891 to 1902. He taught his method known as "en plein air" or painting outdoors. Because he loved the light found here in the Hamptons, Chase taught...
LIFE BEGINS AT ANY STAGEAfter reading the shortest post of all time by Paul Henderson, quoting Grace Hanson: will never begin! , I want to share my experience with the idea of this statement: Don’t be afraid your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin! The idea, as suggested by Paul in...
STOP COMPLAINING AND START EXPLAINING!!The past week or two have been the most confusing, challenging and frightening times that I can think of in real estate since I started in 1993.As things unfolded and I was seeing the reality of just what was happening here in the Hamptons and the City, I re...
"THE EMPTIEST OF PLACES"...IS THIS WHERE YOU FIND YOURSELF??I was prompted today, to write this after reading "Inspirations by April" here on AR. Her post "The Message--A full Life In The Emptiest Of Places", set me on my way to write this post as I deal with a very dificult time in my real estat...
WHY DO YOU PAY BIG BUCKS FOR INTERNET LEADS??...A Need to Know..I am going to ask you 4 questions. You may not see the importance of the answer to these questions right now, but you will soon, maybe even at the end of this post! Please do not think these are trick questions---these are being aske...

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