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PART 2 of My Series:"5 Keys To A Successful Real Estate Business" COMPETENCE IS GOLDEN!!! .....Well earned respect  is the goal here! Competence is a rare quality in real estate---You know very well that if awards were handed out for incompetence in real estate, chances are many agents would win ...
*PART 1 of My Series: " 5 Keys To A Successful Real Estate Business". RAPPORT BUILDING ....Nothing else can do more for building your business!!! It is the one area that most RE professionals neglect. Most don't understand how critical rapport building is in the early stages of a business relatio...
Richie has done it again ...He makes so much sense that I think we all need to read this post. So, if you missed this treasure yeterday---here it is again!Think about this for a while. This is rampant wherever you go. In college, people are there that do not want to be there. Some people cant sta...
The "Rogue" Agent.....Our Own Worst Enemy!!!  We all know they exist, whether by intent or by desperate measure, these agents are amongst us and they are doing harm to all of us---and they are also doing great damage to the buying/selling public. "FIRST, DO NO HARM!".... it should be an oath we a...
Welcome to my Hampton's Real Estate Blog! Here, you will find the most up-to-date information on Southampton, Water Mill and Bridgehampton real estate markets. I also love to keep my readers informed about the history of the area and interesting tid-bits like "What It Used To Be Before It Is What...
I read this opost just after I wrote my own post regarding the handling of clients/customers in general: "First Do No Harm". As I read this I found a common thread: we must be fully conscious of what we are doing when we work with both buyers and sellers...this terric post breaks it down in terms...
"FIRST, DO NO HARM!"...It may be a requirement of ALL Doctors; it should be an oath we all take!  As I was thinking about a very tough deal that I am putting together at the moment--it struck me that the process of  considering what I should say and do when I am at the very beginning of a working...
The real benefits of ActiveRain? Read on and see if you  agree!!!   I was spurred on to write this post by a comment I just got from a member on my post "How do we keep the "Up-trend" going?    In that comment, Michael mentions that we have so much to be thankful for with our contacts here on AR;...
How do we keep the "up-trend" in Home Sales going??? I have some ideas that seem to work for me! I am currently in contract on 2 deals and will be writing an offer on Monday--so something I am doing is right!!! In many markets there has been a nice bump up in real estate sales and now it is up to...
Interesting how  a summer movie can be the source of real political candor! Rarely do we, as movie goers get a chance to hear and see an important Message such as this one, especially in a Will Farrell comedy!! Have you seen the summer movie "The Other Guys" yet?....DONT MISS IT'S IMPORTANT "ANTI...

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