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PARALLEL WORLDS???....Two leading indicators follow similar paths!!! I was reading a terrific, thought provoking post by Ann Sabbagh this evening: "Is Spring Coming To Real Estate?"....and in my comment to her I mentioned a conversation I had with one of my associates this afternoon: This agent ...
ARE YOU OPENING DOORS?....Do YOU feel comfortable "Farming" your neighborhood??? In the past 10 years or so, I have been living in a part of Southampton that has become "THE" place for young families to live. They buy the 1930's bungalows, fix them up and settle in for the long term. The close pr...
10 reasons to buy a home now...a perfect time according to SOME experts! I agree with that theorem for the following reasons: Prices are lower than they have been for 5 years. Rates are at record lows. With a plan to live in the house, you can rely on equity growth. Owning vs Renting is to your a...
Here's what I do when I write a blog post---how about you??? I have put off writing this post for some time because I almost felt that I was giving away trade secrets..:) But as I go forward in my blogging experience (since '07) I see the value in sharing with my fellow mates here on AR and so I ...
Ever have a  friend ask you to rent them something?...One word: DON"T!!! I did and I am still suffering the consequences.  After you read this, I have a question that I really want to get answer on: WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE??? First of all-This man is not a close friend--more a business rather th...
Feeling the "shake-out" yet?...the "shake-out" that is taking place, here in the Hamptons at least, is a direct result of the slower housing market and the complete stalling of high-end real estate in general. More and More agents are leaving real estate for greener pastures; this follows the sto...
DO YOU FEEL SUCCESSFUL???  Are You happy with your business?...If not, READ ON! I have had numerous requests for all 5 articles from "5 Keys To Success In The Real Estate Business".  I wrote 5 posts recently that were read by numerous members; however, many missed a couple of them, so I decided ...
**PART 5 OF A 5 PART SERIES "5 KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL REAL ESTATE BUSINESS" Are you a  REAL Expert in your real estate area? Expertise is "Earned" not Learned"...it is a name that can not be claimed, but is awarded in the conversations of the happy clients and customers who you leave in your wake. ...
"TO TELL THE TRUTH!"...OR: *"In these times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act!"(*compliments of George Orwell) **PART 4 OF A 5 PART SERIES: "5 KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL REAL ESTATE BUSINESS". In this part of my series "5 Keys To A Successful Real Estate Business" I want to...
*PART 3 of the Series: "5 Keys to A Successful Real Estate Business" "APTITUDE" MAKES AN AGENT SUCCESSFUL!!!  Do you have it? ...If you don't, why should you? Your customers and clients expect you to have it!!! This is a real estate question that we all need to address. It is expected that all re...

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