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I DO REMEMBER! And it was not at all like some would have you believe--and to get the full blown propaganda FEATURED HERE makes my blood boil.  How can you allow this one-sided video to be published as a feature??? It is propaganda and I don't care who is running the show here on AR--it is an ins...
" I don't really feel comfortable!"....How do you identify "Buyers Remorse"?  Buyers don't ever say"I don't feel comfortable buying this house." or "I have a bad case of Buyers Remorse!" NO, this is something we as professionals need to identify. I have found that there are subtle signs early in ...
"THE SQUIRREL"...Do you ever wonder why weird things happen to you??? (PART II) A week ago I wrote "THE FALL" as the first part of my series: Do you ever wonder why weird things happen to you??? In that story, I point out that I had a series of unexpected and quite startling events that happened ...
"You don't know what you are doing!!"....Heard that lately?  A friend and fellow agent, (a new, younger real estate agent as a matter of fact), was told that several months back, when she was working with a customer. This customer was someone who was looking for a house that she just couldn't fin...
THE FALL!....Do you ever wonder why weird things happen to YOU? I have had many things happen in my life that I question: WHY?.....WHY did that just happen to me? What is it that I need to see about what just happened? There are things that have happened that stirred me to do things, different th...
THE THINGS WE DO!!--FOR OUR CLIENTS, OUR CUSTOMERS... I am really not complaining; I know that the job of a real estate professional is hard. Even though the public seems to think we make a lot of money for very little effort, WE know what our jobs entail, especially if we produce more than the a...
CRISIS PART II: HOW DO WE KEEP OUR HEADS WHEN ALL AROUND US ARE LOSING THEIRS??? I am the kind of person who likes to look back and see where things could have been done differently. I do like to see where mistakes were made in order to avoid them in the future...So, take a look at this post I wr...
WHY DO WE NEED TITLE INSURANCE???--does that question ever come up for you ??? I had a sale here in Southampton Village recently where my buyer was insisting upon not buying title insurance. He felt that it was just another expense that he could choose NOT to buy...I was at my wits end trying to ...
DOWNSIZING AMERICA: Proximity is key; Mini-estates are being created, right here in Southampton!!! Builders are building them and buyers are buying them---where is it heading? I think we may have a trend here! No more 10,000 Square foot houses--no more multiple acres of land to manage and no more...
The Hamptons in the Fall!...Nothing quite like it! Those of us who live here, in the Hamptons, year round are the luckiest of all!!! We get to be here during the most beautiful and delicious time of year: Harvest Season. September and October is when the crowds are gone, the weather is perfect, t...

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