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HAVE A WINDERFUL DAY!!!..The only thing I can say under the circumstances! NO BATTERIES FOR YOU!!! I just got back form the stores looking for batteries--none left anywhere  out here! I looked for straps this morning or bungie cords too, so I could tie down my lawn furniture---no such luck!!! Thi...
What Do you Have To Lose???...How About Everything? What do you do if you can't handle a situation, a shaky deal that is about to go South? a buyer who wants a house but does not step up to the plate? A deal that is contingent on financing and is about to be rejected?  What do you do? Since we ar...
HOW DO YOU MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS?...Many Real Estate agents measure it only through their commission checks!!! We are in a very different profession today--after this recession, tolerance for the abusive agent who thinks they are better than anyone else is GONE! No more room for ill-treatment of a...
DO YOU WANT A PIECE OF THE LOCAL ADVERTISING PIE?...... BETTER GRAB IT!!! I hear that great numbers of Realtors are completely out of the print advertising business!....Not that they are thinking about it or analyzing it or even doing research on if they should do it or not---no! They are complet...
WHAT DO I DO NOW???....How Do I Go Forward On This Roller-Coaster Ride??  I asked myself that this morning---after I ran through my day in my mind and thought about the things that have not happened even with all my hard work and effort...  I asked myself: "What can I do now? What can I do that w...
DOES GOOGLE + MAKE THIS HAPPEN???....Please tell me (if you know)...I can't see why or how, but when someone Googles Prudential Southampton to get the office phone number---they get me!!!  Now, I am not complaining---just have a lot of my fellow agents asking me things like: "How did you do that?...
WHAT DOES THE VENUE OF VIOLENCE IN LONDON HAVE TO DO WITH US??....The same Social Media Phenomenon  May Already Be Here! In London tonight, there were interviews of some these young thugs who are creating the awful chaos in the streets in several cities in Briton.  What is the reason they are doi...
A BIG dose of REAL ESTATE  Reality!...and it shook me out of a day dream! WHAT WOULD YOU  HAVE DONE IN THIS SITUATION??? I thought I was actually going to get a full priced offer on a wonderful house in Southampton Village, the "hot" place to be this summer. I met the buyer and her agent 4 days a...
THE "MONKEY ON YOUR BACK" MAY JUST BE SOCIAL NETWORKING! I watched 60 Minutes Sunday night and on the show one of the topics was how the new illustrated "Slots" with illuminated, interactive screens , instant responses (up to 30,000 an hour) along with the intensity of the users focus was found t...
MARKET MADNESS....Where do you see the markets heading, now that we have a "Deal"??? I got up early today, just to see if we were still among the living! The living markets, I mean. Do we have a chance at NOT being downgraded and becoming a second rate country in the world of finance? Are we goin...

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