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ACRONYMISH: The New Language That You Know OIYAC*!!! WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG???...Whats with the lol, IMHO, BTW, SEO, LMFAO etc???....I see it as an encumbrance to reading---a stumbling block that only a few understand and then they may not know it!! I see it as an antagonistic attitude, ...
HAPPY RE-NEW YEAR!!...My New Mantra For 2012!! After my experience from yesterday--where I quite literally dumped a bucket of cold water on the AA in my office when she excitedly asked me what I thought of a new marketing change, I have taken a new approach to everything that comes at me in this ...
A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION???...WHO DOES THAT ANYMORE? I stopped making New Year's Resolutions because I have never kept one! Gone are the days when I would take great care in picking out a New Year's resolution---I never had any luck in keeping them so I discarded that old idea several years back.....
DON'T DROP THE "LOOKIE LOUS"!! Keep them around until they do buy! It is so important that you do not just drop a potential buyer---how do you know if you have a serious one or not? By asking the following questions: Do you need to sell your current home before you buy another one? Have you inves...
Please, please, please read this post and GO TO THE ORIGINAL TO RESPOND!! This is a very important post for all of us to read and think about then, as Rick requested, give him the reasons, results and the all the "whys" for your participation here on this wonderful website!I was talking with a ve...
TO THE CAULK FAMILY: IN LOSS, THERE IS A GIFT...That Gift Is Given To All Who Are Witness To The Loss I just found out about the death of Missy Caulk's Granddaughter Lillian---This loss, unimaginable after the loss of her son Jamie, in October this year puts many things into perspective, for me a...
DOES YOUR "LIFE PLAN" ALLOW FOR TURBULENCE??? After 2011 and all the unexpected events that we all dealt with, I think it merits a post to dicuss just this issue.... The other day (Dec. 17th) I wrote a post here on AR asking if you have done your plan for 2012--your "LIFE PLAN", that is: DO YOU H...
"BUYERS REMORSE" AND HOW TO DEAL WITH IT.....AND DEFEAT IT! I spoke to an agent today who is going through losing a deal because her buyer is having second thoughts....Buyers Remorse is so common that most agents have a way of handling it and pushing beyond it with the buyer. But there is still a...
DO YOU HAVE A PLAN FOR 2012?...I Mean A Life Plan, Not a Business Plan! Have you created a plan for your life in 2012 yet? In these times of the unexpected and the fearful, we need to re-evaluate our personal lives. We need to be more anticipatory of these things, because as we all know: Fear and...
MY YOGI IS WAITING....Waiting To Go Home.... For any of you who have a dog, you  know the feeling. For a few minutes I think Yogi will be here forever with me--then I remember: Dogs do not usually out-live their owner. I have had him for 12 years and it is time for him to go...He lets me know tha...

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