a little bird told me: THE HAMPTONS...Secret Lives - 06/27/19 07:03 PM
THE HAMPTONS...Secret Lives
Life here in the Hamptons is not all glamour and easy-going lifestyle, as it appears to be in the media and from a celebrity point of view.
As a work of fiction, I am hoping these short stories will open a new way to view this incredible place, without invalidating the resort qualities that are so important to the survival of the local population. I want the real story of the Hamptons to come alive on these pages.
The fictitious narrator of the stories is Holly Heathway, a character loosely based on my own life. The story itself is fiction but … (6 comments)

a little bird told me: A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME - 05/27/18 02:39 PM
I don't remember exactly when I heard that Fred had gone home from the hospital. They released him so that he could go home and recuperate there instead of the hospital. I heard rumors that he was surprisingly well.
I had not seen him for some time, was actually thinking he was taking his time getting his health back, so as not to lose headway and get sick again.
"Yoo-hoo-!" I heard from the front yard as Fred came toward the garage. I was right there at the garage door, patting down the dry debris from my outdoor chair cushions and … (12 comments)

a little bird told me: "BIRDS OF A FEATHER": ....DO YOU EVER WONDER WHY WEIRD THINGS HAPPEN TO YOU? - 11/02/10 04:51 PM
This is the 3rd part of a series that I am writing in an effort to express the  significance that is contained in certain unusual or weird happenings that take place in our lives--not to make a mountain out of a mole-hill; on the contrary. I have discovered that within these occurances, there is a rich and significant amount of personal information to be found if we are willing to "see" and understand it. Many of the outstanding occurances that stay with me, to this day, all have to do with animals and birds. Almost as if there is connection to the marvelous, instinctive communication … (21 comments)

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