blogging: BLOGGING IS THE CHEESE!!...The "Cheese" To Draw The Public In - 08/28/17 07:58 AM
BLOGGING IS THE "CHEESE"!!...The "Cheese" To Draw The Public In
This is the third in a series of posts about the importance of blogging to those of us in the real estate profession. We risk losing everything if we don't take the bull by the horns and use the platform of blogging to let the buying and selling public know that WE are the experts in our areas and not the big syndicated websites!
*Art-form--from Websters Dictionary: an undertaking or activity enhanced by a high level of skill or refinement
Blogging can be our salvation! I mean … (7 comments)

blogging: A NEW BLOG SITE IS LIKE A NEW PAIR OF SHOES!...A Bit Painful To Start - 01/21/13 04:25 AM
A NEW BLOG SITE IS LIKE A NEW PAIR OF SHOES!...A Bit Painful To Start; But give it some time and it WILL pay off!
DO YOU REALLY WANT TO START A BLOG??? I wanted to write this post for those who think they want to start blogging but can't find the courage or the incentive to do so---those who just keep putting off begining it, putting it on the back burner as so many other agents get involved and seem to master the art of blogging quickly.
It is all a fantasy, this idea that you can begin blogging and … (42 comments)

blogging: OLD POSTS NEVER DIE; THEY JUST FADE AWAY!...Have You Looked At Your First Blog Post Lately??? - 07/31/11 09:46 PM
OLD POSTS NEVER DIE; THEY JUST FADE AWAY!...Have You Looked At Your First Blog Post Lately???
My very first blog post was not easy. ...As you all know, it is very hard to sit down for the first time,  face the computerand put down something of consequence. I thought this morning, as I sat down to write a post: "Maybe I need to review what I have written in the past...maybe something will trigger a new post.
Well, THAT was a thought that triggered a whole lot of stuff--especially my own inability to want to go back and read what … (13 comments)

blogging: Here's What I Do When I Write A Post....How About YOU??? - 09/15/10 11:14 PM
Here's what I do when I write a blog post---how about you??? I have put off writing this post for some time because I almost felt that I was giving away trade secrets..:) But as I go forward in my blogging experience (since '07) I see the value in sharing with my fellow mates here on AR and so I will now give you what it is that I do when I write my blog posts and maybe some of you will have things to share also!!
First, Let me say that until I incorporated the use of the Draft mechanism I was spinning … (60 comments)

blogging: THE REAL BENEFITS OF ACTIVERAIN? Read On And See If You Agree!!! - 08/15/10 08:54 AM
The real benefits of ActiveRain? Read on and see if you  agree!!!
I was spurred on to write this post by a comment I just got from a member on my post "How do we keep the "Up-trend" going?    In that comment, Michael mentions that we have so much to be thankful for with our contacts here on AR; how we share ideas and benefit from the connections...and in my agreement with his thought I opened my mind to the things I might be doing if I were not engaged with the members here on AR. So here is the list---see if … (11 comments)

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