san antonio real estate: The Stars Are Shining in San Antonio - 11/04/11 10:12 AM

San Antonio is known for so many things – the Alamo, the Riverwalk, the Spurs – but do you know how many famous people were born, grew up, and/or currently reside in town? Take a look below; you're likely to be surprised by at least a few of the world-famous names you'll find! Our list focuses primarily on famous actors and musicians, with a few other big names thrown in:
Lara Flynn Boyle (actress, Twin Peaks, Wayne's World, Men in Black) is married to local businessman Donald Ray Thomas
Carol Burnett (Emmy Award-winning actress-comedienne)
Joan Crawford … (2 comments)

san antonio real estate: Fall Wildflowers and Foliage in San Antonio - 10/28/11 01:09 PM
 There are few things more relaxing and enjoyable than taking a leisurely drive through and around San Antonio during the autumn. The variety of wildflowers to be seen is simply stunning; there are over 5,000 varieties of wildflowers found in the state of Texas!
Although spring is peak season for the state flower – the bluebonnet – there are still ample opportunities to enjoy other wildflowers in the fall. From now through December, you can enjoy paintbrushes, butter-n-eggs, blackeyed Susans, Scottish thistle, buttercups, and lantana, as well as the leaves changing on the many oak trees in the area.
If … (1 comments)

san antonio real estate: Great Things Are Cooking in San Antonio! - 06/29/11 08:26 AM
 If you're contemplating a move to the Southwest, and you love good food, San Antonio is the place for you! The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) at San Antonio is set among restored 19th century buildings which were once part of the Pearl Brewery. The CIA San Antonio campus is as diverse as the culinary world itself.
Located on the San Antonio River just north of downtown, the 20-acre Pearl Brewery site is an exciting center of cafés, schools, lofts, services, and events. The CIA classrooms and kitchens are state-of-the-art and dedicated to real-world experiences, creating an ideal setting for … (0 comments)

san antonio real estate: Texas Pecans: One More Thing That Makes San Antonio Life Sweet - 05/26/11 07:06 AM
It's true that everything IS bigger in Texas, and that includes a crop much-loved by San Antonio home owners: Texas pecans. Over the years, more than 1,000 pecan seedlings have been named and grafted as varieties; there are currently 18 identified varieties which thrive in different parts of the state.
Pecans have their origins in prehistory. Fossil remains found in Texas indicate that the pecan was here and producing long before Native Americans came on the scene. The discovery of fossil remains along with literally millions of native pecan trees found along most major streams and irrigation canals show that … (0 comments)

san antonio real estate: Tips for “Green” Remodeling of Your San Antonio Home - 05/20/11 10:11 AM
If you're a San Antonio home owner who's planning a remodeling project, consider these six tips from Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. for incorporating “green” design. You're sure to feel great about the savings you create, both in your budget and in the environment.
Preparation – Before starting your project, do an “existing analysis” of your home. Gather information on water, gas, and electricity usage, then do a personal energy audit. You'll be able to pinpoint costly daily habits, like leaving lights turned on when a room is not in use.
Lighting – RReplace incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LED or compact fluorescent (CFL) … (0 comments)

san antonio real estate: Water Parks Mean Refreshing Summer Fun in San Antonio - 05/11/11 11:13 AM
What do you do when the temperature soars to above 95 degrees during April? Savvy San Antonio home owners know the answer: Head to one of the terrific (and terrifically refreshing!) water parks in the area. There's no better one-stop way to beat the heat, get some exercise, and have some rollicking family fun. Here's the information you'll need when planning a delightful getaway with family or out-of-town visitors:
An all-time favorite with San Antonio residents and visitors alike is the Lost Lagoon at Sea World. You'll want to enjoy the Wave Wash Pool, Sidewinders, and any of the other five … (2 comments)

san antonio real estate: What Buyers In San Antonio Want - 02/14/10 04:19 AM
 I love working for both buyers and sellers. It helps me see a prospective listing through a buyers eyes -which helps my sellers.  It also helps me understand where a seller is coming from when they make a counter offer.  I tell all buyers  the #1 thing to keep in mind when buying is.....SELLING.   If the home is going to be hard to sell in the future, then it is probably not a good buy now. 
Houses - like fashion - go thru trends.  For my first house in the early eighties, all we wanted was a wet bar … (0 comments)

san antonio real estate: San Antonio Homeowners and Buyers - BEWARE! - 08/19/09 03:18 PM
As most of you know, the expansive clay soils in the San Antonio area behave much like a sponge.  When the soil dries - it shrinks. When it is wet - it expands.  I am hearing stories from all over town about serious foundation problems occurring in a matter of a few months.  The culprit is our long term drought.  To minimize movement of your home's foundation, you should keep the soil moist and expanded.  You should water from the edge of the foundation to about 5' outwards to maintain moist soil.  This could save you a lot of money. Since we … (1 comments)

san antonio real estate: Great Expectations - For Inspectors - 08/04/09 12:44 PM
AS A BUYERS AGENT...........
 When I have a client who is interested in purchasing a home, I want an inspector who is reasonable, honest, thorough and will take the time to explain exactly what the problem is to my clients (in simple terms).  I have a list of several inspectors that meet these criteria, and I usually encourage my buyers to choose one from the list.   Our office requires that we use only inspectors that have E & O (errors and omissions) insurance.  That way, if there is ever a legal issue - their legal fees will be covered.  
By … (0 comments)

san antonio real estate: Updating Your Windows - Latest Trends - 07/31/09 09:33 AM
 Here is some great information provided by my friend, Kim Kraemer.  She is an interior decorator, and I asked her to share some information about recent trends in window treatments.  I think I am going to try the UV treatment for my office windows - maybe that will help keep my office cooler on these hot Texas summer days..................
                                    LATEST TRENDS IN WINDOW TREATMENT FASHIONS
Just like the Fashion Industry moves from long skirts to short, glam and glitzy to sleek and contemporary, so follows window treatment trends.  Remember the drapes puddleing on the floor (and sometimes the dog piddling on … (0 comments)

san antonio real estate: How To Choose A Realtor - 03/03/09 02:53 AM
Many people are overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a realtor. They 'settle' for their brother in law, the lady at work's friend, or someone they just happen to catch on phone duty.  Here are some ideas and recommendations for choosing a realtor - to buy or sell.
 I would suggest you 'interview' two or three agents.  This is what I would suggest you ask them:1. How much experience do they have? How many houses did they sell last year and in what price range? Do they work alone or with a team?
2. FOR SELLERS: What will they do to … (2 comments)

san antonio real estate: Towns In Texas - 01/08/09 03:26 PM
I have lived in Texas for thirty years now, so I guess I am almost a native.  Even when I lived in New Mexico, I was so close to the border that as soon as I said "HIIIIIII" everyone said I talked like a "Texan".  My grandparents and family members always lived in Texas.   The football stadium in Robert Lee, Texas was named after my great grandfather - Dr. Griffith.  I had grandparents in Quanah, Texas and Daingerfield, Texas.   Texas really is a unique state.  A friend of mine sent me this list, and I got a kick out of it.  … (2 comments)

san antonio real estate: Why You Want to Get Rid of Wallpaper Before You Put Your House on the Market - 07/12/08 05:30 PM

10. It's not as easy to wallpaper as it is to paint.
9. Painting over wallpaper does not look professional - and the seams always show.
8. If it has been around water - it is probably coming unglued.
7.  It is hard to ‘patch' wallpaper.
6. The buyers want to use the baby's room as their office.
5. The buyers want to use the office as their baby's room.
4. The buyers have two boys and you have two girls.
3. You are into floral pastels and the buyer loves masculine gray stripes.
2. What looked like "the latest" style a few years ago … (0 comments)

san antonio real estate: FHA Loans Making a Comeback - 05/05/08 02:39 AM
Financing Solutions with David Reed
Overcoming the misconceptions about the "credit crisis"
You've watched the news and read about it in the papers. You know, the "credit crisis" and how buyers need 20 percent down in order to buy a home? And even if you found a buyer with 20 percent down, lenders aren't making loans anyway. So, why bother, right? Wrong!
We're right smack in the middle of what just might be the biggest disservice ever perpetrated on potential home buyers.  It seems the press just can't get enough of all the gloom and doom in the housing industry.  The fact is that mortgage … (0 comments)

san antonio real estate: Moving To San Antonio? Here are some great vendors...... - 05/05/08 02:00 AM
Great Vendors in San Antonio
I remember when we moved to San Antonio eleven years ago. In addition to leaving my beloved home and great friends and family, I was leaving my hairdresser, babysitters, doctors, and my honest and reasonable mechanic right around the corner.  That was almost as bad as leaving my friends!
 The worst part of moving is when you get in the car to go to the grocery store, back out of the driveway, and then realize you don't know which way the grocery store is.  About the fifth day we lived in San Antonio, I had promised the … (0 comments)

san antonio real estate: Should I buy first or sell my current home first? - 04/21/08 12:21 PM
Should you buy (or even start looking) before you sell?Answer: This is not usually a good idea. The reason is - well money.
Buying your new home.  If you find your dream home and you have not sold your current home you might want to make an offer with a contingency. The seller is going to look at your offer and realize he is taking a risk. You may not sell your home in time.  You are asking him to basically take his home off the market and sit around and wait for you to sell yours. IF he is willing … (3 comments)

san antonio real estate: Favorite Food Finds in Stone Oak, Inwood, Shavano Park, Vineyards,Deerfield Area of SA - 04/11/08 12:21 AM
Top picks for San Antonio Restaurants-
When I help buyers from out of town find their new homes, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is "What is your favorite restaurant?"  That is a loaded question!  San Antonio has plenty to choose from in that department.  However, since I live in the North Central part of San Antonio, I am most familiar with the restaurants that are close to me. 
Here are some of my personal favorites:
INSIDE 1604Pam's Patio - 11826 Wurzbach (Corner of Wurzbach and Lockehille Selma)  Great  place for lunch. Their homes soups, salads and desserts are to … (0 comments)

san antonio real estate: Selling in the San Antonio Market since the Cool Down - 03/29/08 03:37 PM
How do you sell a house once the market cools off?
  We all know the national housing market has slowed tremendously. The San Antonio market is still healthy, but properties are not flying off the shelf like they were a year or two ago.  Here are some ideas about what you can do as a seller to get your house sold:
It is not JUST about price.  Of course  - price is very important  - but there are a few other things to considerMaximum Exposure - Be sure your listing agent is using a variety of avenues to get your home exposed … (2 comments)

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