active rain: September CHALLENGE ~ Mid-Month Check-In - 09/15/23 07:03 AM
Can you believe that it is the middle of September already? Time is flying. But, you still have time to complete your three blog posts as part of a series for the September AR Challenge!
We have already seen many of you complete the challenge! Well done! If you are still busy writing, we can't wait to see your entries. Our hope is this challenge encourages you to come up with a series of posts in any area of your choosing.
Here is a reminder about this challenge:
Here are the guidelines:
1. You must write at least THREE posts in your series between September 1, 2023 … (17 comments)

active rain: Is Active Rain on Spring Break? - 03/15/23 06:46 PM
I'm just curious but whenever Active Rain did the update recently, it appears the home page is not changing. Also, I have noticed that in order to see any new posts from our Rainers, you have to click on that particular section to see anything. Previously, there would be a feed like the one above it that says, "Popular Posts".
Anyway, I am just wondering what is going on and if the powers that be could give us a bit of an update. I miss seeing new posts. I hope things will get back to working order soon.
If you are on Spring … (13 comments)

active rain: The AR Comment Apocalypse - 03/11/23 06:46 AM
Who else woke up to their email inbox completely inundated with old AR comments??? I mean, wow, whatever the AR folks did last night during the maintenance leashed an AR comment apocalypse for sure! I hope they know what is going on.
While revisiting some of these really old comments, they brought back many past posts that I had forgotten about. On the other hand, my inbox is flooded to the hilt. So, what do you have to say,  Active Rain folks? 
Has an alien fleet come into our AR world to wreak havoc? Help us out! Yowzer! The comments are coming! The … (13 comments)

active rain: Edification or Eradication? - 01/27/23 12:42 PM
The world we all live in has become more and more divisive, difficult, and dark. I see social media posts that constantly tear other people down. And of course, there are those posts that lift you up and give you a lot of encouragement.
As I pondered on our human behavior, the words edify and eradicate came to mind. When we edify another, it means to "build up". On the other hand, to eradicate means to completely "destroy" something. 
Why others spend so much precious time and energy trying to destroy others is beyond me. I just cannot wrap my brain around people … (12 comments)

active rain: Real Estate Talk2Day - A New Podcast - 01/17/23 06:43 AM
Hey, Active Rain friends. I have exciting news! I am adding to my Podcast lineup, a new, Real Estate show called Real Estate Talk2Day! This is exciting and just makes sense due to the fact that I am now in my second year as a Podcaster and have learned a lot.
I am really excited to begin this new show and would love to invite many of my AR friends to be guests on the show. So expect a call from me soon. The show will cover topics that are all things real estate! From market statistics to selling tips, buying, selling, … (18 comments)

active rain: What Active Rain Means to Me Collage Challenge - 04/08/22 12:55 PM
When Debe Maxwell, CRS  challenged us to create a collage to depict what Active Rain means to us, I immediately thought this would be a fun and creative challenge. There are so many reasons I love this platform and that in a nutshell is my Active Rain FAMILY! For those of you who haven't discovered the amazing people here, you are missing an important part of what we do here.
My collage reflects my marketing style, which is orderly and simple. So, here is my collection of some of the Active Rain people that I have had the privilege of meeting in … (17 comments)

active rain: Why Bloggers Have More FUN - 03/10/22 06:35 PM
I stumbled upon Active Rain back in 2010. I knew absolutely nothing about blogging yet I was determined to learn all that I could. Thankfully, Active Rain became an excellent springboard into the blogging world. The people on this site were welcoming and helpful at every turn.
Over the years, I have continued to post with some seasons of heavy blogging and others that were bleak. Nonetheless, whenever I needed to be away for a while, I was always welcomed back warmly. Like I said before, the people connections are what has kept me coming back over the years.
For those of you … (16 comments)

active rain: Adventures with Carol Williams - 10/19/21 06:29 AM
Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of meeting our own Carol Williams right here in Granbury, Texas! Carol as many of you know, is traveling the country and taking time to meet up with lots of Active Rainer's!
We met up at a local barbeque place on the lake and just enjoyed getting to know one another in person. Through our blogging, we have become friends and it just seemed as if we were catching up. What a wonderful platform we have with Active Rain. And if you haven't yet discovered that this blogging is just about business, then you have missed the … (10 comments)

active rain: Active Rain WHO KNEW? ~ Climbing the Leaderboard - 10/06/21 03:25 PM
For those who may be wondering about climbing the Active Rain Leaderboard and what it means, this post is for you. Eleven years ago when I began blogging here in the Rain, I had no idea about points, leaderboards, or any of the other nuances of this blogging site.
Through the years, as blogging has become a part of my normal life, I have learned so much in the Rain. I also began to understand the point system and what it really meant. The main thing the points provide is the ability to move up the leaderboard.
Where's the leaderboard you ask? Here … (23 comments)

active rain: Reaching the World One Blog at a Time - 05/06/21 05:24 AM
As I have witnessed the world of blogging in its infancy many years back, it is now a main source of information for so many people. Here on Active Rain, this platform reaches the world of real estate and beyond. Mainly, however, this blog site provides endless topics, useful tips, and a community of professionals that help one another on a daily basis.
I wrote a blog post recently and was honored that it was featured on site for Christian Parenting. As grandparents who are raising a grandchild, this situation has become more prevalent recently. We have met many other grandparents in … (9 comments)

active rain: Sharing the Love Active Rain Style - 02/26/21 09:17 AM
I am excited to share in the "love" challenge from Kathleen Daniels, Probate & Trust Specialist, and Rocky Dickerson.  This is an easy challenge as I can share that my years here in the Rain have been extra special. Anyone who is missing this aspect of blogging on this platform is missing a very special blessing.
My very first AR love fest began with fellow bloggers Cherise Selley and her husband Gordon. I began reading her posts and felt an immediate connection to her. After a few months, I just knew I had to get to know these people. Gordon actually said to Cherise … (14 comments)

active rain: Who Knew - AR's New Look! - 01/22/21 01:50 PM
Have you noticed our Active Rain's updated and new look? I am really enjoying this new, sleek look. The white space, the font, and the formatting of our posts do create a very nice look.
Did you know there are many features on the AR Homepage that are great resources for you? Everything from the Featured Posts, to Popular and Most Recent Posts, this page provides you with a great place to engage and find some wonderful bloggers.
Another section is the Top Question section. Find questions and answers to a variety of topics. You can spend a ton of time in this … (12 comments)

active rain: Active Rain ~ Who Knew - Why AR Points? - 12/26/20 02:21 PM
If you are new to Active Rain or you've been here a while, you may still not understand the whole "point' thing here in the Rain. When I joined almost 10 years ago, I had no concept of even blogging much less receiving points. As I continued to engage, post, follow, like, etc. the points just started racking up. 
So what do these points mean to us as AR members? The reasons are numerous:
Points provide us with goals in an achievement-based manner. As your points grow, you rise in ranking in your area, city, state, and nationally. Points show your engagement … (30 comments)

active rain: Who Knew - What is an Ambassador? - 12/24/20 01:22 PM
You may have noticed the banner on some of our wonderful Active Rain members that say they are ambassadors. Maybe you have been here a while or you are brand new but have yet to fully understand what an Ambassador with Active Rain means. It's a great question.
To put this into the words of our platform powers that be, here is how they describe an Ambassador:
The members who rock the orange badge possess something special. They live and breathe ActiveRain and they are here for YOU! Ambassadors are critical members of AR who proactively pay it forward by welcoming and educating … (24 comments)

active rain: Active Rain WHO KNEW? - Your Following - 12/17/20 07:48 AM
I decided to click on something here on Active Rain that I had not done before. On my home page, I clicked on "Following" and what popped up? This handy little resource showing you the fine men and women of AR who are following your blog!
Please forgive me if you were one of the people who were following me that I was not following back. Upon discovering this today, I have since corrected this and have followed back all of those people who are following me.
Having been a long-time AR member,  this surprised me yet knowing we are all busy, these … (30 comments)

active rain: A Little Help From My Friends - 12/28/15 07:37 AM
A Little Help From My Friends
Hey there Active Rain friends!  I am fast-approaching the exciting milestone here in the Rain for my first MILLION points!  My goal was to be there by the end of 2015 and it is looking like I will be able to achieve this.  
First of all, there is no way that I could have ever come to this point all by myself.  The most amazing and beautiful gift that I have been given here in the Rain are the friends that I have met.  If you are new to the Rain or have never ventured out … (35 comments)

active rain: Do Your Active Rain Peeps Know How to Refer Business to You? - 10/29/15 05:56 AM
Do Your Active Rain Peeps Know How to Refer Business to You?
As I was reading through the blog roll today, a question popped into my mind regarding AR referrals. I wondered if I was doing a good enough job letting other agents around the country know where my market is and that YES, I love referrals. It is often easy to do our daily AR work, blogging, commenting, questions, etc. without really looking to see where another member works and lives.
While reading Mike Cooper's featured post today and saw that he is from Virginia, I thought that I needed to reach … (49 comments)

active rain: Yee Haw ~ 900,000 Points and Going Strong! - 03/19/15 12:31 PM

That's right, I hit a new milestone here in the Rain and am getting so close to my goal of that million point mark!  My goal was to reach the million mark by the end of the year and I think that by golly that I will achieve it!  Yee haw!
I know that there are many, many of you who have already hit the mark so you know what goes in to this milestone.  So if you are feeling generous, hit me up with some LIKE's and comments so that I can reach this goal even sooner.  Now … (19 comments)

active rain: CALLING ALL TEXAS RAINER'S ~ GOING TO T.A.R? LET'S MEET UP! - 08/11/14 04:37 AM
Hey Rainer friends, the Texas Association of REALTORS® Conference is coming up!  September 5-8 agents from all over Texas will descend upon the beautiful city of San Antonio for the annual conference.    The keynote speaker will Eric Stomer who is a popular host on many HGTV and TLC shows.
The Hyatt Regency Hotel right on the historic San Antonio Riverwalk will be the site of the conference.  San Antonio is always a great city for conferences with the wonderful restaurants, lodging and sight seeing available.  Of course there are many, many excellent authentic Mexican food restaurants!
Jerry Newman … (8 comments)


My real estate board, Houston Association of REALTORS has what I believe to be one of the best MLS sites in the country.  Now I may be the slightest bit biased but from what I hear from our clients and other agents who visit our site, many agree with this statement.  
When they added the blog roll I immediately signed up and import my AR blogs right into it.  The other day I clicked on the Blog Directory and found that my blog was the #4 Most Viewed Blogs on their site!  Wow!  I had no idea!

Dr. Paula McDonald, Granbury, TX  936-203-0279 (Beam & Branch Realty)

Dr. Paula McDonald

Granbury, TX 936-203-0279

Granbury, TX

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