goals: What a Sabbatical Did for Me - 02/04/19 11:19 AM
What a 16 Day Sabbatical Did for Me
Have you ever just escaped for no reason? I'm not talking about a vacation. What I am referring to as taking an intentional time away from work, family and everyday activities. For me, this was not a vacation or retreat rather, a very specific time away to tackle a project I had been putting off for way too long.
Let me just say it took a lot for me to allow myself to take this time. Emphasis on "allow myself". If you are like me, this is a big deal. As business owners, we push and push with very little time left for … (31 comments)

goals: What Are Your Excuses? - 02/01/19 11:35 AM
What Are Your Excuses?
Do you get tired of hearing excuses? Excuses get old especially when they are used over and over. The dictionary says an excuses is; an attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); to seek, defend or to justify. 
I know in my life, excuses are not what gets the job done.  An excuse is certainly not going to propel you forward with your goals and dreams. As many of us made New Year Resolutions and we are now into our second month of the year, perhaps the excuses are creeping in as to why you are … (5 comments)

goals: What is Your WORD for 2018? - 01/17/18 07:31 AM
What is Your WORD for 2018?
I had the privilege of listening to a wonderful speaker about a week ago. She challenged us with finding our "Word" for the new year. A word that can cause change, directs you, calms you, or inspires you. It could be a word that simply gives you hope. It is your word so don't let any perceived parameters deter you from finding your word!
As I began ruminating on this thought, I began reflecting on various words and contemplating what mine would be. I am still seeking my word for the year and will let you know … (12 comments)

goals: What Are You Running From & Where Are You Headed? - 09/16/15 06:59 AM
What Are You Running From & Where Are You Headed?
Inspiration Series
In my life there are many things that I have consistently run from.  Some examples are running from criticism, judgment from others and sometimes running from myself. As I reflect on the things that I run from, I have had some opportunities to dig deeper within to understand why it is I run from certain things in my life.
Running away from some things however, are not always a negative thing. Turning and running from bad habits, negative people or destructive behaviors and thoughts is a good thing. Being able to recognize when … (38 comments)


As I am out on the running trails logging mile by mile, I have a lot of time to think and contemplate.  One of the analogies that I find with my running is how it completely relates to my business in real estate.  Hang with me for a moment and I think you will see where this is going.
As in any discipline in life, there are certain steps that can help you get where you are going.  Real estate is the same.  The 10 training steps that help me … (27 comments)

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