inspiration: What a Sabbatical Did for Me - 02/04/19 11:19 AM
What a 16 Day Sabbatical Did for Me
Have you ever just escaped for no reason? I'm not talking about a vacation. What I am referring to as taking an intentional time away from work, family and everyday activities. For me, this was not a vacation or retreat rather, a very specific time away to tackle a project I had been putting off for way too long.
Let me just say it took a lot for me to allow myself to take this time. Emphasis on "allow myself". If you are like me, this is a big deal. As business owners, we push and push with very little time left for … (31 comments)

inspiration: Do You Ever RETREAT? - 02/01/18 08:51 AM
Do You Ever RETREAT?
Yesterday our entire office took what we call a One-Day Retreat. We recently opened our doors back in May of 2017 so this January was the first time we me for one day and reflect, re-purpose, and relax. Yes, we cleared our busy schedules and came together to retreat.
We spent the day at a cool, historic home that is right in town. We weren't far from the office yet we were out of the office. It truly made for a change-of-pace for us all. 
What were our objectives?
To take a few hours to focus on personal growth. (Growth … (8 comments)

inspiration: An Inconvenient Convenience - 01/25/18 07:25 AM
An Inconvenient Convenience
This may sound like a total oxymoron title and it is. What on earth am I talking about? We all know that being inconvenienced is typically something we like to avoid. Those little things that pop up in life that can turn our day from what we thought what would happen to something completely different.
A convenience on the other hand is something that makes like better, easier, or even less stressful. So how do these two terms go together? Let me explain.
Have you ever been delayed in leaving to go somewhere and were totally frustrated because you didn't leave … (29 comments)

inspiration: What is Your WORD for 2018? - 01/17/18 07:31 AM
What is Your WORD for 2018?
I had the privilege of listening to a wonderful speaker about a week ago. She challenged us with finding our "Word" for the new year. A word that can cause change, directs you, calms you, or inspires you. It could be a word that simply gives you hope. It is your word so don't let any perceived parameters deter you from finding your word!
As I began ruminating on this thought, I began reflecting on various words and contemplating what mine would be. I am still seeking my word for the year and will let you know … (12 comments)

inspiration: Finding Your Missing PEACE - 09/19/16 01:13 AM
Finding Your Missing PEACE
What is going on in your life this very moment? How do you "feel" right now? Be honest and check your heart rate, your stress level, your attitude.
Haven't you found that life has become a series of activities, functions, meetings, events and deadlines? As these activities increase, for most of us this means we give ourselves very little "me" time. We tend to put on hold those things that actually sustain and renew us.
Peace for every person can mean something totally different. Webster defines the word as:
 A state of freedom from storm or disturbance.
For myself I have found when … (2 comments)

inspiration: Butterfly Kisses from Heaven - 08/16/16 01:46 AM
Butterfly Kisses from Heaven
Have you ever received a kiss from heaven?  Perhaps you didn't know that you did!  Maybe, it was one of those moments that just crept up and caught you by surprise.
This past weekend, I received a precious kiss from heaven. When you read this beautiful story, you too will know that no doubt this was a kiss from God Himself!  Continue reading to be inspired!
I was having my very first book signing for my newly published work, Beloved Not Broken. The small town of Granbury, Texas was having their monthly Ladies Night Out on the historic town square.  I was located in … (5 comments)

inspiration: Ideas & Seeds ~ Time to Plant Them! - 03/15/16 07:43 AM
Ideas & Seeds ~ Time to Plant Them!
I love spring, plants, seeds, gardening, etc.  The entire season gives me reminders of new beginnings, renewal, growth, pruning, weeding, tilling the soil and on and on it goes. There are so many lessons in our gardens.
Today, I am focusing on seeds.  As a Biology major, I have always had a propensity for seeds. To know what kind of information and energy is packed into these tiny structures and what they can accomplish is astonishing!
Seeds are much like ideas. For me, I am an idea person.  I am constantly writing down ideas.  However, not … (10 comments)

inspiration: Women's Retreat ~ Wildwood Methodist Church ~ Feb. 5-7, 2016 - 01/11/16 12:26 AM
Women's Retreat ~ Wildwood Methodist Church ~ Feb. 5-7, 2016
Women's Retreat Promo from Paula McDonald on Vimeo.
Could you use a weekend away from the craziness of life? How does a weekend away from your cell phone, everyday responsibilities and crammed schedule sound? Why not consider giving yourself a weekend away in order to reflect, renew and rest?
Wildwood Methodist Church is hosting their annual Women of Wildwood Retreat the weekend of February 5-7, 2016.  You can register online HERE. The cost is only $100 which includes all of your meals, a t-shirt and a Beloved Not Broken book.
The theme, Beloved Not Broken is an … (5 comments)

inspiration: Playing Small Does Not Serve the World! - 11/11/15 11:51 PM
Playing Small Does Not Serve the World!
A precious friend share the most beautiful poem with me yesterday. It moved me so much that I just had to share it with you all. Enjoy and let your light shine today and everyday!
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. 
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. 
We ask ourselves, “who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?” 
Actually, who are you not to be? 
You are a child of God. 
Your playing small does not serve the world. 
There is nothing enlightened about … (9 comments)

inspiration: Live 2 Lead The Woodlands 2015 ~ SUCCESS! - 10/23/15 07:05 AM
Live 2 Lead The Woodlands 2015 ~ SUCCESS!
Today we held our first ever Live 2 Lead right here in The Woodlands, Texas.  The day was a great success as we gathered with some of our top leaders in our community! These folks recognize that spending a day being inspired to be the best leaders that they can is a wonderful way can give back.
Live 2 Lead is a John Maxwell event.  Four amazing speakers shared their stories of success, hard work and inspiration.  Leadership guru, John Maxwell, Pat Lencioni, Valorie Burton and Kevin Turner all took the stage and provided us … (6 comments)

inspiration: Whom are you Following? - 09/21/15 05:31 AM
Whom are you Following? 
Last week I wrote about what you were running from and where you are actually headed.  This week the focus is on the people who are in you life.  While we cannot choose our family members, we CAN choose whom we will allow to positively affect our lives.
The title above refering to "following" people can be a bit misleading these days. We now attribute the word to those we follow on social media. What I am referring to goes much deeper than simply clicking onto a button to say you want to "follow" a certain person. I am talking … (17 comments)

inspiration: What Are You Running From & Where Are You Headed? - 09/16/15 06:59 AM
What Are You Running From & Where Are You Headed?
Inspiration Series
In my life there are many things that I have consistently run from.  Some examples are running from criticism, judgment from others and sometimes running from myself. As I reflect on the things that I run from, I have had some opportunities to dig deeper within to understand why it is I run from certain things in my life.
Running away from some things however, are not always a negative thing. Turning and running from bad habits, negative people or destructive behaviors and thoughts is a good thing. Being able to recognize when … (38 comments)

inspiration: Creating New Beliefs ~ Inspiration Series - 08/18/15 02:38 PM
Creating New Beliefs ~ Inspiration Series
We all have a belief system. Some of us have positive and fresh belief systems while others may possess negative and "old news" belief systems. Have you ever really stopped to evaluate your own belief system? And, what do I mean by "belief" system?
Basically your belief system is what and how you think.  What are those thoughts going around inside of your head on a moment-by-moment time frame? Do you find yourself mentally questioning yourself, or are you purposeful and confident? Do you find yourself being judgmental of those around you or are you thinking of ways … (9 comments)

inspiration: Your Personal Story Matters ~ Inspiration Series - 08/18/15 02:36 PM
Your Personal Story Matters ~ Inspiration Series
Have you realized that your own personal stories are important? These stories are yours yet sharing them can impact another persons life greatly! The wisdom, lessons and experiences are important and have been given to you for a reason - to share them!
Perhaps you feel that your stories have nothing to teach or are not important. I disagree. Every situation in your life can be a learning tool even if it was a negative one. What you take from these life events is what is important.
Take a day or two to write down the most … (13 comments)

inspiration: Dancing With the Scars - 06/18/15 06:10 AM
Dancing With the Scars
I really do love the show Dancing With the Stars.  I enjoy the interweaving in of the personal stories and challenges of the various dancers.  The show often transforms many of the contestants as they continue on week to week.
I had the privilege of seeing Julianne and Derek Hough the other night at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion here in The Woodlands in their show, MOVE Live on Tour.  What a fantastic, toe-tapping shoe it was!  Great choreography, costumes, music and of course the dancing!
After reflecting on this past season with the star Sergeant Noah Galloway who sustained a life-changing … (7 comments)

inspiration: THE LITTLE REAL ESTATE ENGINE THAT COULD! - 12/08/11 02:58 AM

There are those days where I really do feel like the Little Engine That Could.  If you remember this book from childhood, the little Choo Choo is chugging up the mountain and keeps on saying, "I think I can, I think I can.".  In this crazy world of real estate, there are the blown negotiations, the clients who stand you up, the deals that fall apart at the closing table and many other unforeseen incidences.
When I have days like those mentioned above, I like to remind myself to not get discouraged … (13 comments)

inspiration: RUNNING THROUGH LIFE - 11/08/11 12:59 AM
People ask me all of the time why I run so much.  My answer is simple, “I run because I can.”  That may sound like a strange way to answer this question but it goes very deep for me.  The song by one of my all-time favorite bands the Bee Gees called “Stayin Alive” is my mantra.
I began running as a freshman in high school in 1974.  37 years later, I still find myself running.  Of course I am not as quick as I once was but I am still out there moving and covering … (11 comments)

inspiration: YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE! - 02/28/10 10:15 AM
YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE!  Today as I was running the New Orleans Rock and Roll Half Marathon, I was listening the song my Rascal Flatts - You Are Unstoppable.  I was inspired by this song as I watched the Olympics over these past few weeks.  I was lifted up as I was going after my own moment and achieving a goal.
As I listened to the words, "Get on your knees and dig down deep, you can do what you think is impossible.  YOU are unstoppable."  What powerful words for all of us.  We are unstoppable!
There are so many times … (3 comments)

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