positive attitude: What Are Your Excuses? - 02/01/19 11:35 AM
What Are Your Excuses?
Do you get tired of hearing excuses? Excuses get old especially when they are used over and over. The dictionary says an excuses is; an attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); to seek, defend or to justify. 
I know in my life, excuses are not what gets the job done.  An excuse is certainly not going to propel you forward with your goals and dreams. As many of us made New Year Resolutions and we are now into our second month of the year, perhaps the excuses are creeping in as to why you are … (5 comments)

positive attitude: An Inconvenient Convenience - 01/25/18 07:25 AM
An Inconvenient Convenience
This may sound like a total oxymoron title and it is. What on earth am I talking about? We all know that being inconvenienced is typically something we like to avoid. Those little things that pop up in life that can turn our day from what we thought what would happen to something completely different.
A convenience on the other hand is something that makes like better, easier, or even less stressful. So how do these two terms go together? Let me explain.
Have you ever been delayed in leaving to go somewhere and were totally frustrated because you didn't leave … (29 comments)

positive attitude: What is Your WORD for 2018? - 01/17/18 07:31 AM
What is Your WORD for 2018?
I had the privilege of listening to a wonderful speaker about a week ago. She challenged us with finding our "Word" for the new year. A word that can cause change, directs you, calms you, or inspires you. It could be a word that simply gives you hope. It is your word so don't let any perceived parameters deter you from finding your word!
As I began ruminating on this thought, I began reflecting on various words and contemplating what mine would be. I am still seeking my word for the year and will let you know … (12 comments)

positive attitude: What is Your Message? To Spread Joy or to Destroy? - 09/18/17 02:00 PM
What is Your Message? To Spread Joy or to Destroy?
Have you ever taken a self-assessment of what is the message that you are leaving behind? Perhaps you haven't thought about it. It is so easy to go through our day, deal with our "stuff" and forget to recognize what our message to the world is conveying by our actions, words, or deeds.
Many times you may have someone ask you, "Hey, what's wrong with you today?"  Perhaps you didn't even realize that you were sending out a negative vibe.  Maybe you really did have a rough day,  received some bad news, or … (20 comments)

positive attitude: Transform or Conform? - 09/12/16 01:18 AM
Transform or Conform?
Have you ever really thought about these two terms; transform and conform? According to the dictionary, here are the definitions of these terms:
Transform - to make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character.
Conform - to comply with rules, standards, or laws.
The majority of people tend to conform to things in their world. Now certainly there are many instances where conformation is important such as laws and guidelines set in place for our protection or overall good. 
Transformation however, is quite different. A dramatic change is required. Change of any sort for most of us is frightening … (6 comments)

positive attitude: Turn Your FEAR into Action! - 03/31/16 07:03 AM
Turn Your FEAR into Action!
Today I was having a conversation with a fellow real estate agent.  She is desiring to take her business in a new direction. FEAR however, is holding her back.
As we were talking, I could just see her wheels turning and how excited she became as she shared her dream with me. I asked her what was holding her back and she said very simply that it was FEAR. Fear of not having every answer to her questions answered, fear of the unknowns, etc.
As I pondered this conversation today I came up with an acronym for FEAR:
F ~ Fully E ~ … (9 comments)

positive attitude: Ideas & Seeds ~ Time to Plant Them! - 03/15/16 07:43 AM
Ideas & Seeds ~ Time to Plant Them!
I love spring, plants, seeds, gardening, etc.  The entire season gives me reminders of new beginnings, renewal, growth, pruning, weeding, tilling the soil and on and on it goes. There are so many lessons in our gardens.
Today, I am focusing on seeds.  As a Biology major, I have always had a propensity for seeds. To know what kind of information and energy is packed into these tiny structures and what they can accomplish is astonishing!
Seeds are much like ideas. For me, I am an idea person.  I am constantly writing down ideas.  However, not … (10 comments)

positive attitude: First Monday of 2016 ~ Make it Count! - 01/03/16 11:30 PM
First Monday of 2016 ~ Make it Count!
The holidays are behind us, many have made resolutions for 2016, the decorations are being taken down and now it is the first Monday of 2016! What can you do today to make this day and the remaining days of 2016 really count? I don't mean earth shattering things, just practical, realistic action items that can make a difference.
I have never been big on New Year Resolutions. What I do instead is to put together a good plan for each week and strive to accomplish what needs to be done. If something happens and I … (39 comments)

positive attitude: Whom are you Following? - 09/21/15 05:31 AM
Whom are you Following? 
Last week I wrote about what you were running from and where you are actually headed.  This week the focus is on the people who are in you life.  While we cannot choose our family members, we CAN choose whom we will allow to positively affect our lives.
The title above refering to "following" people can be a bit misleading these days. We now attribute the word to those we follow on social media. What I am referring to goes much deeper than simply clicking onto a button to say you want to "follow" a certain person. I am talking … (17 comments)

positive attitude: Yesterday Ended Last Night! - 09/09/15 10:46 PM
Yesterday Ended Last Night!
Do you ever listen to that inner voice in your head?  How many times do you hear negative thoughts rolling around?  Perhaps they are thoughts telling you that you can't do or achieve something.
We all make mistakes.  We have all messed up.  What we don't have to do however, is to continue to beat ourselves up over the wrongs that we have done.  When we do this, we are simply filling our minds with lies.
You do not have to live in the past.  In fact, yesterday ended last night!  (I heard this quote from John Maxwell).  Isn't that … (11 comments)

positive attitude: WHAT'S IN YOUR "CAN"? - 03/17/12 10:01 PM
There are so many people out there saying they can or cannot do something?  Don't you love it when you meet someone with an "I CAN" attitude?  No these folks are not bragging, they are simply saying that they will do whatever they can to find a solution or to try and make something happen. 
It seems rare to find these types of "I Can" people and I always wonder why?  Is it just easier to say "I can't" and just leave it at that?
I hope to be an "I Can" type of person.  Pro-active, solution oriented, … (9 comments)

positive attitude: BUMMER DAY? HERE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS! - 06/09/11 03:06 AM

Have you had a bummer day lately or perhaps today?  You can be going along just fine and BAM, something unexpected comes along and ruins it.  So what do you do?  Mope, pity party, gripe, moan, stick your head in the sand, drink heavily?
Today as I was in the grocery store and I walked through the flower department it occurred to me that just walking through the flowers and smelling the soothing fragrance made me realize some of the most simple things can have a huge impact on us.  Here … (13 comments)

positive attitude: WHEN YOU THINK YOU CAN DO NO MORE ~ GO THE EXTRA MILE! - 09/17/10 04:41 AM

WHEN YOU THINK YOU CAN DO NO MORE ~ GO THE EXTRA MILE!  I am sure that most all of you would agree that life is very tough at times.  Now more than ever we are all being stretched and tested in some very interesting and difficult times.
May I share what I hope to be a bit motivating for you?  Please understand that I share this NOT as a way to boast but to simply share that when things do get hard ~ you CAN do more and you CAN go the extra mile.
Over the past few months many … (15 comments)

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