selling your home: How Does Your Home Smell? - 09/26/16 07:30 AM
How Does Your Home Smell?
Every home has its own, unique smell. Some are pleasant and others are not.  Some smells can overpower such as Plug-In, scented candles or sprays. What does your home smell like? 
We all can become immune to the smell of our own home. If you are putting your home on the market to sell, it is time to do the Smell TEST! Yep, bring in an outside "sniffer" to give you the truth about how your home smells.
Did you know that potential buyers are not only "looking" at your home, they are taking in how it smells? I … (4 comments)

selling your home: Storage~Storage~Storage~ Awesome When Done Correctly! - 02/13/16 04:17 AM
Storage~Storage~Storage! Awesome When Done Correctly!
I have found more and more home buyers are looking for homes with adequate storage space. Being able to put away the holiday decor in an easy to access space is always ideal. Many homes however, just don't have enough storage.
When there is not enough storage the home owner has some options:
Throw or give away what you no longer need or use. ORGANIZE the things that you want to keep. Purchase sturdy storage bins and label them with the contents. Look for creative spaces that could double as storage options. High cabinets that are not being used. … (10 comments)

selling your home: PREPARING FOR A SHOWING ~ THE DAILY CHALLENGE - 12/03/12 04:14 AM

As a real estate broker, I know what it takes to have your home "show ready" while having it on the market.  Right now I too have my own home on the market and keeping it "show ready" is a daily challenge!  There are some steps that you can take to help you with these daily challenges.
Because the showing call WILL occur when you least expect it, keeping your home "show ready" is essential. BEFORE retiring each evening, take a survey of each room in the house.  What needs to be … (3 comments)

selling your home: HOLIDAY DECOR TIPS WHEN YOUR HOME IS ON THE MARKET - 11/23/12 12:09 PM

I have clients ask me all of the time if they should go ahead and decorate for the holidays while their home is on the market.  I say a big YES!  Get those decorations up but following a few tips can make it easy and show-able.
1.  Don't over decorate.  Keep it simple.  Remember, less clutter is better.
2.  If your normal Christmas tree is really large, consider a smaller tree this year in order to keep the room looking as large  as possible.  You might even consider a table … (9 comments)

selling your home: ARE YOU READY TO SELL YOUR HOME? - 09/20/12 11:04 PM
ARE YOU READY TO SELL YOUR HOME?  If you are thinking about selling your home or your land, take a peek at this short little video! Chevaux Group knows the market and will get you the latest market data in order to get your property listed! NOW is the BEST time to sell!  Our local economy is STRONG and the available inventory is LOW! WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO ASSISTING YOU WITH ALL OF YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS!   … (13 comments)

selling your home: A PIG WITH LIPSTICK ~ TALE OF THE OVERDRESSED HOUSE! - 06/26/12 10:36 PM
Remember the Drew Carey Show? One of the characters, Mimi was larger than life! She had big hair and a ton of makeup! Where am I going with this? When showing a very high-end home yesterday, upon walking in the front door Mimi came to mind immediately.
Now I certainly don't mind a variety of decor types but am always amazed when house are "over done"! This particular home was overdone so much so that it was difficult to get past all of it in order to truly appreciate the home. Every wall … (24 comments)

selling your home: PACKAGING YOUR HOME TO SELL! - 06/17/12 10:17 PM

When you make the decision to place your home on the market, it is time to completely change your emotions concerning the home.  What I mean by this is that you now have to look at your house as a product to sell.  When you think about the dollars and marketing strategies for products that are sold, there are millions of dollars spent on getting the product to look a certain way.
 Putting your home on the market should be evaluated, scrubbed and staged as a product to SELL!  It doesn't have to be difficult and you … (36 comments)

selling your home: THE APPRAISAL DILEMMA - 06/08/12 12:04 AM

There have been many posts about the Appraisal issues out there. Here in The Woodlands, a very typical issue has been in having the correct square footage. Most people assume that the Appraisal District has their square footage correct. What we are finding is that this is rarely the case.
For people in The Woodlands it is important to understand how the square footage is reported to the county. When a builder submits his plans to the county, if there are additions or changes that were made during construction, these do not get reported. Therefore, incorrect square … (6 comments)

selling your home: EXCUSE ME ~ BUT DIDN'T YOU SAY YOU WANTED TO SELL THIS HOUSE? - 09/08/11 01:22 AM
My client and I spent the day looking at homes in The Woodlands.  I am always amazed at what we will find in some of the homes that we show.  I mean people, I really thought that you wanted to SELL your home!  Why on earth would you list your home if you aren't going to properly prepare it for showing?
The picture on the left is a perfect example of what not to leave out when trying to sell your home?  What sort of message is this … (8 comments)

selling your home: IT'S ALL A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE - 06/13/11 03:02 AM

The sign above is real.  I snapped this picture this weekend while visiting my hometown where I grew up.  Seeing this sign just hit me funny.  It really is all about perspective.
Isn't it interesting that the owner's must really think their house is big as that is what they featured on their homemade sign.  Now as a real estate professional, seeing the pricetag would cause me to wonder how BIG this place really is.
If I lived in this community, I would want to go and find the house and see what their … (8 comments)

selling your home: BEING THE BEST SELLER THAT YOU CAN BE - 04/04/11 01:56 AM
This is a follow up to the post that I wrote about being the best Buyer that you can be.  When you are thinking about selling your home, there are many things that you can do to BEFORE listing your home that will help your property stand above the rest!
Take a true assessment of your home inside and out. Make notes of items that you KNOW need repairing and get them done now! Trim hedges, pull weeds, pull up dead plants, trim trees, replant fresh flowers, put down fresh mulch. Power wash … (5 comments)

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