sellers: GIVE YOUR HOME THE WOW FACTOR! - 04/19/19 03:52 PM
Reasons to sell your home are widespread, from a job transfer to downsizing, upsizing to getting closer to family.  Whatever the reason, the common thread is being overwhelmed with the prospect of preparing your home.  There are steps you can take to ease some of the anxiety and stress and really make your home shine.  
Before you start anything (and I mean anything), talk to your Realtor.  They know the neighborhood, what appeals to buyers and what doesn't.  You don't want to waste time, energy and money on items that don't improve appeal or cost you more than the return on your investment.
Consult … (2 comments)

sellers: COMING SOON....BE CAUTIOUS - 07/19/14 12:22 AM
It seems the practice of posting a "Coming Soon" rider on a For Sale sign is increasing in popularity.  Zillow has announced that it is going to offer the ability to advertise properties 30 days prior to that property actually being available to purchase.
Approach this new marketing tool very carefully.  Ask yourself "Who does this benefit?"  The answer might be surprising and not what most sellers would expect.
Consider the normal practice of marketing a property.  The first 2 weeks are the most important weeks of a listing - this is the period in which the sellers are … (8 comments)

I am teaching a class tonight on how to approach a Request for Repairs.  The wonderful thing about taking on these kinds of endeavors is that it forces the teacher to brush up on the subject.  I read some of my peers opinions as well as some well known websites.  Each one gave some great insight.  However, I thought it might be advantageous to combine them to one person's opinion of all aspects of this challenge.
First and foremost, this is almost all about managing expectations.  For both buyers and sellers, I have my "spiel" fairly well thought out (as well … (3 comments)

sellers: PACE Programs Getting a Fooothold in California - Buyers Beware - 11/04/13 05:51 AM
The PACE Program (Property Assessed Clean Energy) was first developed in Berkeley, California in 2008.  It's intent was to help Berkeley achieve the Bay Area's climate goals.  Since 2008, 30 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws to allow for PACE financing programs.
The program hit a substantial roadblock when Federal Housing Finance Agency along with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac declined to back mortgages with PACE liens on them.  The reasoning was that these types of loans become senior liens over any other liens on the property.
The intent of these types of loans is admirable.  They have been created … (1 comments)

sellers: I AM SO HAPPY TO LOSE SO MUCH BUSINESS! - 11/11/11 03:54 PM
These times can test ones priorities.  Are we here for our clients or for ourselves? 
I don't think, in the 16 years I have been a Realtor, I have ever had such an on again-off again year.   I would feel really awful if it was due to some action I took, but it wasn't.  It was because my clients had good news that prevented them from completing their real estate transaction. 
They were remodeling the home of their dreams.  It was going to be their last house...their retirement home.  It had acreage to grow grapes.  It had space to continue their … (7 comments)

sellers: THE LAWSUIT IS IN THE DETAILS - 01/19/11 12:23 PM
With the voluminous paperwork created in any escrow, it is easy to miss the little things....and the little things can cost exhorbitant amounts of money.  Here are a few things you may want to check:
Does your fax machine and computer have the right day and time?
This becomes vital when 2 contracts come in and you need to prove which one came in first.  It also will become vital when you need to prove you sent something in a timely manner.
Did you date and time your Agency disclosure?
By law, you must have a signature on your agency disclosure … (5 comments)

sellers: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR REALTOR - 01/16/11 04:30 AM
We are here to be used and taken advantage of...the moment you decide that you want us to represent you.
There is an assumption among Realtors that if you have decided to have representation...and even better yet, have us represent you, then you felt that you did not have the expertise to accomplish the task at hand on your own.  This being the case, the next step would be to trust that with our fiduciary responsibility to you, we are giving you the very best advice for your situation.
For example, if you tell your Realtor that you want to low ball … (5 comments)

sellers: IF YOU HIRE US, THEN TRUST US! - 10/24/10 09:56 AM
Every once in a while we meet someone who inspires us to do our best.  I have found this to be true more often than not with clients who truly need my expertise and use it.  Conversely, I have had clients who, while they profess to need my professional input, believe that they know better.
The phone call I received said that they had found me through the internet and felt a connection.  They wanted advice as to what they needed to do to sell the house and what I thought the market value would be.  I worked hard to put together my presentation … (8 comments)

sellers: REALTORS WANT TO KNOW YOUR HOME! - 08/20/10 07:03 PM
If you had a horrible headache, would you go to your doctor and say "Just look at my head and tell me what's wrong."?  If your car wouldn't start, would you tell your mechanic to just look at the hood and tell you why it won't start?
 As strange as these questions might sound, there is a common misconception that REALTORS can tell a homeowner the value of their home by just looking at the outside.  There is so much more that needs to be known about a property before an accurate assessment can be made on a property.
Just as a doctor … (6 comments)

sellers: WE REALLY DID TRY TO NOT GIGGLE! - 08/15/10 10:49 AM
We are suppose to be professionals, but there are times when the general public really makes it difficult - the ending result being our human side coming out in unrestrained laughter.  This generally happens when we are touring homes.  I don't know if the agent didn't know how to approach their sellers or simply chose not to.  Anyway, here are a few items that will give us agents some hilarity or just a plain ewww:
Please don't leave the whips and chains hanging on the back of the bedroom door!
While hanging a sexy-posed photograph of yourself over the bed may have … (40 comments)

You have decided that it is the right time to put your home on the market...there has been a job change, there is a new little one joining the family, the kids have left the nest, etc.  By far and away, no doubt about it, the most important first step is bringing the right Realtor into the fray.
First, and most importantly, notice I said "REALTOR".  The term means that the agent is a member of the National Association of REALTORS, a member of the state association and the local association of REALTORS.  They are held to a higher standard of … (38 comments)

sellers: RECOVERY IS A MISNOMER - 01/19/10 07:21 AM
We are hearing the whispers "The housing market is recovering"!   In our area, we believe this to be particularly true.  Sacramento was one of the first to feel the meltdown, so naturally, we would be one of the first to see some hope of recovery. 
Now the question becomes, what, exactly, does the word "recovery" mean?  Evidently, the answer to this depends on your perspective and the amount of optimism you choose to insert into the equation.
Buyers see this as a possible loss of power.  As the housing market grows in strength, it may be assumed that buyers will see a … (10 comments)

sellers: SOLD QUICKLY AT FULL PRICE...DARN IT!!!! - 11/07/09 05:27 AM
When setting a listing price for a home, accurate information and evaluation of that information is critical.  The nuances of the neighborhood, knowledge of the comparable properties, current issues facing homeowners and buyers all come into play when setting a market value of a property.  Realtorscarry on a thorough discussion with their sellers, explaining all of the factors that affect their home's value.  The discussion can take the tact of why the property is worth more than the sellers thought, but more often than not, the Realtor is explaining why it isn't valued at the same amount that the sellers thought.  … (10 comments)

sellers: WORDS FROM A PERSPECTIVE SELLER... - 10/02/09 07:41 AM
I received a call this morning from a prospective seller. I had already previewed her house, learned her situation and told her I would meet with her again to discuss value and marketing.  The home is truly unique...a beautiful small Victorian in an area where there are no other Victorians.  It has a separate rental unit.  To get to the additional bath and laundry room, you must go outside and back into the lower level.
In our discussion this morning I learned much of her expectations, agents reactions and follow-ups and where the two did not meet.  She had met with a … (10 comments)

sellers: RECIPE FOR A PERFECT STORM.... - 10/19/08 01:16 PM
Ingredients:A trusting seller who believes youA home that has been cared forGreat contractors and good pricesGood price range and location
I was going to write a blog about another inspiration, but I figure I have been whining a little too much lately, so I thought I would write this instead, because once in a while, a perfect situation arises.
I got a call from a young man who lives in San Francisco.  His mother owned a home here in Sacramento and he needed help since she had just passed away.  I was so thrilled that he had called me, but wondered … (11 comments)

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