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This real estate market is not for the faint of heart.  Competition has made negotiating an art form.  If you are considering purchasing a home, be certain that you approach your purchase with every possible bit of ammunition you can muster. Here is a list of the "must have's" in this market: An ...
Five little words cost a third of my commission.  Now there's a way to start a blog! How did this happen? As with many unfortunate things, quite simply.  After showing my clients many houses, we found THE ONE.  It was perfect.  We wrote an offer and it was accepted.  Soon after, we went by the ho...
Dual agency is a fiduciary responsibility that a single brokerage shares with both a buyer and seller.  In other words, the buyers Realtor and the sellers Realtor have their license with the same brokerage.  Now, if they are actually two different Realtors with two different clients, it isn't a p...
Diane and Bill are going out to their favorite Sacramento restaurant to celebrate.  Months ago they made the exciting and scary decision to purchase their first home.  They researched the process for purchasing in the Sacramento real estate market and discovered that first, they had to get prequa...
There are about as many ways to market a property or an agent as there are properties to market.  When a seller interviews their potential agent, they should be certain that the agent is keeping in mind what is best for the seller...not the agent.  There are many marketing tools that, on the surf...
Anyone who is claiming doom and gloom for Sacramento's real estate market, simply isn't paying attention.  I just read a post on my Facebook page in which an agent is asking for everyone to keep their fingers crossed....they are among 10 other offers presented for a listing that has been on the m...
I often boast of my native city of Sacramento.  I just thought I would share this aerial view to show just how very cool it is! Just in front of the city is the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers.  The background you see is the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  We have more trees per c...
I don't ask for much from a business that I patronize.  Treat me fairly and professionally.  So, here's how you lost my business: You changed your business hours to something most working people would find hard to accommodate. When I showed up during your business hours, you had a sign on the doo...
There are a myriad of service levels a seller can opt into when selling their home, with a payment system to match.  There are flat fee commission based services, percentage based commissions, discount/limited service commissions and full service commissions that can vary in percentages, dependin...
I had an interesting experience today...I attended a media training class in preparation for becoming the Sacramento Association of Realtors 2014 President.  My story isn't about me, but about what I learned. The main thrust of the class was tell enough, but not too much.  Be articulate without s...

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