arizona mortgage: Is Fannie Mae Helping the USDA Loan look cheaper? - 02/08/11 10:14 AM
Fannie Mae Is Making Our USDA Loan Program Much Cheaper I’ve been helping people for years to get the cheapest, easiest loan possible to buy a home in Arizona with the USDA Loan Program.  Now, in a recent article in USA Today it is reported that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are raising their loan costs to home buyers.  This will make the USDA Loan Program even cheaper than it is now.  Fannie and Freddie fund home loans that are known as Conventional loans and have been the largest supply of home loans forever.
While the USDA Loan Program has limits … (1 comments)

arizona mortgage: Funding USDA Loans Pretty Darn Fast in Arizona - 02/02/11 06:18 AM
We are funding USDA Loans pretty darn fast right now... watch my latest 30 second video..

Paul Dunn USDA Rural Home Loans (520) 225-0380 Sunstreet Mortgage, LLC … (0 comments)

arizona mortgage: The USDA Loan vs The FHA Loan, Will The Really Winner Please Stand Up? - 01/21/11 05:20 AM
Which Is The Better Loan, The USDA Loan or The FHA Loan? Well I do quite a bit of both and for the majority of people the USDA loan will be a much better financial move for buyers in Arizona, and here’s why.
FHA has a down payment requirement, and it is currently at 3.5% of the purchase price.  The USDA Loan does not require any sort of down payment at all.  So right there, you get to keep that 3.5% down payment in your bank account; that is if you even have it in the first place, right?
FHA also … (4 comments)

arizona mortgage: How To Get A 0 Down USDA Rural Development Loan Even If Your Spouse Has Poor Credit - 01/20/11 06:39 AM
More people would be looking at buying a home in Arizona with the No Down Payment USDA Loan if they could buy without their spouses negative credit.  There are a great deal of reasons why one spouse may have very good credit and the other may have some negative credit marks; especially in this current economy.

They are called Spouse Only Loans and the USDA Loan does allow them.  The Spouse Only Loan looks ONLY at the credit report history of the borrowing spouse and does NOT even look at the credit history for the non-borrowing spouse.  The good news … (2 comments)

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