credit: Arizona FHA Mortgage Loans and the First Time Home Buyer - Credit Tips! - 07/27/09 11:51 AM
First Time Home Buyers are experiencing an opportunity like never before.  And HUD's FHA Mortgage Loan is the primary financing tool for the majority of First Time Home Buyers in Arizona.
Today's Arizona Real Estate market has many deep discounts and Tucson FHA Mortgage Loans is positioned to be the financing tool of choice.
"Real Estate in Tucson and the rest of Arizona is CHEAP!  It's like being in K-Mart and the Blue Light is flashing!" FHA Mortgage Loans allow for low down payment and here are some credit tips for First Time Home Buyers...
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credit: Short Refinance With FHA Secure And Maintain A Good Mortgage Credit Rating - 08/16/08 04:47 AM
The Short Refinance with FHA Secure is quickly becoming one of the most popular credit mortgage loan programs available.  In Arizona Real Estatewe are seeing home values fall and Adjustable Rate Mortgages climb.  The current recipe for Real Estate Disaster, and why there are so many REO properties on any Arizona Real Estate MLS system you look at.
The Short Refinance using the FHA Secure fixed rate mortgage loan can be the answer for many struggling homeowners.
I've had some conversations with my favorite credit guru and one thing that most people don't know about a Short Refinance is not only … (0 comments)

credit: How One Phone Call Made A Realtor An Extra $6,150 - 09/27/07 03:22 AM
Here's a real story, and it happens in every market, every day.
The builder's site Realtor gets a call from the builder's mortgage company that goes something like this..
"Alan, That buyer of yours that was going to close in two weeks; not gonna happen.  Looks like the credit score dropped below 575 and with all the changes in the industry...sorry!  Better luck next time."
Being a Commissioned Sales Person, he calls a ton of local lenders who say "not gonna happen".  Finally, he was referred to us as the guys that help boost credit scores during the loan process and made that call.   
The Secret Most Agents Don't Know … (3 comments)

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