down payment assistance: Could Down Payment Assistance Be Coming Back For FHA Mortgage Loans - 01/20/09 01:56 AM
Down Payment Assistance has been a big part of FHA Mortgage Loans for the last 10+ years for First Time Home Buyers. In October 2008 Congress eliminated the Down Payment Assistance Program eligibility for FHA Home Buyers.
Good News for First Time Home Buyers!
Rep. Al Green of AL will be introducing HR-600 on 1-21-09 to save and reform Down Payment Assistance for FHA Mortgage Loan eligibility.
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down payment assistance: Help Save Down Payment Assistance - Join La Resistance - 08/16/08 05:18 AM
Remember when you bought your first home?
Remember walking in and just imagining where everything would go?
Remember the joy of telling your friends and inviting them over to your first home?
Just imagine if it never happened... That's the fact that 100,000s of families will be faced with in the future.  Not having that chance at home ownership.
You can help... join la resistance... click on the picture below to find the website.

Let's keep hope alive for the 100,000s of families that could be affected by this.

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