feds: Is A Fed Bailout Of Bad Mortgages On The Way? - 09/19/08 02:06 AM
It looks like the Feds are in the process of creating a company to buy unwanted assets of financial institutions.  The Feds have done this before; back in the 1930s they created the Home Owners Loan Corp to issue bonds to refinance people and the Resolution Trust Corp to sell off failed bank assets.
An article in CNNMoney states that if they were to create such a corporation it would buy unwatned mortgage backed security assets from financial institutions in an auction format.  Basically the company willing to sell at the lowest price to the new corporation would win the auction … (7 comments)

feds: WhooHoo - Look At Me - I Made The Paper & Did The Fed Move Create Opportunity - 09/19/07 02:58 PM
So I was out on an appointment with an exceptional Realty Executives of Southern Arizona agent, and when I got back to my office I found one of those little yellow stickies saying "Call Christy at the newspaper". 
So I spent the next twenty minutes explaining:
What affects mortgage ratesWhat just watching the stock market can tell you about the future of mortgage ratesWhy the Fed movement does not set mortgage ratesWhat to expect in the near future for mortgage rates I was quoted in the Arizona Daily Star today regarding the interest rate cut by the Feds, click here for the story.
Take a look … (4 comments)

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