first time home buyer: Arizona FHA Mortgage Loans and the First Time Home Buyer - Credit Tips! - 07/27/09 11:51 AM
First Time Home Buyers are experiencing an opportunity like never before.  And HUD's FHA Mortgage Loan is the primary financing tool for the majority of First Time Home Buyers in Arizona.
Today's Arizona Real Estate market has many deep discounts and Tucson FHA Mortgage Loans is positioned to be the financing tool of choice.
"Real Estate in Tucson and the rest of Arizona is CHEAP!  It's like being in K-Mart and the Blue Light is flashing!" FHA Mortgage Loans allow for low down payment and here are some credit tips for First Time Home Buyers...
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first time home buyer: FHA Mortgage Loans for the First Time Home Buyer - Paul Dunn Tucson's FHA - 05/07/08 05:05 AM
It's very interesting that many people have the initial idea that FHA somehow stands for First Time Home Buyer, and that the FHA Home Loan was designed with the First Time Home Buyer in mind.
In reality, the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) created the government guarnteed home loan back in 1934 with the idea of improving accessable and adequate home ownership.  The byproduct was the FHA Mortgage Loan with qualifying characterists that happen to fit the income, credit and asset profile of the First Time Home Buyer.
Today FHA Mortgage Loans play a significant role in financing for:
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first time home buyer: One Opportuinity I Need To Suggest - A Target Market - 09/27/07 08:44 AM
This will be my quickest blog post my thoughts are probably OBVIOUS
While doing a little market research I noticed that national inventory creeped up another 0.5% in August over July.  Nationally we are at 10 months of inventory (Florida is a heck of a lot more).  So it looks like inventory continues to grow and will for some time.  Take a look at this article on the website. 
Take a look at dusting off your old First Time Home Buyer marketing materials.  Be their educator and advisor, they will be truly loyal to you for years to come.  I … (0 comments)

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