loan: FHA Secure Short Refinance Options When You Are Upside Down On Your House - 09/22/08 03:15 AM
When you owe more than your home is worth and you need an FHA Secure Short Refinance, there are typically three outcomes.  Your FHA Secure Short Refinance options will depend upon the negotiations with your current mortgage lender.
Short Refinance Write Down - This is the option of preference.  The existing lender simply writes off the amount that can be refinanced into the FHA Secure Short Refinance. FHA Secure Refinance with subordinate financing - In many cases the existing lender will accept a secondary lien in the amount that the payoff is short.  FHA Secure Short Refinance with a partial unsecured … (6 comments)

loan: FHA Loan Impact From The Housing Bill That Just Passed Yesterday! - 07/24/08 03:42 AM
The House passed the Housing Bill yesterday with the primary goal of providing a safety net to GSEs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and will have an impact on the FHA Loan.
However there are some other important bits to the housing bill.
It will allow The FHA to guarantee up to $300,000,000 (that's 3 hundred billion) for homeowners in financial straights to refinance their mortgage into the FHA Secure Short Refinance Loan.  In most instances the current lender would have to take a short payoff to allow for the FHA Short Refinance.  In other cases the current lender would take a … (9 comments)

loan: How Much Down Payment Do I Need To Buy Rural Real Estate? - 07/16/08 04:44 AM
One of the best things about the UDSA Rural Real Estate Loan is that it allows people with low to moderate income to qualify to buy real estate in a rural designated area for zero down payment. 
Nothing Down...
No money out of pocket at all to get a USDA Rural Real Estate Loan... well, almost no money out of pocket!
You see, the average out of pocket to buy rural real estate in Arizona with the USDA Loan program is $158.70. 
You really can buy Real Estate in Arizona with No Money Down, you just have to find the right … (0 comments)

loan: So What Is A USDA Rural Home Loan? - 07/10/08 08:16 AM
When you think of USDA I know the first thing you think is HOME LOAN FINANCING!  Right?  Actually, if you're like most Americans you probably think of Milk, Cows, Pigs, Corn, Farms and a beautiful farm house.  Anything but mortgages.
Rural, really isn't all that rural.  Here is a picture of a farm, and you'd have to go to Farmer Mac to finance it.
A USDA Rural Home Loan is designed to help families in areas that are "designated" as rural to get into a home with zero money down!  In Arizona the average cash out of pocket to buy a … (0 comments)

loan: Insider Secret - How to get the BEST Mortgage Rate In Any Market - 06/23/08 06:49 PM
Have you ever wondered how to get the best mortgage rate in ANY market?  Watch this short 3 minute video and I'll share with you the #1 industry insider secret on how to get the best rate in any market...
Click Here and see the video right now!
Paul DunnTucson's #1 FHA Mortgage Lender(520) 225-0380

loan: FHA Home Loans - Is It or Isn't It? - 04/28/08 03:15 AM
Tucson, AZ - FHA Home Loans are today's new subprime loans... We've been hearing this in the business since roughly August of '07 when the mortgage meltdown began to hit.  I hear loan originators all the time comparing FHA lending to subprime lending; and based on credit scores some subprime loans should fly through FHA.
In reality, FHA mortgage lending has always been there for the buyer with a questionable credit PAST. 
The subprime design was for the buyer who has had poor credit, still has poor credit and the profile indicates that borrower will more than likely continue to have poor credit.  … (2 comments)

loan: I've Changed Companies And It Looks Brighter Than Ever - 04/24/08 07:19 PM
I've extended my reach and partnered with First Priority Financial who has the best back end and communication systems that I've seen in the industry.  Over the coming weeks I'll try and show some of the client retention systems that both Realtors and LOs can use with maximum impact for their clients.
You'll be able to find me online at It should be up and live soon.
The site will have tips for the first time homebuyer for getting approved for an FHA loan here in Tucson.
Paul Dunn(520) 225-0380

loan: How To Buy Brain Cells.. And Get Your Marketing There At The Right Time - 09/17/07 04:51 PM
Are you aware of the research available through the National Association of Realtors that can help you with your marketing efforts?
Marketing research by Ries & Trout suggest that everyone has two slot in their mind for your business.  People have two slots for cola, for pizza, for toothpaste, for dentists, and even for Realtors.  If you were to go into a restaurant and the waiter asked you "what would you like to drink?" you might say "diet coke".  If the waiter said "we don't have diet coke", you might say "diet pepsi", if the waiter said "we don't have diet pepsi" you … (5 comments)

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