marketing: How My Realtor's Newsletter Is Making Money For Her Competition - 09/28/07 11:31 AM
So I bought my house in December 2006 and used a Realtor I had casually met who gave me the address. 
Being a mortgage guy and someone who is really into database marketing and lead generation, I asked the obvious question..
"Did you know that roughly 17-34% of all the people in your database will do a real estate transaction within the next 12 months?  That means that if you have 100 people in your database and can retain even 50% you will get 8-16 transactions...just by staying in touch!"
"Oh yes, I'm quite aware of that" 
I followed up with "What are you doing … (5 comments)

marketing: One Opportuinity I Need To Suggest - A Target Market - 09/27/07 08:44 AM
This will be my quickest blog post my thoughts are probably OBVIOUS
While doing a little market research I noticed that national inventory creeped up another 0.5% in August over July.  Nationally we are at 10 months of inventory (Florida is a heck of a lot more).  So it looks like inventory continues to grow and will for some time.  Take a look at this article on the website. 
Take a look at dusting off your old First Time Home Buyer marketing materials.  Be their educator and advisor, they will be truly loyal to you for years to come.  I … (0 comments)

marketing: How To Find Sales In ANY Market Condition - 09/19/07 01:48 AM
The media keeps telling us that real estate sales are down, and that it is not the investment that it has been.  I met with two completely differeny Real Estate Agents yesterday.  The first agent told me this:
"Paul, I haven't sold a house in 3 months.  I have a few listings, but nobody is even looking."
The other Real Estate Agent told me this:
"There are sales out there, there are less of them.  But I tell you what, this is a terrific market to be a Realtor in."
Realtor #2 knows the strategies it takes to succeed in this market. 
To succeed in … (3 comments)

marketing: How To Buy Brain Cells.. And Get Your Marketing There At The Right Time - 09/17/07 04:51 PM
Are you aware of the research available through the National Association of Realtors that can help you with your marketing efforts?
Marketing research by Ries & Trout suggest that everyone has two slot in their mind for your business.  People have two slots for cola, for pizza, for toothpaste, for dentists, and even for Realtors.  If you were to go into a restaurant and the waiter asked you "what would you like to drink?" you might say "diet coke".  If the waiter said "we don't have diet coke", you might say "diet pepsi", if the waiter said "we don't have diet pepsi" you … (5 comments)

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