realtor: Dangerous Legislation Threatening Originators, Agents and Appraisers - PLEASE RESPOND - 04/28/08 11:16 AM
This is an email that has been posted in the LTB forum and is very appropriate for the Activerain community...  Please read and I urge you to follow the link and submit your opposition to this potential legislation...The reason for this memo, a regulatory call to action, deals with a nearly silently adopted regulation which could very well be the most dangerous restriction ever placed on the mortgage industry. It literally threatens to eliminate mortgage brokers almost overnight. We have to act now to stop it, because the commentary period on the proposed regulation ends this Wednesday.  (APRIL 30th)The new regulations … (1 comments)

realtor: What Do Real Estate Agents And The FBI Agent Have In Common? - 10/01/07 02:56 AM
So I was at the Gym listening to a coaching call on my Treo and I heard this statement...
"You know, a Real Estate Agent is a lot like an FBI agent.  They have to go in and identify suspects and turn them into prospects..."
Imagine if you will..
You're knocking on the door and.."Hello Ma'am, I've been authorized by the state of Arizona to assist people sell their home and get the most money in the least period of time.  Do you know anyone that fits that description?"
You hand them your card and say.. "Okay fine, here's my card.  Would you call me if you … (11 comments)

realtor: How My Realtor's Newsletter Is Making Money For Her Competition - 09/28/07 11:31 AM
So I bought my house in December 2006 and used a Realtor I had casually met who gave me the address. 
Being a mortgage guy and someone who is really into database marketing and lead generation, I asked the obvious question..
"Did you know that roughly 17-34% of all the people in your database will do a real estate transaction within the next 12 months?  That means that if you have 100 people in your database and can retain even 50% you will get 8-16 transactions...just by staying in touch!"
"Oh yes, I'm quite aware of that" 
I followed up with "What are you doing … (5 comments)

realtor: How To Buy Brain Cells.. And Get Your Marketing There At The Right Time - 09/17/07 04:51 PM
Are you aware of the research available through the National Association of Realtors that can help you with your marketing efforts?
Marketing research by Ries & Trout suggest that everyone has two slot in their mind for your business.  People have two slots for cola, for pizza, for toothpaste, for dentists, and even for Realtors.  If you were to go into a restaurant and the waiter asked you "what would you like to drink?" you might say "diet coke".  If the waiter said "we don't have diet coke", you might say "diet pepsi", if the waiter said "we don't have diet pepsi" you … (5 comments)

realtor: The Sky Is Falling.. OR.. I'm Gonna Be A Millionaire - 09/16/07 04:57 PM
Friday I hosted my most recent State Of The Mortgage Industry session for Real Estate Agents in Tucson.  I had a packed room full of some of the most successful and influential Realtors in Pima County.  Why did they come?  To find out the answers.  And I gave them everything they need to succeed in this market.
We covered these topics:
What caused the mortgage market meltdown of 2007What is going on in the mortgage market todayWhat can we expect of the mortgage market going forwardHow can we advise our buyers and sellersHow can we get our sellers to set realistic pricesA common … (6 comments)

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