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Bellevue WA – Many people have a hard time believing that their lender would agree to allow them to short sale and walk away from the upside down debt. If you have ever gotten behind on payments, then you know how mean the debt collectors can be. The constant barrage of threats, demands, and phon...
Bellevue WA – Banks do not accept a potential short sale for a number of different reasons. Here is the biggest reason they did not approve your short sales. They think the property is worth more than the price the buyer is offering. For example, the buyer is willing to pay $319,000 for a short s...
Bellevue WA – I recently met a realtor who sells properties in a beach town. “Short sales take 9-12 months. The banks are so hard to deal with”, she said. She mentioned short selling a customer’s property. The sellers were two doctors that had to take a promissory note. The sale was for 900k, so ...
Bellevue WA – The biggest reason anyone short sells their house is to avoid foreclosure. They cannot afford the house anymore and the bank has is threatening to foreclose. If the short sale is not successful, then their lender will foreclose on the house. We at the Stop Foreclosure Institute have...
Bellevue WA – The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently received a question from Kathy. “Why would I short sell my house instead of saving the monthly payments and letting it go into foreclosure?” Kathy asked. Click here to discover how other sellers successfully did a short sale and avoided forecl...
Bellevue WA – Many people short sale because they are having financial problems and can’t afford their home. Financial problems also means that you get lots of calls from debt collectors. Here is a scary story about a guy who was ripped off by a debt collector. The debt collector asked if he coul...
Bellevue WA – Buying a short sale can be a great idea. Most short sale properties are priced very competitively to other homes on the market. However, buying a short sale is not easy. The seller has to convince the lender to accept a big loss on the mortgage. Banks do not like losses. Because of ...
Bellevue WA – Many people are embarrassed that they are short selling their house. They feel like a failure. Others think that they are somehow being dishonest or shady. Neither one of those is true. A lot of the people short selling today never had a blemish in their credit. They lived responsib...
Bellevue WA – Let’s say a friend owes you a thousand dollars. They come to you with a sob story about how they are broke and cannot afford to repay you. “I am so broke that we are about to lose our car. And the electricity was turned off last month when we missed the payment. I can’t even afford ...
Bellevue WA – The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently received a question from Daniel. Here was his question. “I am trying to buy a short sale property. I put my offer on the property a few months ago. The property was priced about 50% lower than the other homes in the area. The bank finally appr...

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