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Ten Steps to Thriving, Not Just Surviving in a Normalizing Market (part 3) 5) Price listings aggressively ~ (Make price reductions face to face) It's not the advertising that sells the house, it's the proper pricing.6) Make sure your listings show well, and available for showing. Paint, clean, ca...
The market is not the indicator of your success, your efforts are your indicator.•1)     Don't get caught up in the negativity. Once again stay away from negative people and negative activities.•2)     Qualify your prospects better. Spend more time qualifying time wasters, and prioritize your lea...
Ten Steps to Thriving, Not Just Surviving in a Normalizing MarketThis is going to be made in a series of entreis starting today:First and this is not the steps, but preparation for the steps;Things you should be doing on a regular basis.Listen to motivational CD as often as possible.Read daily to...
Thought: There is nothing more powerful than the Power of Now. Think about it, every thing that has happened in life has brought you to now; you are in life right now, where you are supposed to be. All the things you have learned have brought you to this spot.Now celebrate this moment, as this is...
Always, it's the people with a certain and definite dream, who boldly steps into the uncertain and indefinite, who goes the farthest and achieve the most.They also throw the best after-parties.Go out today and rewrite your dreams - bring them back to life - and celebrate.
The most powerful decision we have to make, we don't have to make today.Nature gives us signs; we don't have to live the life of suffering.Decide every thing you want; write it down, in clarity, so clear a child could understand it.Make a plan to achieve - Make a list, and work on it every day.Le...
Why do this? To bring change into your life.Take a blank piece of paper outWrite down 10 gaols for the next year that you'd like to achieve, write them down as though they already happened.Now ask yourself this, "If I could have one of these goals in the next 24 hrs, what one of these goals would...
Here are three things that I know will change your life for ever:1)    You are the person responsible for your life.     a)    No it's not your parents, your spouse, or your boss, it's you. It's up to you to make the changes you'd like to have in your life.     b)    So knowing that, you need to ...
Fear is self centered, think about it. What is the act of being fearful? There are certain fears that are OK to have such as, If I drive my car at 105 mph and close my eyes, some one could get hurt. Or if I jump out an air plane with NO parachute, something bad could happen. These are example of ...
What do you value? What is important to you? If you knew that life was going to end in five years, would you still live the way that you live now? Would you still be in the same relationships? Would you fight about the same things? Would you hang on to that grudge? Would you call and reconcile wi...


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