change: Change - 07/15/07 08:04 AM
How to bring change into your life.
1st. Pretend that all you now believe to be real, is not, and that all you wish to be real, is. If only for a few minutes each day.
2nd. Then, act like all you wish to be real already is real. With just a word here, a sentence there, or some little demonstration. If only in private.
3rd. Before long, you won't even remember what you used to believe was real. Pretend you already do this stuff whenever you want change.

change: What do you want to be remembered for? - 06/09/07 07:05 AM
Here are three things that I know will change your life for ever:
1)    You are the person responsible for your life.
     a)    No it's not your parents, your spouse, or your boss, it's you. It's up to you to make the changes you'd like to have in your life.
     b)    So knowing that, you need to take action.
2)    Goals: Setting goals is critical for change to happen. Here are 7 steps to setting goals
    a)    Decide exactly what you want.
    b)    In clear as possible write it down; write it down so simply a child could understand them.
    c)     Set … (0 comments)

change: Do What We Do - 05/31/07 10:09 PM
Why do we do what we do, when we know what we know?
Think about it, I'm sure most of you reading this know what it is that you should be doing every day to create the business that you want, but you don't do it. Why is that?
The reason is simple, it's accountability. Yes if your not accountable, it's easy to take a day off, than two days, and so on.
If your reading this and you want to bring change into your life I have something for you: Today, find two or three people that will hold you accountable and tell … (3 comments)

change: Our Journey Inc - 04/24/07 09:14 PM
Yesterday I met Maureen Ahern Founder of Our Journey Inc. When I first saw her, immediately I felt the passion she had inside of her.
Simply put:
The numbers are huge and staggering:
6,000 people die from HIV / AIDS every day 12 million children have already lost one or both parents to AIDS. 2 million children in South Africa will be abandoned or orphaned because of AIDS related diseases in the next 10 years. 1,400 newborn babies contract the virus through childbirth or through their mother's milk.source:
I've commited to helping Maureen Ahern and her cause to bring care, love and comfort to these suffering … (1 comments)

change: LOVE - 04/15/07 10:07 PM
To be loved like you've never been loved, you must love like you've never loved. Sounds pretty easy :

change: Lost - 04/12/07 09:24 PM
Your name was whisperedbefore you were born,and out from the mistyour image took form.The Spirit of Lifehad begun its quest,to learn of itselfthrough the ultimate test:A being of lightset free in creation,to master the giftof imagination...

change: Change- is Zillow for real? - 03/05/07 12:44 PM
Is Zillow for real? 
"In a time of change the most effective way to manage change successfully is to create it."  Peter Drucker...
Is the world around you changing?
I was at a meeting the other day talking with a couple of real estate agents. I'd asked them what they thought of Zillow?
They immediately started to make bad commits about it, saying "it's inaccurate, they have law suites against them, and even that they will never make it.
I grinned and chuckled, "that's funny, and real estate agents said the same thing about
E-mail when it first came … (1 comments)

change: Intensity - 12/17/06 10:49 PM
It's not about customer service. It's not about working hard for your customers. It's not about you being the number one agent, or having the alphabet accreditations, that most of you customers don't understand. It's about Creating a Life Experience.
Tom Peters in his book Re-imagination states. "It's about being the unique you, if we don't become unique, we'll become extinct...When were all the same we become vanilla...when were vanilla all we have left is price, and how low can you go?"
Today challenge yourself to create an experience in your business, an experience that is radical and earth shattering, compared to … (1 comments)

change: Change - 12/11/06 02:14 AM
"We will not always do things right, How ever we will always do the right things"
From Richard Robbins Int. Corporate Charter
It's critical that we realize that the fear of making mistakes hold us back. As long as we do what we knoww in our heart is right, we will always move in the right direction.
Don't manage the results of your efforts, manage your behaviour toward the effort.
Now ask yourself this, "Who are you now? Who are you going to become? Are you taking those steps?

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