coach: 1. Freedom to: Pursue Spiritual Happiness - 09/29/07 07:54 AM
Sara Hand 
"All Great Movement Requires Balance!"
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coach: Interview with Paul Gruber, Achievement Coach to the Stars - 08/30/07 09:28 PM
1. How did I get started in business? Believe it or not, that is a challenging question. I'm not your typical business person; I consider myself to be a perpetual entrepreneur. What got me started in business though, was a book that I read over twenty years ago, "In Search of Excellence", by Tom Peters.
2. What do you see as the future trends in the business world?
Imagination and creativity will rule in the future. If you think about it, all left brain processes will be digitized and will be easily exported to the lowest bidder, where ever that might be. … (1 comments)

coach: MeMe - Paul Gruber - 07/10/07 03:46 AM
I've been asked to put in five things about me.
I'm not about talking about myself, as not to feed the ego.
Any way here I go;
1) I love God, My Wife, My family, and my friends, in that order.
2) I don't work, haven't for a long time- If you truly love what you do is it work?
3) Just recently launched two business simultaneously- The Back Room, and People Are Ready.
4) I've love living life- just google: Paul Gruber Coach or Grubers Grinder - ps. I'm not the football player :)
5) My Porpoise in life: To help people grow, by carefully hearing them, before … (1 comments)

coach: Lost - 04/12/07 09:24 PM
Your name was whisperedbefore you were born,and out from the mistyour image took form.The Spirit of Lifehad begun its quest,to learn of itselfthrough the ultimate test:A being of lightset free in creation,to master the giftof imagination...

coach: Personal Growth - 01/08/07 01:14 PM
Are you personal health junkie? Are you looking for a network of like minded people?
Come visit me and be my friend at Personal and invite your friends to be my friends too.
Ask your self this, what is it that real estate agents do, "sale house?" No
We build relationships, so now ask yourself this, What are you doing to build relationships?
To grow your business you need to build relationship every day.
Look at realtiondhips like making deposits into your future.
Do you network on a regular basis? If not, start. If you do, how can you improve them?
Remember this is your life, do … (0 comments)

coach: Interesting - 12/19/06 12:07 PM
A fellow member, Manny Goldman of Personal just sent this to me:
A fellow member, Justin sent me an email and I thought you would find it interesting. These insights are from the book "The Celestine Prophecy" and it was recently turned into a movie. Here is a link to the trailer: The Insights:1 We are discovering again that we live in a deeply mysterious world, full of sudden coincidences and synchronistic encounters that seem destined. 2 As more of us awaken to this mystery, we will create a completely new worldview - redefining the universe as energetic and sacred. 3 We … (1 comments)

coach: Intensity - 12/17/06 10:49 PM
It's not about customer service. It's not about working hard for your customers. It's not about you being the number one agent, or having the alphabet accreditations, that most of you customers don't understand. It's about Creating a Life Experience.
Tom Peters in his book Re-imagination states. "It's about being the unique you, if we don't become unique, we'll become extinct...When were all the same we become vanilla...when were vanilla all we have left is price, and how low can you go?"
Today challenge yourself to create an experience in your business, an experience that is radical and earth shattering, compared to … (1 comments)

coach: Success isn’t about being the best. - 12/16/06 08:46 PM
"Success isn't about being the best.
Success is the process of becoming your best."
There is one thing that I've discovered as I coach so many top performers. Top performers know the difference between competing with others, versus competing with self.
When you compete with others, it's a race that will often let you down, or have you fall behind. Falling behind will often lead to the feeling of incompetence or depression.
When you compete with self, it's not a race, but a performance. Think about it like this, when children are at play, they are really performing. They perform with happiness, imagination, and … (1 comments)

coach: Rule # 1 DEAL WITH REALITY! - 12/16/06 01:54 AM
"You always have the power to reinvent your career. But with that power comes a significant responsibility: being accountable for your own success."  SALLY HOGSHEAD
A extremly fun book to read, and get motivated by.
Click here to find out more>>>>

coach: STOP IT NOW! - 12/14/06 06:59 AM
For some of you it's too late. For the rest of the Realtors, Please don't waste your money on calendars. You know when I was listing, I used to love going back to the office and brag about the listing I got with another brokers calendar hanging on the Fridge..
Hey, save some money and pick up the Phone, or just stop by and say Hi.
Remeber it's not marketing or business building, It's relationship Managment.
Go and make it a day of Passion and Love.

coach: Change - 12/11/06 02:14 AM
"We will not always do things right, How ever we will always do the right things"
From Richard Robbins Int. Corporate Charter
It's critical that we realize that the fear of making mistakes hold us back. As long as we do what we knoww in our heart is right, we will always move in the right direction.
Don't manage the results of your efforts, manage your behaviour toward the effort.
Now ask yourself this, "Who are you now? Who are you going to become? Are you taking those steps?

coach: When does a Parking ticket cost more than a speeding ticket? - 12/10/06 09:42 AM
"No one can see you making decisions, but they will almost always see the results of your decisions. The person who fails to develope the ability to make decisions is doomed...."  Bob Proctor 
So go forward and practice your decision making today, now. How do you do this? You need to look at what you've been doing, and ask your self what is working and what is not. Second make a decision to eliminate that which is not working and replace it with somthing new.
So go forward and get speeding tickets not parking tickets. Parking tickets are the price you'll pay for … (4 comments)

coach: To be the BEST - 12/09/06 07:53 AM
Words from Adam Vinatieri:
Practice Under the Gun, put pressure on yourself
Stress yourself out, you need to put the pressure on your self when nobody else is there
Obsess over the data, If your less than perfect it's up to you to find out why
Love your Coach, Some one on the outside can see what you may be missing
Focus on your efforts, Your must stay focused with th same intensity through out your life

coach: Light a candle for a good cause. - 12/09/06 07:42 AM
Bristol Myers Squibb has announced that it will donate $1 to the National Aids Fund for every person who visits this site ( and "lights a candle."  It takes less than a minute, and is worth your time.........Thanks and have a great weekend.... 

coach: Question????? - 12/08/06 12:47 PM
Why is it we do what we do, when we know what we know?
Do you know the answer to this question?
Would you like to know the answer?
E-mail me for a free 30 minute get to know you--me call.

coach: Todays Thought - 12/05/06 02:51 PM
Scary and Difficult and painful don't have to stop you.
Scary and Difficult and painful are the very things that transform you into your very best.
Success isn't about being the best.
Success is the process of becoming your best.

coach: Og Mandino Affirmations - 12/04/06 02:18 PM
"Today I begin a new life." "I will greet this day with love in my heart." "I will persist until I succeed." "I am nature's greatest miracle." "I will live this day as if it is my last." "Today I will master my emotions." "I will laugh at the world." "Today I will multiply my value a hundredfold." "I will act now." "I will pray for guidance."

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