goal: Exercise to do: - 06/13/07 12:43 AM
Why do this? To bring change into your life.
Take a blank piece of paper out
Write down 10 gaols for the next year that you'd like to achieve, write them down as though they already happened.
Now ask yourself this, "If I could have one of these goals in the next 24 hrs, what one of these goals would have the greatest impact on my life?"
Now take another pad of paper out, make a deadline of the goal, organize it, and prioritize it.
Now take the first thing on that list and work on it till completed.
Remember to take massive action toward completing the … (0 comments)

goal: What do you want to be remembered for? - 06/09/07 07:05 AM
Here are three things that I know will change your life for ever:
1)    You are the person responsible for your life.
     a)    No it's not your parents, your spouse, or your boss, it's you. It's up to you to make the changes you'd like to have in your life.
     b)    So knowing that, you need to take action.
2)    Goals: Setting goals is critical for change to happen. Here are 7 steps to setting goals
    a)    Decide exactly what you want.
    b)    In clear as possible write it down; write it down so simply a child could understand them.
    c)     Set … (0 comments)

goal: STOP IT! - 01/06/07 03:45 AM
Stop it now. If you're going to have a dream, or set a goal, don't have a small safe goal, or dream. Make it big and exciting.
The other day in training, we were talking on goal setting and dreaming. An agent said I'm going to have a safe goal so I can make it.
We don't get excited when we make the goal; we get excited when we are working toward the goal.
Think about it like riding a roller coaster. When are you most excited? Is it when you're getting off and walking away? No, it's when you're walking up to that … (0 comments)

goal: Goals with a Plan - 01/02/07 12:36 PM
Goals with a Plan.
Work your plan, Plan your work. So what is your plan for 2007? Do you have a plan? If you have a plan, your already ahead of the majority.
Let me offer this to you, if your challenged at putting a plan together, just remember this:
Have an income goal planned from the Top Down.
Top Down is this simple, 1) Total income Goal 2) Goal for the month 3) Goal for the week, and 4) Goal for the day. Now you have your daily focus. What ever this is, just focus on acheiving your daily goal one day at a time.
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