verizon: Samsung & Verizon Genius Marketing Tactic! - 12/18/16 12:25 PM
So I may or may not become a victim to the latest Samsung & Verizon Marketing Ploy!
This is my opinion on how it goes...
VERIZON TO SAMSUNG: "We need to boost sales:
SAMSUNG TO VERIZON: :"Let's push out an update that damages a phone so it is nearly unusaeble", We Will Call Is Marshmellow cause they are after all a sticky mess"
VERIZON TO SAMSUNG :" Brilliant!!  Then pretend to send out patches to fix the issues so it appears like we care"
SAMSUNG TO VERIZON :"Will do! and we have to keep pointing the finger at each other to totally abuse the consumer until they buy a … (4 comments)

verizon: Big "Arrogant" Red vs #4 Ms. Pink? Verizon Vs T-Mobile - 05/25/13 03:30 AM
I have been loyal to Verizon (Big Red) for over 10 years.  I have spent $36,000+ on products and services which is probably an average customer right?
I have friends and collegues who are urging me me to go to Ms. Pink (T-Mobile)
I am looking for input here on experiences with both.
I liked Big Red, but I feel they may have become a bit arrogant in their growth.  Despite their Bloatware, and stealing my unlimited data plan, I would consider staying for two new free … (3 comments)

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