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This is a place to learn and think about what makes a house a home. Buyers and sellers will find a garden will add value to their lives. A house with a working garden builds value and character and becomes a treasured home. As Lexington's Green Thumb Realtor I am dedicated to helping people discover the value of having a home with a garden.



Just before WW II ended My parents loaded everything they had on an old model T truck, departed from their childhood homes in Eastern New Mexico and West Texas and headed to Alaskan planning to take the ALCAN Highway and begin homesteading.  They ran out of money in North Idaho, found a job and 8...
What a Surprise, A Joyful reconnection. Taking our usual stroll on the trail with our cocker spaniel Abby, my wife and I had a very pleasant surprise this week.  A boy pedaled quickly towards us with his little sister doing her best to keep pace and their parents pushied an empty stroller not far...
Cookies, I understand. And of course a dog can be lured by dog treats. Milk Bone relies on that. But pickles? And cantaloupe rind? We used to have a neurotic Sheltie, Crissy. Poor Crissy never seemed to really believe that we loved her. In her sunset years she got confused and wandered into the s...
My wife Kathy is an excellent writer and she enjoys buying nice stationary and mailing notes to family and friends.  This morning she spent a  couple of  hours writing notes to a friend dying of cancer,  a note to our youngest daughter and notes to great grandmothers with pictures of our beautifu...

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