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This is a place to learn and think about what makes a house a home. Buyers and sellers will find a garden will add value to their lives. A house with a working garden builds value and character and becomes a treasured home. As Lexington's Green Thumb Realtor I am dedicated to helping people discover the value of having a home with a garden.



         Yesterday after touring the home of Mary Todd Lincoln Kathy and I took a trip to the birthplace of Lexington.  Most cities are located next to a large navigable river, lake or the ocean.  Lexington is not.  However it was still birthed because of water.  Too often I take a drink of water...
I thought it appropriate that Kathy and I visit the Mary Todd Lincoln House in Lexington today.  I was continually reminded as we took the tour of the house that history certainly repeats itself.  1. Mary Todd's dad bought the house from a bank as the previous owner lost it due to business failur...
I am jealous of all those bloggers who seem to have the ability to change text size, add color to text and arrange their images with precision. I have been Activerain blogging for a few months now and today I decided to ramp up the look of my blog. I took an HTML class many years ago and promptly...
My wife Kathy and I spent most of our life working as teachers and organic farmers.  We celebrated certain holidays and took a few vacations but mostly we worked hard and were thankful for the health to work.  As we get older the energy to work 16 hours days has dwindled.  Have you ever noticed t...
My wife Kathy and I have spent 37 years living in a rambler.  So why did we buy a split level when we moved to Lexington? Here are our top ten reasons. 10.  We both have good joints.  Very few aches and pains.  Maybe that is because we have always lived in a rambler. 9.  The property is only 2 mi...
When we moved into our first Lexington home only 27 days ago I knew one of the first things to do was locate the closest hardware store. I greatly appreciate Lowe's and it support of realtors and home owners. However for thirty years in our old neighborhood near Seattle I had the convenience of d...
This evening an intermittent chirp interrupted my frantic attempts to fix a leaking toilet. Was it a cricket trapped in the walls? An audible signal to alert the neighborhood that plumbing malpractice was about to occur? And why did the chirping seem to lead me in circles around the house?       ...
We just returned from a delightful meal of real southern hospitality.  Kathy and I were just sharing last night about how difficult it has been to transition from a community church of which we had been committed and involved for 29 years before moving to Lexington.  This morning we visited the s...
I am in the process of creating a website.  I know I do not have the time, energy or knowledge to do all the work myself.  However I would very much like to be able to add information and links on a regular basis.   I just finished the online epro certification class.  I noticed they promote Poin...

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