caring: Is it a "Wonderful Life? - 12/19/09 01:19 PM
 Kathy and I attended a radio play version of "Its' a Wonderful Life at The Lexington First Assembly of God church this evening.  We were once again in awe of that beautiful story.  The acting was very good in the radio play but we both agreed it would take dismal acting to make bad production from such a great script.
Here are a few of my observations about the "Wonder" created by that play.
Everyone has a story of being hugely disappointed by someone else.  Someone dear to us has let us down, someone in authority over us has not been true to their word, and someone has cheated us out of our hard earned money. Such is life! 

caring: Thanks Phil and Karen - 07/04/09 02:54 PM
Well It Rained, Still a Wonderful CelebrationJust returned from a very soggy 4th of July celebration.  Thanks Karen and Phil for inviting us to hang out with your younger friends.The Bratz were perfectly grilled Phil.  The taste of the real charcoal is so much richer than gas grilled.
That apple pie Karen brought back so many good memories of growing up in Idaho.  And then the caramel home made ice cream!  What a treat.The best part however was just getting to know you better and getting reaquainted with all the young families in your neighborhood.  You both have such a gift … (1 comments)

caring: Lessons Taught from Hanging out with my Grandchildren - 06/13/09 02:05 PM
My newest pleasure in life.  Working to understand "strange" behavior.
The joy of being a grandparent overflows from my heart on a daily basis.   In fact when I haven't seen my grandchildren for a couple of days I do my best to find a way to drop by and spend a few moments.  Knowing that I  would be leaving on vacation this Saturday I dropped by my son's home just to hang out with Sam a few minutes.  Sam was taking his nap and I was SO disappointed.  Fortunately my daughter in law Hannah called us Friday and invited … (1 comments)

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