fall gardening: Row cover, using it to extend the growing season. - 12/05/12 10:32 AM
Row covers, Using them to extend the growing season.
Row Covers, Using it to extend the growing season. I find so many gardeners that assume that vegetable gardening is mostly for the summer. About 30 years ago, I discovered row covers. Am I really that old?
In the Pacific Northwest Coastal region I first used them to help my hot weather plants get a jump on the growing season. I planted tomatoes and peppers under row covers and it protected them from the cool nights. A good row covering will protect usually at least three degrees. If you double the thickness … (3 comments)

fall gardening: Getting Spectacular Color for the Garden, Still Time to Plant Bulbs - 11/05/11 04:30 PM
Last minute tips for spring garden beauty, there is still time to plant bulbs. Photo from Dreamstime.
I know that often the times slips away and we just don't get things done in a timely mannner.  Planting bulbs in the fall is an awesome way to cause your home to really catch the eye of the neighborhood.  This is sometimes the best time to find the bulbs on sale.  If you cannot find the bulbs in the stores then try the Holland Bulb site.  They usually have bulk bulbs on sale this time of year. Daffodils and tulips are my favorite … (1 comments)

fall gardening: Our Infatuation With Lawns - 09/24/09 11:36 AM
Of Lawns and Gardens
            Mid September is the prime time for re-seeding and planting one’s lawn in Lexington.  Around the corner from our house one of our neighbors (who is a horticulturalist at UK) has torn up his front lawn and reseeded it.  He planted lawn seeds and then strewed straw (nice alliteration, huh?) over the top of it to help retain the soil from any water-run off.  His front yard slopes sharply to the street. 
            Wow – that is a lot of work.  I have lawn too, but it more closely resembles a weedy patch of … (2 comments)

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