flowers: Grow with a Professional Mat and you will Save Money and Time - 02/29/12 10:16 AM
Saving Money can be Costly
When I moved to Lexington I bought a cheap grow mat and thermostat.  I thought that since I was no longer farming I would not be growing much and could save some money.  

Harris Seed is the Best Source
 Three years later I am regretting that decision.  The cheap mat was cheap.  It was no longer working correctly.  I went on line and found that the best price for the professional mat and the thermostat combination were at Harris Seed.  You may need to give them a call.  The mat did not show up … (1 comments)

flowers: My Favorite Places to Order Seeds - 01/09/10 11:42 AM
 Sitting at the kitchen table while the snowflakes are swirling and browsing the seed catalogues while sipping a cup of chai tea and dreaming of warmer days ahead is gives me great joy.Just a couple of comments about where I like to buy seeds.  VeggiesMy first choice for veggies is Fedcoseeds in Maine. Fedco is easy to order from on line but their search engine sometimes isn't that reliable.  They have a great catalogue that you can order and I suggest you order it from their web site.  The catalogue is black and white but what makes the catalogue a good … (15 comments)

flowers: Making use of Your Land - 06/26/09 06:23 AM
Choosing a Place to Plant a Garden. When we moved into our home the previous owners had planted a few trees and three or four perennials.  I had cultivated about 3/4 of acre at our little "farm" in Woodinville, near Seattle.  The first step in planning a garden is deciding what you want to grow.  Near the house on the north or east side is a good place for plants like begonias and impatients.  They do best with lots of shade and will take a lot of watering if planted in the direct sun more than four hours a day. … (1 comments)

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