gardening: Is Summer Really Here? - 03/22/12 11:25 AM
Is this for Real?
This stretch of summer like weather has us all wondering, "Is this for real", or will we soon be brought back to reality.
Averages are about 15 degrees above normal - near early May temperatures.
The average temperature here in Lexington for March 20th is 60 degrees.   The high today is supposed to be 84.  Tomorrow's forecast is for 84 and the next nine days are to average 72 degrees.  The past nine days averaged 72 so that is 18 days at early May temperatures for Lexington.
So what do we do as gardeners?  
I … (1 comments)

gardening: Grow with a Professional Mat and you will Save Money and Time - 02/29/12 10:16 AM
Saving Money can be Costly
When I moved to Lexington I bought a cheap grow mat and thermostat.  I thought that since I was no longer farming I would not be growing much and could save some money.  

Harris Seed is the Best Source
 Three years later I am regretting that decision.  The cheap mat was cheap.  It was no longer working correctly.  I went on line and found that the best price for the professional mat and the thermostat combination were at Harris Seed.  You may need to give them a call.  The mat did not show up … (1 comments)

gardening: Johnny's Select Seeds, Another One of My Favorite Places to Buy Seeds - 12/01/11 01:30 PM
Another Favorite Seed Catolgue - Johnny's Johnny's does not have the best prices, however it has an excellent selection of seeds and some of the best tools for gardeners. Johnny's has the best varieties of many different seeds.  It's big strength is how it provides comparison charts throughout the magazine which does help the novice understand the important differences. The photo on this page is taken from page 173.  The large selection of sunflowers on this page is  listed in a comparison chart.  I like this chart especially because it makes it very easy to buy sunflowers that will bloom at … (2 comments)

gardening: Reviewing Two Seed Catalogs - I like both but they are very different. - 11/19/11 06:57 AM
Continued Review of Seed Catalogs A few weeks ago I reviewed Thompson Morgan's Seed Catalog.   Today I want to compare and contrast two seed catalogs,  R-H Shumway's HPS and FEDCO. HPS is geared toward professional growers so to get the really good prices you need to buy large quantities.  If you have ever had a hard time handling very small seeds then you may really like HPS.  They carry a large selection of seeds that have been pelletted.  That is,  the seeds have been covered in organic material that makes them much larger and therefore much easier to handle.  This … (0 comments)

gardening: I'm Dreaming of Spring - Mulling Over the Seed Catalogues - 10/26/11 03:12 PM
Dreaming About Spring - Mulling over the Seed Catalogues Well, the catalogues are beginning to arrive, the weather is cooling and it is almost time to start planning for next springs garden. Before planning though it is fun and I believe healthy to dream a little, to let a vision begin to form and to share that dreaming and vision with friends. So the next few weeks I will share a little about what I am finding in the seed catalogues and what I am thinking what I might try next spring. Today I received the "Thompson and Morgan" catalogue.  This … (6 comments)

gardening: Day Trip Surprises - 08/10/10 08:05 AM
Bob in the Garden, Bob?  What happened to Paul? Do you even recognize Bob?  He's a little different from this 2010 incarnation - this Bob is dated 2000 and is a thinner version than what he is today (aren't we all).  This is how Bob came to live at our house. Last Saturday we decided to drive some back roads here in Kentucky. We were looking for a farmer's market in Danville, Kentucky but we stumbled upon the "World's Longest Yard Sale", held every year the first weekend of August.  It stretches 675 miles from Michigan to Alabama, along the highway … (0 comments)

gardening: Preparing Soil to Start Seeds - 02/07/10 08:15 AM
Yesterday I wrote a blog on my seed propagation system.The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate how to prepare the planting mix and to also show how to plant the very small seeds.I buy my soil mix in a large sack.  I buy a propagation mix from Fayette Seed here in Lexington.  In order to have the best success getting those little seeds to break out of their seed covering you do not want to use a normal growing mix.  

I pour about two gallons of the mix into my a wheel barrow and then sprinkle it well with … (2 comments)

gardening: Starting Healthy Plants - A Lifetime System - 02/06/10 12:13 PM
Growing Healthy Plants Made Easy
 I love to grow my own plants. I get such pleasure seeing those tiny seeds poke their heads out of the soil.  A popular way to start seeds is to grow them in a window sill.  It is an easy way to get them to germinate but window light tends to stretch the little plants.  You get leggy, spindly tall plants that do not transplant well and are much more subject to disease.
The key to making sure your plants sprout quickly and grow strong and stout is to have a propagation center that … (1 comments)

gardening: Our Infatuation With Lawns - 09/24/09 11:36 AM
Of Lawns and Gardens
            Mid September is the prime time for re-seeding and planting one’s lawn in Lexington.  Around the corner from our house one of our neighbors (who is a horticulturalist at UK) has torn up his front lawn and reseeded it.  He planted lawn seeds and then strewed straw (nice alliteration, huh?) over the top of it to help retain the soil from any water-run off.  His front yard slopes sharply to the street. 
            Wow – that is a lot of work.  I have lawn too, but it more closely resembles a weedy patch of … (2 comments)

gardening: Another Tantalizing Recipe - 09/16/09 09:57 AM
Civilization and gardens
            During World War II Americans turned their yards (and sometimes roof gardens) into vegetable gardens so that they could ease the strain on the food supply. These were called Victory Gardens.   In 1944 about 40% of all the vegetables being consumed in the US were grown in Victory Gardens.  The food certainly aided the war effort, but it also boosted the morale of the people who didn’t themselves actively go to war.  The gardens promoted civilization, if you will.
            Last month I dragged Kathy to the Arboretum for the monthly meeting of gardeners.  It was … (6 comments)

gardening: Gardening, Rediscovering the Joy of Work - 09/14/09 12:59 PM

Tonight I want to start a series of blog postings that I will call simply "Reasons I Garden."  This may help some readers understand my passion to garden and why I think it should be such an integral part of owning a home.
When I am lonely, disheartened or just confused and bewildered with the cares of the world I find solace in the garden.  In the Biblical creation story in Genesis  chapter two verse 15 the text reads, "The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of … (2 comments)

gardening: Organic Supplies - 08/25/09 06:50 AM
Where do I get organic fertilizers?

That was the question Jerry left on my voice mail this afternoon.  Unfortunately Jerry did not leave a number and my phone did not capture his number.  

Jerry said he saw pictures of my garden on the web so I expect he is reading my blog.  Hopefully you will read this this entry Jerry.  

I bought the blood meal and bone meal from Fayette Seed which is located on Red Mile road very near Versailles.

I couldn't find anyone in Lexington that sold kelp meal so I ordered it … (0 comments)

gardening: Visiting with Farmers at the Market - 08/13/09 02:49 PM
Today I visited the Farmer's Market at the corner of Maxwell and Broadway. That market is open Tuesdays and Thursday.  The 7:00 start time is great because there is so much parking available and the produce is so fresh.  
Watching people stroll rapidly to the market with their tote bags gave me such pleasure.  I imagined the good smells coming from their kitchens this evening and the enjoyment their family and friends would have sharing such healthy food.
I only had about an hour this morning and visited with three different vendors.  I felt rushed even then.I was especially intrigued … (2 comments)

gardening: Blending My Passions - 08/10/09 02:55 AM
Today I begin my efforts to help the citizens of Fayette County Kentucky understand I am  a Realtor Consultant that is on a mission to help anyone who works with me as a buyer or seller to become a gardener.  I have experienced the value that a small garden can bring when selling a home.  I have experienced the joy of seeing first time home buyers reap the harvest from their first garden. I was raised on a small organic farm in North Idaho.  I owned my own very small organic farm in Woodinville, Washington for 25 years.  When my  two … (0 comments)

gardening: Gardening and Friendships - 07/18/09 01:48 AM

Gardens Open Doors to Friendship Growing a garden gives one so many opportunities to begin building relationships.  One of my neighbor and I for a myriad of reasons were just not connecting. He  is diligent about keeping his yard very neat.  So while he was outside the other night I went over and immediately asked him if he liked tomatoes.  I had just given all my tomatoes away to another neighbor so I hesitated just asking him but the time was opportune.  

The next day I saw him in the yard greeting his wife as she came home … (0 comments)

gardening: A Recipe to Grow For - 07/16/09 01:31 PM
My Favorite Green Bean Recipe almost as good as Basil Tomato TartWe just had neighbors over for a garden meal.  Kathy made this yummy bread tomato salad and fresh okra with tomatoes but I think my favorite is still the "Carter Green Beans."  I picked the beans as they hung tantalizingly from the poles early this morning.  I prefer pole beans.  I really don't like bending over to pick beans and the pole beans stay off the ground which prevents rotting so common in wet and humid summers.
Just the memory of eating Carter Green Beans is motivation enough each spring … (1 comments)

gardening: Evidence of Good Soil Preparation - 06/28/09 01:27 PM
Today on want to show some pictures of my garden.  This is mostly to validate my previous blog entry on  soil preparation.

It is most important to emphasis our garden is growing  without any chemicals of any kind.  The soil was enriched with leafs and then I added about 15  pounds of bone meal, 20 pounds of kelp meal and 10 pounds of blood meal.  The bone meal provides a readily usable phosphorous to help especially with blooming.  The kelp meal gives your plant a very accessible potassium source which gives the plant turgor.  It also supplies a bunch … (5 comments)

gardening: Caring for the Soil - 06/27/09 02:35 PM
soil preparation Yesterday I wrote about planning your garden and specifically where to plant on your lot.  Today I am beginning to write about preparing the soil.The Humorist Dave Barry  once said,
"Your first job is to prepare the soil. The best tool for this is your neighbor's garden tiller. If your neighbor does not own a garden tiller, suggest that he buy one."
The fact is if you can turn your soil without tilling you will have a much healthier garden. Borrow a good shovel or spading fork but DO NOT borrow a  tiller.

gardening: Making use of Your Land - 06/26/09 06:23 AM
Choosing a Place to Plant a Garden. When we moved into our home the previous owners had planted a few trees and three or four perennials.  I had cultivated about 3/4 of acre at our little "farm" in Woodinville, near Seattle.  The first step in planning a garden is deciding what you want to grow.  Near the house on the north or east side is a good place for plants like begonias and impatients.  They do best with lots of shade and will take a lot of watering if planted in the direct sun more than four hours a day. … (1 comments)

gardening: Moving to Lexington soon. - 05/28/08 03:38 PM
If the house closes when it is supposed to on June 10th my wife Kathy and I will load the POD, put a few things in the car, let the cocker jump in and begin our journey to Lexington, Kentucky.
I am an associate with Rector Hayden South in Lexington.  For the past 36 years my wife Kathy and I have lived very close to our work places and also had the fortune of owning enough land to have a small organic farm.  I was raised on an organic farm and eating my own food is very important to me. 
So … (0 comments)

Helping seller and buyers understand the value of the land they buy or sell is my passion. My work as a real estate agent is fulfilling because I am passionate about negotiating value. Sellers, let me help you maximize the value of your land even if it is just a small front yard. Buyers I will help you find a place even in the middle of Lexington that can help your family build a wonderful home. Give me a chance to look at your home, your land, your garden and I will give you some great ideas on how you can enhance the presentation of your home with a very small budget.




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