kentucky: Lexington Public Library System - A Quick Review - 12/12/11 12:42 PM
Public Library System in Lexington - My Evaluation My wife, Kathy and are very thankful for the Public Library system here and around our nation.  We believe a healthy library system is essential in a democratic country. I haved now lived in Lexington for three years.  We raised our children in arguably the nations best library system King County Public Libraries. View Public Libraries in Lexington in a larger map We have been impressed with the selection of books and other media available for circulation in the Lexington Public Library system.  The biggest difference between King County and Lexington is the … (4 comments)

kentucky: The Joy of Spring at Possum Trot - 04/23/11 04:13 AM
Last week I had the opportunity to visit Possum Trot with an excellent videographer, Chad Rumford.  The dogwoods were beginning to bloom, the azaleas teased us with their first florescent buds breaking open, the lobelia was trailing over the rock walls and the beauty of the deciduous forest dressing themselves with new buds was stunning. We were treated to the surprise of a large flock of turkeys as we made our way up to the wigwam.  This property is a magnificent treasure of water features, rolling hills, meadow land and numerous buildings that can function as a retreat center, a hunting … (3 comments)

kentucky: Pleasure, Profit and a Touch of Paradise - Farm/Retreat Center/Recreational - 11/30/10 05:45 AM

kentucky: Veterans - You may still qualify for the tax credit! - 09/13/10 10:07 AM

Dear Veterans,

Don't miss the opportunity to still get a tax credit for the purchase of a home!

Members of the military who are serving overseas on official extended duty for at least 90 days during 2009 and the first four months of 2010 have an extra year to take advantage of the tax credit.
Up to eight thousand dollars is available to first-time homebuyers and up to $6,500 is available to repeat homebuyers. The sales contract must be signed by April 30, 2011 and the home purchase must close by June30, 2011. … (0 comments)

kentucky: Preparing Soil to Start Seeds - 02/07/10 08:15 AM
Yesterday I wrote a blog on my seed propagation system.The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate how to prepare the planting mix and to also show how to plant the very small seeds.I buy my soil mix in a large sack.  I buy a propagation mix from Fayette Seed here in Lexington.  In order to have the best success getting those little seeds to break out of their seed covering you do not want to use a normal growing mix.  

I pour about two gallons of the mix into my a wheel barrow and then sprinkle it well with … (2 comments)

kentucky: 12 Reasons to Retire in Lexington Kentucky - 02/06/10 01:49 PM
12 Reasons to Retire in Central Kentucky 1.  Lexington is within 60 percent of the population of the the United States.  It is a days drive to hundreds of great historical sites, beaches, famous sporting events and lovely cities. 2.  Housing prices are stable and quite reasonable.  Right now there are hundreds of homes on the market that are perfect for retirees.  Homes in safe communities, homes within close proximity to downtown and The University of Kentucky.   3. The cost of living, cost of taxes and cost of trasportation are all well below the national average. 4.  The state of … (3 comments)

kentucky: How Does Price Affect the Selling of a Home?, Part Three - 02/04/10 06:42 AM
What affect does listing price have on selling price?  A study of the facts in Lexington Kentucky - Zip Code 40502

This is the third part in what is intended to be a 7 part series studying the affect that "Days on the Market" has on the selling price of homes in Lexinton Kentucky:The first blog post studied Zip Code 40503The second blog post studied Zip Code 40504
The purpose for these next series of articles is to research how the original listing price does or doesn't affect the selling price of a home.   We read … (0 comments)

kentucky: A study of the Effect of Days on the Market - Part 2 - 02/03/10 07:55 AM
How Does the Number of  Days on the Market Affect the Selling Prices of Homes - A study of the facts in Lexington Kentucky - Zip Code 40504
This is the second part in what is intended to be a 7 part series studying the affect that "Days on the Market" has on the selling price of homes in Lexinton Kentucky.  The first blog post studied Zip Code 40503
The purpose for these next series of articles is to research how the original listing price does or doesn't affect the selling price of a home.   We read and hear Realtors … (3 comments)

kentucky: Impervious Surfaces - Progress or Destruction? - 01/24/10 08:14 AM
Destructive Progress - An Oxymoron "LFUCG - Lexington Fayette Urban County Government owns and operates a sanitary sewer system, which includes two major wastewater treatment plants, serving a population of almost 250,000. It also owns and operates a separate storm sewer system that collects urban storm water. Inadequacies in LFUCG’s sewer systems’ infrastructure and management programs have resulted in unlawful discharges of millions of gallons of untreated sewage, known as sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), into streams in the Lexington/Fayette County area and increased pollution levels in urban storm water."  This is a paragraph borrowed from the EPA  in March of 2008. … (0 comments)

kentucky: The Real Estate and Food Connection - 01/21/10 04:49 AM
"We still (sometimes) remember that we cannot be free if our minds and voices are controlled by someone else.  But we have neglected to understand that we cannot be free if our food and its sources are controlled by someone else.  The condition of the passive consumer of food is not a democratic condition.  One reason to eat responsibly is to live free."  Wendell Berry, "Bringing it to the Table, On Farming and Food" , page 229
What does this quote have to do with real estate?  I am going to write about that question.  My goal is to help … (2 comments)

kentucky: No Adventure Please when Visiting the Dentist - 01/20/10 02:56 AM
Finding a home close to essential services was of utmost importance to Kathy and I when we move here 15 months ago.
Monday I went to my sixth month dental appointment.  I went without trepidation because of previous experiences.
I have been having some problems with a crown and  Dr. Lopp assured me he would replace the crown free of charge the last time I had my teethe cleaned.
I put off the crown replacement six months because of my schedule and truthfully just because I have a lifetime habit of putting off sitting in a dental chair.
So when … (3 comments)

kentucky: Zillow and Messed up Information about Open House - 01/14/10 08:06 AM
How does Zillow get an open house posted incorrectly?
If you are planning on attending the open house at 459 Marquis Avenue in Lexington make sure you come Sunday afternoon from 3-5.  Last night someone called me about my open house they had seen posted on Zillow.  They had seen the sign in the yard at 459 Marquis Avenue which advertises the open house for Sunday from 3-5 PM.  They were confused because Zillow has the open house posted for Saturday from 1-4 PM.So I immediately called the advertising department when I got to work and asked them to please check … (5 comments)

kentucky: My Favorite Places to Order Seeds - 01/09/10 11:42 AM
 Sitting at the kitchen table while the snowflakes are swirling and browsing the seed catalogues while sipping a cup of chai tea and dreaming of warmer days ahead is gives me great joy.Just a couple of comments about where I like to buy seeds.  VeggiesMy first choice for veggies is Fedcoseeds in Maine. Fedco is easy to order from on line but their search engine sometimes isn't that reliable.  They have a great catalogue that you can order and I suggest you order it from their web site.  The catalogue is black and white but what makes the catalogue a good … (15 comments)

kentucky: Top Ten Reasons NOT to buy a home Right Now! - 01/05/10 03:07 AM
10)  There are just too many homes to choose from in the higher price ranges.       It is just too difficult to decide on which home to buy when there are so many choices.  I can really identify with Brett Favre.  I mean how can I ever decide to buy when so many people want me to buy their homes.  It is so much easier when I don't have to worry about dissappointing so many home owners trying to sell their homes. 9)  There are so few homes in my price range.  Our  best friends just found a home they wanted … (7 comments)

kentucky: Real Men and Women Live in Iowa - 01/05/10 01:33 AM
 My wife Kathy and I just returned from a niece's wedding in Northwestern Iowa.  We woke up the morning of the wedding and it was negative 31 degrees.  The week before they had received two feet of snow. I am so thankful that the National Tire and Battery workers on Regency Road had discovered my battery was barely functioning.  With new tires and a new battery my car served us well. I am in awe of people who can survive and even seem to thrive in that kind of weather.  All of the invited guest came to the wedding and the … (1 comments)

kentucky: A Great Experience With VA Health Care - 12/29/09 06:48 AM
I don't presume to be an expert on anything to do with health care.  However I recently had an experience that exceedingly and abundantly exceeded any of my expectations.  Upon moving to Lexington there were only two things were not less expensive here.  One was car insurance and the other health insurance.  After seeing our health insurance premiums continue to skyrocket I began to investigate the Veterans Clinic and Hospital here in Lexington.  I found several people who were  very happy with the VA health benefits.  So I reluctantly filed for the benefits and they called me to set up an initial … (2 comments)

kentucky: Fayette County including Lexington Ky Market Report - 12/26/09 06:37 AM
A six month report on the housing market in Lexington.

I just did a search for home sales the past six months in Fayette County which includes Lexington.  The counties are very small in Kentucky so all suburbs are in different counties.
This report includes Single Family homes, Condos and Townhouses.

The total number of homes sold in the past 6 months is 2, 248 in Fayette County.  49 percent of those homes were 150,000 or less.  89 percent of the homes were 300,000 or less and 97 percent were 500,000 or less. It is obvious that the … (1 comments)

kentucky: Lovely Cap Cod with Unbeatable Location - 12/26/09 04:23 AM

kentucky: Why is Homemade Food Better? - 12/26/09 01:57 AM
"Food With a Story Taste Better" Wendell Berry

Our Christmas dinner yesterday was cooked by all the women of the family.  Everything, even the desserts were prepared in the kitchen of our homes.  

I have been at numerous social gatherings where most of the foods were purchased ready to eat.  Have you noticed how much those foods all look and taste similar?  Even when ready made foods taste great the fact there is no story with the food makes it less enjoyable.

I will share just a couple of stories to help make my point.

My … (8 comments)

kentucky: The Miracle of the Messiah - 12/24/09 11:45 PM
I was just bemoaning the fact that it seemed all the "Christmas Music" that was played on the local stations here this morning were mostly playing secular music.  So I came downstairs turned on the TV and went to Direct TV  866  Holiday Pops.  To my delight and joy "The Messiah" was just beginning to be broadcast.  What an amazing work of art.  I quickly did a Google search and found the lyrics, opened my Bible to the scripture references and soaked in the wonder and beauty of the power of Christ in Christmas.My hope and prayer for each of you this … (1 comments)

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