lexington: Emerson Woods Subdivision, Lexington Ky 40517 - 11/19/12 08:05 AM
Emerson Woods Subdivision, Lexington Kentucky 40517
A bike route runs adjacent to the middle of Emerson Woods Subdivision in Lexington Kentucky   Why do people live in Emerson Woods Subdivision?
Location, Location, Location
A quick commute of less than four miles to most of the action in Lexington. Four miles to downtown and less to The University of Kentucky. Just south of New Circle Road which allows residents to quickly access the interstates to Louisville, Cincinnati, Tennessee and West Virginia. Great sidewalk access for safe walking to public parks, shopping and schools, and the library Value
Emerson Woods Subdivision, Lexington KY … (1 comments)

lexington: An Increase of 1% interest rates will decrease the Kentucky homebuyer's buying power by 11 Percent. - 02/15/12 01:31 PM
Interest rates right now are the lowest in my history and I am "old."
The current interest rates make buying a home so easy if you have decent credit scores.  Your buying power is so much greater with these fantastic rates.  Look carefully at this chart below.  It does not lie.  When interest rates rise one percent you lose 11 percent of your buying power.  NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!

lexington: Give Blood and Eat Well Too, Another Chick Fil A community service. - 02/13/12 11:02 AM
Give blood at the mobile blood drive at Chick Fillet on Nicholasville Road in Lexington Kentucky this Saturday, February 18, 2012 A very healthy chicken sandwich from Chick - Fil - A Time:  Between 11:00 AM and 2 PM.
Place:  Nicholasville Chick -Fil-A Restuarant just inside the Circle on Nicholasville Road in Lexington Ky.
Who:  All healthy blood givers.
REWARDS -  People who could not live without the needed blood.  All donors get a free chicken sandwich.
Call Katie now at 859 - 278 - 0003   Thanks So Much!

lexington: Cold outside but a toasty open house inside at 3269 Malone Drive in Lexington, Kentucky. - 02/11/12 02:29 PM
The coldest day of the year, snow on the ground and a bone chilling breeze seemed a perfect setting for people to stay home and stay warm.
Large open kitchen with granite counter tops. Thanks to all those who braved the elements to attend our open house at 3269 Malone Drive.
We had twelve couples and or families attend and everyone had a good time viewing this large home on a huge greenway yard in a special neighborhood.
Large green space with a stream in the huge back yard.  

lexington: A Shift in the Market in Lexington and Fayette County - Surprise? - 01/16/12 04:56 AM
Big Change In Fayette County Housing Market We constantly read that this is a buyer's market here in Fayette County and it has been for several years now.   Historically a buyer's market is defined by the fact that there are six months or more inventory of homes to be sold.  That is commonly called "the absorption rate."  In simple terms the absorption rate is how many months it will take to sell the homes that are currently on the market in a certain price range. Well, we finally have an absorption rate that is less than six months.  There are … (0 comments)

lexington: Let me help recreate your beautiful garden in the winter - Helping Home Sellers Market their homes by doing something extra. - 01/05/12 12:35 PM
. Lexington's Green Thumb Realtor - A creative way to add value and interest in your home.  Just a little extra effort can be very rewarding. Recently I listed a home of a client that was eager to share how spectacular her flower gardens were in the spring.  I had her send me a list of her perennials and the bulbs she had planted. I then wrote a list of all the bulbs and plants and inserted pictures on the word document to show the beauty of the blossoms. I printed several in color and have left them on the table … (2 comments)

lexington: The Joy and Benefits of Living in Lexington - 01/01/12 07:39 AM
Are you thinking of living in Lexington? A conversation with Paul Campbell. My wife Kathy and I live in Lexington just south of New Circle Road.  New Circle Road is used by all the residents as the key landmark to describe location for everything in the city.  We live just south of "The Circle" in the subdivision of Gainesway, which is located just east of Tates Creek Road.  Our home is less than four miles to downtown Lexington, 2 miles to Fayette Mall and less than three miles to the University of Kentucky campus. We are about ten minutes from interstates … (0 comments)

lexington: Market Report for Lexington's Most Desired Zip Code in Which to Live, 40502 - 11/30/11 10:45 PM
How's the Market in Lexington's Most Desired  Zip Code 40502 40502 includes Chevy Chase, The University of Kentucky and the Lakes areas.  These generally are homes that are in established neighborhoods.  They are all close to downtown, the University of Kentucky and the major hospitals.  Many of them also are waterfront properties and historic properties. There are two facts that become pronounced when looking at the market in 40502.   Homes in the desired nieghborhood are selling.  People want to live here and they will pay the premium prices to live here provided they are priced well. Priced to sell means … (0 comments)

lexington: Top Ten Reasons NOT to buy a home Right Now! - 10/28/11 04:17 PM
10)  There are just too many homes to choose from in the higher price ranges.       It is just too difficult to decide on which home to buy when there are so many choices.  I can really identify with Brett Favre.  I mean how can I ever decide to buy when so many people want me to buy their homes.  It is so much easier when I don't have to worry about dissappointing so many home owners trying to sell their homes. 9)  There are so few homes in my price range.  Our  best friends just found a home they wanted … (12 comments)

lexington: The Joy of Spring at Possum Trot - 04/23/11 04:13 AM
Last week I had the opportunity to visit Possum Trot with an excellent videographer, Chad Rumford.  The dogwoods were beginning to bloom, the azaleas teased us with their first florescent buds breaking open, the lobelia was trailing over the rock walls and the beauty of the deciduous forest dressing themselves with new buds was stunning. We were treated to the surprise of a large flock of turkeys as we made our way up to the wigwam.  This property is a magnificent treasure of water features, rolling hills, meadow land and numerous buildings that can function as a retreat center, a hunting … (3 comments)

lexington: She Melts my Heart - 12/09/10 04:30 AM
I Wuv Oooo As I left this morning to begin my day in the real estate world I kissed my 18 month old granddaughter and said "I love you."

She repeated," I Wuv Oooo."  If you are  a grandpa you know what happened next.  My heart melted!  Caroline has big blue eyes, blond curly hair, big red lips and an angelic voice that makes me crumble.  Just looking at her is enough to cause me to want to pick her up and give her hugs and kisses.  Now that she has added "I Wuv Ooo" to her lexicon I will … (2 comments)

lexington: Veterans - You may still qualify for the tax credit! - 09/13/10 10:07 AM

Dear Veterans,

Don't miss the opportunity to still get a tax credit for the purchase of a home!

Members of the military who are serving overseas on official extended duty for at least 90 days during 2009 and the first four months of 2010 have an extra year to take advantage of the tax credit.
Up to eight thousand dollars is available to first-time homebuyers and up to $6,500 is available to repeat homebuyers. The sales contract must be signed by April 30, 2011 and the home purchase must close by June30, 2011. … (0 comments)

lexington: Meticulously kept, Nine Foot Ceilings and Ready to Entertain - 05/03/10 11:35 AM

lexington: Preparing Soil to Start Seeds - 02/07/10 08:15 AM
Yesterday I wrote a blog on my seed propagation system.The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate how to prepare the planting mix and to also show how to plant the very small seeds.I buy my soil mix in a large sack.  I buy a propagation mix from Fayette Seed here in Lexington.  In order to have the best success getting those little seeds to break out of their seed covering you do not want to use a normal growing mix.  

I pour about two gallons of the mix into my a wheel barrow and then sprinkle it well with … (2 comments)

lexington: Super Trivia with a Home Price Flavor - 02/07/10 07:30 AM
A Small Trivia Quiz for Super Bowl Sunday, February 7, 20101. What was the first names of the first two super bowl quarterbacks?A) Bart and Fran C) Bart and Len D) Bart and Joe  E) Bart and Bob

2. The average home in Kentucky the year of the first Super Bowl would have sold for how much?A) $19,000 B) $15,000  C) $5,000  D) $12,000  E) $9,0003. The average home in Boston would have sold for how much the year of the first Super Bowl?A) $16,000  B) $11,000  C) $19,000  D)  $23,000  E) $9,000
4. What basketball team won the … (0 comments)

lexington: How Does Price Affect the Selling of a Home?, Part Three - 02/04/10 06:42 AM
What affect does listing price have on selling price?  A study of the facts in Lexington Kentucky - Zip Code 40502

This is the third part in what is intended to be a 7 part series studying the affect that "Days on the Market" has on the selling price of homes in Lexinton Kentucky:The first blog post studied Zip Code 40503The second blog post studied Zip Code 40504
The purpose for these next series of articles is to research how the original listing price does or doesn't affect the selling price of a home.   We read … (0 comments)

lexington: A study of the Effect of Days on the Market - Part 2 - 02/03/10 07:55 AM
How Does the Number of  Days on the Market Affect the Selling Prices of Homes - A study of the facts in Lexington Kentucky - Zip Code 40504
This is the second part in what is intended to be a 7 part series studying the affect that "Days on the Market" has on the selling price of homes in Lexinton Kentucky.  The first blog post studied Zip Code 40503
The purpose for these next series of articles is to research how the original listing price does or doesn't affect the selling price of a home.   We read and hear Realtors … (3 comments)

lexington: Growing Older and Keeping a Cool Head - 01/25/10 10:18 AM
Is that Really Me?  
"If wrinkles must be written upon the browe, let them not be written upon the heart.The spirit should not grow old."  James Garfield I usually rise early in the morning, have some tea, read and then go downstairs for a half hour rigourous workout.  When I come upstairs to shower I look in the mirror and there is this guy looking back in the mirror that continues to startle me.  

The more years I add on the less that "person in the mirror" resembles the person in my minds eye.  I seldom think … (0 comments)

lexington: Can I love the Dawgs and Have an Affair with the Cats? - 01/24/10 01:43 PM
Kentucky is Basketball Country.

I have two degrees from the University of Washington and my wife and I had the opportunity to watch our son play in the Husky band in the 93 Rose Bowl.  So I have every reason to bleed purple and gold.

I had the opportunity to watch Kentucky wildcats play Tennessee seven years ago while my daughter Marnie was a grad student at the Universty of Kentucky.  That game gave me a taste of the rabid thirst for basketball here in Lexington.  Now that I live here though I am fascinated with the "basketball culture." … (1 comments)

lexington: Impervious Surfaces - Progress or Destruction? - 01/24/10 08:14 AM
Destructive Progress - An Oxymoron "LFUCG - Lexington Fayette Urban County Government owns and operates a sanitary sewer system, which includes two major wastewater treatment plants, serving a population of almost 250,000. It also owns and operates a separate storm sewer system that collects urban storm water. Inadequacies in LFUCG’s sewer systems’ infrastructure and management programs have resulted in unlawful discharges of millions of gallons of untreated sewage, known as sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), into streams in the Lexington/Fayette County area and increased pollution levels in urban storm water."  This is a paragraph borrowed from the EPA  in March of 2008. … (0 comments)

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