paul campbell: For ale - $119,000, Updated 3 bedrooms with a full unfinished basement! - 02/02/13 12:16 AM
Remodeled home ready to move in coveted Lexington neighborhood. Full unfinished basement waiting to finish for the savvy buyer who wants a lot of home for the money. For Sale - $119,900 Updated 3 bedrooms with a full unfinished basement in popular Lexington neighborhood!
Wonderfully updated & remodeled ranch on a full basement. This home features hardwood floors, open floorplan between kitchen & family room, pantry, raised vanities in bathroom, nice sized bedrooms, full basement, rear entry garage, large fenced yard, and more. Recent updates include new water heater, refinished hardwood, shower doors, carpets, and garage door. In addition, sellers … (1 comments)

paul campbell: 101 Emerson Trail, Georgetown KY 40324 2624 sq. ft. Ready to move in! - 02/01/13 11:56 PM
Great Location, Great Price, Great Neighborhood! 101 Emerson Trail, Georgetown, Ky, 40324 - $189,900 2624 square feet - ready now!
This popular Anderson floor plan features four large bedrooms, walk-in closet, separate utility room, vaulted master, a garden tub, spacious kitchen, formal living room & dining room, and more. The family room offers an open floor plan to the breakfast area & kitchen, yet comes with a slight separation for the discriminating buyer. The first floor also comes with more than your average storage capacity by offering a pantry as well as a utility closet, in addition to the hall … (1 comments)

paul campbell: 509 Old Manse Ct, Lexington Ky - First floor master, $129,900 - 01/12/13 08:12 AM
509 Old Manse Ct, Lexington Ky - First floor master, $129,900.
Walk to the library and to Tates Creek Shopping Centre. Tates Creek Shopping Centre offers a large family Kroger Grocery, excellent eateries and a large number of small retail stores. This home in Emerson Woods is ready to more in and features
A first floor master at $129,900 and a great location in Lexington Ky Live on a culdesac only four miles from The University of Kentucky and less than five miles from downtown Lexington.This home offers a vaulted family room with a wood burning fireplace, a large kitchen … (1 comments)

paul campbell: Raking leaves the easy way, gardening made easy in Lexington, Kentucky - 12/18/12 09:20 AM
Raking leaves the easy way, gardening made easy in Lexington, Kentucky
Gardening in Lexington Kentucky made simple by raking leaves into a tarp and pulling them to the compost pile. I often see neighbors spending hours raking and bagging leaves. They bag the leaves and leave them on the street to be picked up. I compost my leaves which, in the long run, takes less effort than stuffing them in bags. How can that be? Well my collection method is the biggest time saver.
I use a 12 by 9 painting tarp to transport the leaves from my front yard to … (3 comments)

paul campbell: Adding Lime to the Garden and Lawn is Key for Successful Gardening - 12/18/12 09:08 AM
Adding Lime to the Garden and Lawn is Key for Successful Gardening
Every summer I have people ask me how I am able to grow such a great garden. The soil is the key and adding a garden lime to the soil is essential. We get a lot of rain during the year here in Lexington. In fact our average rainfall far exceeds the rainfall in Seattle, Washington. Rain tends to cause acid build up in the soil. The majority of plants like a Ph level between six and seven. In order to help keep soil in the six to seven … (6 comments)

paul campbell: The Best Lettuce Seeds for Spring Gardening are the Romaine Varieties - 12/11/12 05:13 AM
The Best Lettuce Seeds for Spring Gardening are the Romaine varieties.
This is a romaine lettuce growing in my garden in Lexington Kentucky. This same variety grows well in the early spring but will bolt here in Lexington if it gets too hot. There are several reasons why the best lettuce seeds for spring gardening are the Romaine varieties.
The leaves grow reaching up to the sky, so the heavy spring rains do not cause the leaves to be damaged like other varieties. The Romaine varieties also like cool weather. Most of them will live through a heavy frost and with … (3 comments)

paul campbell: Can you really outwit a squirrel? - 11/26/12 05:13 AM
How big is this squirrel nest? Too big! These tomato snatchers are getting ready for the winter but they will be ready to rob me come tomato time. Many of you know that I have had a continuous battle with the Eastern Gray squirrel here in Lexington.
I have two huge Pin Oak trees in my front yard and various other trees in my back yard. Most of my neighbors have trees. The Eastern Gray Squirrel loves our neighborhood. Now I am not about to get rid of my trees. However I think I may have the biggest squirrel nests in … (3 comments)

paul campbell: Leaf Collection Schedule and Details for 2012 in Lexington Ky - 11/26/12 03:32 AM
Leaf collection schedule and details for 2012 in Lexington, Ky:
If you want to let the city collect your leaves in Lexington this year then now is the time to get prepared.  The collection starts today and will be finished before Christmas. The map below shows how the city is divided into areas for collection.  Collection begins today in area A which is basically between Nicholasville Road and Richmond road.
The details on when these areas will receive the leaf collection for Lexington are listed below in this blog. The basic facts about the leaf collection are listed below.  This is … (0 comments)

paul campbell: Emerson Woods Subdivision, Lexington Ky 40517 - 11/19/12 08:05 AM
Emerson Woods Subdivision, Lexington Kentucky 40517
A bike route runs adjacent to the middle of Emerson Woods Subdivision in Lexington Kentucky   Why do people live in Emerson Woods Subdivision?
Location, Location, Location
A quick commute of less than four miles to most of the action in Lexington. Four miles to downtown and less to The University of Kentucky. Just south of New Circle Road which allows residents to quickly access the interstates to Louisville, Cincinnati, Tennessee and West Virginia. Great sidewalk access for safe walking to public parks, shopping and schools, and the library Value
Emerson Woods Subdivision, Lexington KY … (1 comments)

paul campbell: Gainesway Subdivision, Lexington Ky 40517 - 11/18/12 07:17 AM
Gainesway Subdivision, Lexington Ky 40517
Large pin oak trees shade this remodeled split level home in Gainesway Subdivision, Lexington Ky 40517 Why do people live in Gainesway Subdivision?
Location, Location, Location
A quick commute of less than three miles to most of the action in Lexington. Three miles to downtown and less to The University of Kentucky. I know a professor at UK who lives in Gainesway and commutes to work on his bicycle. Just south of New Circle Road which allows residents to quickly access the interstates to Louisville, Cincinnati, Tennessee and West Virginia. Great sidewalk access for safe walking … (0 comments)

paul campbell: Home Sellers and Buyers: Heed Closely the Seller's Disclosure - 11/14/12 11:20 PM
Protect Yourselves Home Sellers and Fill out the Seller's Disclosure with great care and precision. I recently wrote a blog titled "7 Tips to Insure Buyers are Prepared to Write a Strong Purchase Offer." The first tip was to make sure the you understand the information on the seller's disclosure. In this blog my goal is to further explain the seller's disclosure for the State of Kentucky.
What is a Seller's Disclosure Form? It is a form that the seller can fill out that informs the buyer and agents about the history of the home. In the state of Kentucky … (0 comments)

paul campbell: 7 Tips to Insure Buyers are Prepared to Write a Strong Offer - 11/06/12 11:35 PM
These 7 tips are to insure buyers they are prepared to write a strong purchase offer.  Buyers should insist their agents have helped them get prepared to write the strongest offer possible.  This assumes that the buyer has found a home they are preapproved to buy.  It also assumes that the agent has already done the legal work necessary to represent you.
1. The agent should have helped you understand the seller's disclosure.  If there are any questions about the seller's disclosure the buyer's agent should get answers to those questions before writing the offer.  Read the seller's disclosure carefully.  If there is something that is … (0 comments)

paul campbell: Home Buyers get Preapproved and Stay with your price. - 11/02/12 02:41 AM
This blog post is written for first time home buyers.  However if you have not purchased a home in the past 6 years then much of this post can also be very helpful for you.   Before the recession buying a home was not very difficult.  Today you must have been pre approved for a loan if you want to buy a home.  Sellers and agents want to know you are capable of buying before working with home buyers.
Don't waste time looking for a home before getting pre approved. You need to be ready to show the sellers you have the money. … (0 comments)

paul campbell: Home Improvement Must be Done Well if you Hope to Sell - 10/29/12 10:39 AM
Home Improvement Must be Done Well if you Hope to Sell.
I often have shown homes in which the seller has decided to make some improvements but their good intentions and hard work did not accomplish what they had hoped. In fact often it does just the opposite. It is my opinion that if you cannot do home repair well then do not do it at all. The areas where poor craftsmanship is most often glaring is in the kitchen and the bathrooms. These are two places that you want to make sure you finish with great care. If you are … (2 comments)

paul campbell: Buyers Beware! Clark County in Central Kentucky is a buyer's haven! - 09/13/12 04:16 AM
The latest Rector Hayden Market Report shows that Clark County is still a strong buyers market.  Most of the Central Kentucky counties are beginning to lean some toward a seller's market.
Clark County still has at least seven months inventory in every price range and more than nine months inventory in all but one.  Homes priced from $100,o00 to $119,000 have seven months inventory available.  All other price ranges have nine months or more.   With historically low interest rates this is a once in a life time opportunity.  Call Paul now to get a great buy on a home.  859-684-5890 … (0 comments)

paul campbell: Are we moving to a seller's market in Central Kentucky? - 09/08/12 02:36 AM
Yes, that is right! The latest Rector Hayden Market Report shows that the number of homes for sale in Central Kentucky is slowly decreasing while the sale of homes continues to be strong. Homes for sale in Central Kentucky for August have dipped below 6,000. That is the lowest total of homes for sale in Central Kentucky in the past five years. In contrast, the homes sold in Central Kentucky is the highest total in the past five years. This is good news for home sellers in Central Kentucky. This could be the opportune time to sell your home. Give me … (1 comments)

paul campbell: Lovely Home in Beaumont Reserve for $88.00 a Square Foot - 09/06/12 05:00 AM
Price Lowered on Lovely Home in Beaumont Reserve.
A Price for a home that cannot be beat in Lexington Kentucky. This may be the best buy in Beaumont.  The new price at $514,900 is just over $88.00 a square foot.
I just talked to my insurance agent and the going rate to build my home right now is $140.00 a square foot.  I like my home and neighborhood but we do not have granite or any other "bells and whistle."
If you have been thinking of buying a larger home in a coveted neighborhood this is the house to buy.  Only … (1 comments)

paul campbell: Housing Market Report for Lexington KY, July 2012 Sellers Rejoice? - 08/10/12 01:43 AM
Prices continue to climb in the Central Kentucky housing market but inventory still remains fairly high.  We are seeing the inventory in Fayette County begin to near a neutral market and in some price ranges Fayette County has now become a seller's market.
The last column in the chart below shows the months of inventory of homes for sale in Central Kentucky for the various price ranges.  The  chart that follows shows the same for just Fayette County.  
Prices are up but inventory is still a buyer's market in Central Kenucky for July 2012  
The chart below shows the … (0 comments)

paul campbell: Central Kentucky home prices rise in June while the inventory sinks. - 07/12/12 08:01 AM
Could this be the best time to buy and sell in Central Kentucky?  Many people are of that opinion.  
Line graph emphasizes the market conditions for home buying in Central Kentucky.  
With interest rates continuing to hover at record low rates and inventory of homes for sale starting to drop this could be the best of times to buy and sell a home in Central Kentucky. 
Prices increase for Central Kentucky homes for the second month in 2012. Buyers can buy homes in most Central Kentucky communities and their payments will be less than if they were to rent … (1 comments)

paul campbell: Freedom Can Be So Much More than Celebrating a Holiday - 07/04/12 07:57 AM
Celebration of Freedom - Is it more than a holiday?
The United States Flag  
July 4th is a monumental date for the United States of America.   Happy Birthday America -- 236 years old!   
 Growing up in North Idaho I can remember the The 4th of July as one day (other than Sundays) that was always sacredly guarded for family and fun.  
 Though it was paramount to our little farm to harvest hay in early July,  my dad and mom always planned some kind of activity that involved our greater community.  We took a day away from putting up … (7 comments)

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