paul campbell: MOVING INTO A BIGGER HOUSE - Good News - 01/15/12 01:44 PM
Housing Prices in Central Kentucky - Good News if you are Moving Up and other Good News Possibilities Central Kentucky Housing prices dropped significantly in 2011.  Central Kentucky Houses dropped below the average sale price of 2004.  The average Central Kentucky home sold for $161,806 or $150.00 less than the average price of Central Kentucky Homes in 2044, $161,956. So if you are planning on selling your home this year and it is in an average Central Kentucky neighborhood you will need to be prepared for the market value of your home to be considerably lower than you may have thought. … (1 comments)

paul campbell: Ordered Seed for Lexington's Green Thumb Realtor Give Away in April - 01/14/12 01:07 PM
Today I finished putting together my seed order for this coming spring.  I am hiring a local farmer, Tim Vetter to grow my plants this year.  I have run out of room in my propagation center.   So when it comes time for the Big Spring Plant Give Away hopefully I will have enough plants for all my clients and friends and family.

I ordered everything from either Fedco Seeds or Johnny's.  Fedcos prices are better, in my opinion the best of all the seed companies.  However Fedco does  not have as many flowers and specific varieties.

For instance … (2 comments)

paul campbell: Whay Pay Rent in Central Kentucky? Save Money - 40 Years of Proof - 01/11/12 02:10 PM
2011 Prices of Homes in Central Kentucky Take a Surprise Drop After Last Years Gain - Still almost a 400 percent gain since 1971. Many people have been questioning the wisdom of buying a home. Take a look at this chart and think about the following. If you bought a Central Kentucky home in 1970 for $41,577 it would sell for almost $162,000 dollars today.   If you paid an average of $350.00 rent a month for that home you would have paid out $172,000 in rent and would have nothing to show for it. You have to live somewhere, why … (3 comments)

paul campbell: Surprises in the Central Kentucky Housing Market for 2011 - Good News or Bad News? - 01/11/12 01:41 PM
Good News or Bad News?  Central Kentucky Home Sales for 2011 The number of homes that sold in Central Kentucky the last six months of 2011 took a significant jump up in 2011.  However the price of the average home sold in Central Kentucky for 2011 took a significant drop. If you are a buyer that is certainly good news provided you have credit scores that will allow you to secure a loan. If you are a seller that may be bad news.  If you have been waiting to sell, hoping prices to rise,  you may need to wait a few … (0 comments)

paul campbell: Serving God, Saving the Planet - Don't Miss this Opportunity! - 01/11/12 06:58 AM
Matthew and Nancy Sleeth  - Don't miss this opportunity to learn and fellowship with Lexington's Leading Advocates of Caring for our planet. Matthew and Nancy Sleeth will be sharing at the First Christian Church Frankfort  Kentucky on February 8th at 6:15 PM. Matthew will be speaking on "Serving God, Saving the Planet."  Nancy will be there to help answer questions and she will also do book signings.   Matthew and Nancy Sleeth really do live their lives as they so passionately advocate.  In fact I remember seeing their electric bill for the month of May when they lived in a large home … (0 comments)

paul campbell: We Need Your Help Early Risers of Lexington, Kentucky - An Opportunity to Help - 01/08/12 01:11 PM
Are you an early riser?  We could use your help. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning the Lexington Rescue Mission delivers lunches to the men and women who are waiting at Labor Works.  These temporary blue collar workers arrive at Labor Works at 4:30 AM to wait to see what job they may be able to get for that day. The volunteer who delivered  lunches on Tuesdays had to stop.  So right now we are looking for someone to take over that volunteer position. If you have a heart for helping people who need to be helped then please give me a … (4 comments)

paul campbell: Let me help recreate your beautiful garden in the winter - Helping Home Sellers Market their homes by doing something extra. - 01/05/12 12:35 PM
. Lexington's Green Thumb Realtor - A creative way to add value and interest in your home.  Just a little extra effort can be very rewarding. Recently I listed a home of a client that was eager to share how spectacular her flower gardens were in the spring.  I had her send me a list of her perennials and the bulbs she had planted. I then wrote a list of all the bulbs and plants and inserted pictures on the word document to show the beauty of the blossoms. I printed several in color and have left them on the table … (2 comments)

paul campbell: Price it Right and homes south of the Circle Near Harrodsburg Road in Lexington Ky will sell in less than 80 days. - 01/04/12 05:38 AM
Another hyper-local market analysis of homes sold in Lexington KY during 2011 shows buyers are mostly concerned about price. This market Analysis for Homes sold in the subdivisions of Palomar, Little Texas, South Elkhorn, Firebrook, Wyndam Downs, Copperfield and south to Brannon Road in Jessamine County for 2011 reveal the following important points.
Buyers are looking for the best prices in these south Lexington neighborhoods. Home that are smaller and priced lower sell much faster than the larger more expensive homes in this hyper-local Lexington Market. Homes that have expired are priced almost a hundred percent higher than those that … (1 comments)

paul campbell: Hyper-Local Housing Markets Revealed again in Lexington Kentucky for 2011 - 01/01/12 12:04 PM
Hyper-Local housing markets in Lexington, Great Differences in Sales Prices for two adjacent neighborhoods. The adjacent neighborhood just east of the University of Kentucky homes are much higher priced.  Another proof of the very hyper-local  differences in the housing market in Lexington Kentucky.  This market analysis is for homes located north of Alumni Drive and south of Downtown between High Street and Richmond Road.  A few days ago I did an analysis of a neighborhood just west of this area that included mostly homes that were located close to the University of Kentucky.  Today's area includes most of Chevy Chase, most … (0 comments)

paul campbell: The Joy and Benefits of Living in Lexington - 01/01/12 07:39 AM
Are you thinking of living in Lexington? A conversation with Paul Campbell. My wife Kathy and I live in Lexington just south of New Circle Road.  New Circle Road is used by all the residents as the key landmark to describe location for everything in the city.  We live just south of "The Circle" in the subdivision of Gainesway, which is located just east of Tates Creek Road.  Our home is less than four miles to downtown Lexington, 2 miles to Fayette Mall and less than three miles to the University of Kentucky campus. We are about ten minutes from interstates … (0 comments)

paul campbell: Price Right Home Near the University of Kentucky in Lexington will Sell Quickly - 12/30/11 01:53 PM
2011 Market Report for a Mapped area in Lexington Kentucky near the University of Kentucky. This analysis shows that buyers of these homes near the University of Kentucky are:
Looking for a home that is competitively priced. Not shopping for the largest homes near the University of Kentucky. Eager to move quickly on the homes that are priced to sell. The Defined area is west of High Street to Limestone and south of downtown to Alumni Street.  This area in Lexington Kentucky includes the subdivisions of Mount Vernon, Montclair Hollywood, the University of Kentucky campus and a small part of … (2 comments)

paul campbell: A Christmas Story That Has Worn Well - 12/28/11 12:08 PM
A Favorite Christmas Story, A Classic that has worn pretty well…
           Earlier this month a friend mentioned that their nephew had been in a play – “The Best Christmas Show Ever” --  “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever?” asked my wife Kathy.  Remembering the book, then the play and the subsequent television production made her chuckle and she was able to find it for sale (thanks Amazon!) and ordered it for our holiday viewing pleasure.
           The notion of incorrigible children is not new.  Nor is the idea of a misfit group of actors putting on a play.  Combining the two ideas … (0 comments)

paul campbell: Just a Few Blocks Away can make a Huge difference in prices of Home - West of Hamburg in Lexington - 12/27/11 12:07 PM
 JUST a Few blocks west can make a huge difference in the housing market in Lexington Kentucky near the Hamburg shopping area. View Homes West of Hambug in a larger map
     If you want to buy a home near Hamburg shopping you can save a $100,000 purchasing just a few blocks west of the popular shopping area.      You do not have many choices west but the prices are much less.      You will not find as many new homes but what you do find will also be much less than those homes near Hamburg. Compared to … (0 comments)

paul campbell: Brilliant Spring and Summer Blooms - 244 McConnell's Trace, Lexington Kentucky - 12/27/11 09:54 AM
244 McConnell's Trace - A flower garden extraordinary.  During the winters in Lexington Kentucky the plants and bulbs are dormant.  This is a good thing.  Plants and bulbs need this time to rest and store up food for next spring and summer. Purchase 244 McConnell's Trace and you will be delighted by beautiful spring blooming bulbs like King Edward daffodils,alpine rosy bells, beauty dutch iris mixture, blue grape hyacinths, early snowdrift, tulip mixture, and giant crocus mixture. That is just the recent planting for spring bulbs waiting to delight your senses. The summer perennials at this Lexington home are black eyed Susan's, oriental … (0 comments)

paul campbell: Christmas Eve Celebrations - Unity Created through Diversity - 12/25/11 03:44 AM
Yesterday I had the joy of participating in three different celebrations of the birth of Christ. At 2:00 Kathy and I and our daughter Joanna went to the Christmas Eve service at our home church, First Alliance. At 5:00 Kathy and I and Joanna went to the Christmas Eve with our daughter Marnie and granddaughter Caroline at Marnie's home church Trinity Hill United Methodist. At 9:00 I went with my son Andrew's family to their home church, St Patrick's Anglican. One of the joys and wonders of the Celebration of the birth of The Christ Child for me is how it … (2 comments)

paul campbell: Surprises in Hamburg Housing Market, Lexington Kentucky - 12/23/11 06:23 AM
Interesting - Surprising - Shocking? Market report for homes near Hamburg in Lexington Kentucky, June 25 through December 22
Realtors expect price to be the most important thing in this market to get a house sold quickly.  What is surprising about this analysis of the homes near Hamburg is that price was not the most important. 
Analyzing the data it is obvious that condition for these buyers was more important than the price. Another thing that is clear is that if the house is larger and in great shape it will sell quickly compared to the other homes. So … (0 comments)

paul campbell: Is Two Years Old Too Young? Taking to the ice.... - 12/21/11 11:58 AM
Is age 2 too young?  Fun at Lexington Ice Center.  See map below for directions.
View Larger Map
 “Caroline, would you like to go ice skating?”  Our daughter Marnie asked her two year old daughter.  It wasn’t an unreasonable question.  Caroline seems to have inherited her mom and dad’s athletic ability.  And we read all the time about children who strap on a pair of skates and seemingly in no time (add years of private lessons and a sparkly skating outfit) turn into the next Michelle Kwan.  For her part Caroline was thrilled and talked all day long about going ice … (3 comments)

paul campbell: The Christmas Tree - Helping Our Family Remember our Past - 12/20/11 01:55 PM
The Christmas Tree for Me Still must be a Place of Rembrance Having monuments, celebrations, and ceremonies are important to help us all remember our roots and be thankful for the good and learn from the bad. I am so thankful that my wife Kathy and I still get to celebrate Christmas with a tree laden with ornaments that recall the past.   I know that it is popular now to have a tree decorated with a theme or a certain color.  Most of those trees in my family are BORING!   I delight to watch my grandchildren touch the ornaments … (2 comments)

paul campbell: Buying a Home in Lexington, Visit Rupp Arena to Get a Taste of the Real Lexington - 12/19/11 02:38 PM
The University of Kentucky is the largest employer in the city and best known for its storied basketball history.  To get a sense of the magnetic, almost magical influence of basketball in Lexington one really needs to attend a University of Kentucky basketball game. However,  just understanding the setting may whet your appetite enough to come visit the city.
Rupp Arena, named after Adolph Rupp the coach of several National Championships is the venue for Wildcat basketball.  However, Rupp is much more than just a place to help 23,000 rabid Cat fans scream their lungs out.  Rupp is located downtown and … (0 comments)

paul campbell: Southern Lights - A Lexington Christmas Delight - November 18 - December 31. - 12/19/11 02:32 PM
Southern Lights in Lexington at the Kentucky Horse Park - A Great Value for a Grand Evening of Lights and Entertainment. My wife and I took our daughter and two of our grandchildren to the Southern Lights show at the Kentucky Horse Park last Friday night.  On Friday and Saturday nights the cost is $10.00 a carload.  Sam and Caroline are 4 and 2 and they had a great time identifying the lights and just being silly.  At the end of the show you can park and go inside to enjoy other activities.  There is a petting zoo that is free. … (0 comments)

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