rector hayden: Wilmore, Ky - A wonderful home in a charming town. Open House - 07/05/10 02:00 PM
Saturday morning we drove down to Wilmore to go to a very sweet small town parade with our children and grandchildren.  I so much enjoy Wilmore.  It is only a 20 minute drive from South Lexington and with the completion of the new four lane highway in the near future it will be quicker and safer.  What is so special about Wilmore?  It is truly a small town that has somehow preserved the mid 20th century.  The parade is mostly people having fun.  The lawnmower brigade of men not afraid to have a little fun and laughter is a reflection of … (1 comments)

rector hayden: A Green Home in Serene Wilmore, 111 Pleasant View Drive, Wilmore Ky 40390 - 04/17/10 12:32 PM

rector hayden: Home Buyers In Lexington, Check out Hartland - 04/05/10 08:31 AM
Home Buyers in Lexington - Check out HartlandHartland is a neighborhood that welcomes you to beauty, serenity and practicality.  Step into your new home in Hartland just 8 miles or 12 minutes from downtown Lexington and you will find an enclave of homes that beckons you to enjoy your customer built home in a truly lovely neighborhood.  Whether driving or walking in this jewel you will be impressed with the energy and effort to make this a unique living experience.  The beauty of the budding trees and shrubs in the spring and the gorgeous fall colors  on wide streets invite you … (2 comments)

rector hayden: Gainesway, A Great Place to Buy and Live in Lexington Kentucky - 03/30/10 04:16 AM
Affordable Homes with Great Soil for gardening in Gainesway Yes, Gainesway is one of my favorite communities because it has large lots, with brick homes and is in a great location. Gainesway was mostly built in the sixties.  It has larger lots with better soil than most.  So for the gardeners out there this is a great place to settle in.

Unbelievable Location      Just outside New Circle Road.  You are close to downtown, closer to the University of Kentucky, close to the freeway connections to I-65 and I-75 and just a few minutes from Fayette Mall.  Like to walk? … (1 comments)

rector hayden: Featured Homes to Buy Near the University of Kentucky that may Save you $15,000 - 03/28/10 08:01 AM
Yesterday I wrote about the "Live Where you Work Program" that gives buyers $15,000 if they work at the University of Kentucky and buy a home in the qualifing geographical area.
Today I want to give a general overview of the prices of the homes that sell in this area and give some examples of homes that are currently on the market.  There were sixteen homes that sold within the "Live Where You Work Program" within the past six months.  The average home that sold was on the market 66 days.  The selling price was an average of  $273,815.    There … (1 comments)

rector hayden: A Study of Days on the Market and Selling Price in Lexington, Ky Zip Code 40509 - 02/19/10 05:37 AM
 How does the listing price affect the selling price?  - A study of the facts in Lexington Kentucky - Zip Code 40509 This is the second part in what is intended to be a 7 part series studying the affect that "Days on the Market" has on the selling price of homes in Lexinton Kentucky. The first blog post studied Zip Code 40503 The second studied 40504 The third studied 40502 The fourth studied 40517 The fifth studied 40511 Today's study is of 40509 The purpose for these next series of articles is to research how the original listing price does … (1 comments)

rector hayden: Is the Listing Price Important? - A Study in Lexington Kentucky, Zip Code 40517 - 02/05/10 03:54 AM
 How does the listing price affect the selling price?  - A study of the facts in Lexington Kentucky - Zip Code 40517 This is the second part in what is intended to be a 7 part series studying the affect that "Days on the Market" has on the selling price of homes in Lexinton Kentucky.  The first blog post studied Zip Code 40503 The second studied 40504 The third studied 40502 Today's study is of 40517. The purpose for these next series of articles is to research how the original listing price does or doesn't affect the selling price of a … (0 comments)

rector hayden: Zillow and Messed up Information about Open House - 01/14/10 08:06 AM
How does Zillow get an open house posted incorrectly?
If you are planning on attending the open house at 459 Marquis Avenue in Lexington make sure you come Sunday afternoon from 3-5.  Last night someone called me about my open house they had seen posted on Zillow.  They had seen the sign in the yard at 459 Marquis Avenue which advertises the open house for Sunday from 3-5 PM.  They were confused because Zillow has the open house posted for Saturday from 1-4 PM.So I immediately called the advertising department when I got to work and asked them to please check … (5 comments)

rector hayden: A Real Example of a Market Analysis - The antithesis of Zillow - 01/11/10 11:50 AM
This blog is written for the general public.  This should bore most realtors.  The purpose of this blog is to help inform buyers how a legitimate market analysis is really done.  First of all the purpose of a market analysis is to find the price at which the home will sell in today's market.  I emphasis today, not yesterday, not three months ago, not 6 months ago and certainly not a year ago.So here is how I determine the real market value of a home.  By the way this is a real example of a home I listed on Marquis Avenue … (7 comments)

rector hayden: A Great Experience With VA Health Care - 12/29/09 06:48 AM
I don't presume to be an expert on anything to do with health care.  However I recently had an experience that exceedingly and abundantly exceeded any of my expectations.  Upon moving to Lexington there were only two things were not less expensive here.  One was car insurance and the other health insurance.  After seeing our health insurance premiums continue to skyrocket I began to investigate the Veterans Clinic and Hospital here in Lexington.  I found several people who were  very happy with the VA health benefits.  So I reluctantly filed for the benefits and they called me to set up an initial … (2 comments)

rector hayden: Is it a "Wonderful Life? - 12/19/09 01:19 PM
 Kathy and I attended a radio play version of "Its' a Wonderful Life at The Lexington First Assembly of God church this evening.  We were once again in awe of that beautiful story.  The acting was very good in the radio play but we both agreed it would take dismal acting to make bad production from such a great script.
Here are a few of my observations about the "Wonder" created by that play.
Everyone has a story of being hugely disappointed by someone else.  Someone dear to us has let us down, someone in authority over us has not been true to their word, and someone has cheated us out of our hard earned money. Such is life! 

rector hayden: Rector Hayden Realtors, A Huge On Line Presence - 12/11/09 11:43 AM
Latest on line statistics for Rector Hayden Realtors, Central Kentucky's leader in selling and buying homes.  It is amazing how these stats grow from month to month.  I recently  had an "old timer"  in real estate say to me, "The internet has ruined my business, when we had the listing books my clients came to me."  My last two listings came from the internet and I just made another appointment from an internet contact. 

rector hayden: A Time for Everything - 12/11/09 11:19 AM
Today was filled with serendipity.  My partner and I met an old acquaintance of  his that has been trying to sell her home.  She was an expired listing we visited.  She immediately invited us into her warm home and we had a great visit.  I went to lunch with a friend from my Wednesday morning small group at Tates Creek Pres.  Tom and I enjoyed a delicious lunch and were filled with the sweet taste of friendship as we left Sal's.  The service at Sal's on Tates Creek is so sincerely caring and the food never disappoints.  Eating good food with … (1 comments)

rector hayden: New Tax Credit, Does it Really limit the $6500 to move up buyers? - 11/05/09 11:31 AM
What really does the new tax credit do?  Does it give $6500 only to "move up" buyers.  I hope not because in my neighborhood and so many others in Lexington many of the retired residents are more eager to "move down" than move up.  If congress really only gives money to "move up" buyers as suggested in this CNBC article then the congress in my opinion made a blunder in the wording of the bill.  

Our retired home owners deserve the same economic stimulus as other sellers and buyers.  There are so many people in my neighborhood who are … (2 comments)

rector hayden: Lovely starter home with nice backyard in Wilmore - 10/20/09 12:04 PM
I just listed a home in Wilmore Kentucky that is perfect for a young family that needs to be near Asbury College and/or seminary.  Wilmore is only about 25 minutes from downtown Lexington so it is also an easy commute to the bigger city.  

The newer deck overlooks a lovely back yard with an excellent storage shed.

 This home is in excellent condition except it was lived in by a heavy smoker.  Replace the carpets and paint and it will be just like new.  In fact the kitchen cabinets look new.
The $89,000 price is very competitive.   … (0 comments)

rector hayden: Realtors Sharing Books With Central Kentucky schools. - 10/14/09 07:39 AM
The Lexington Bluegrass Association of Realtors
is in the process of giving away over a 100 copies of "Enemy Pie" to schools throughout Central Kentucky.Realtors are invited to come to the schools and participate when the books are presented to the librarians.  The first presentation is at 10:00 AM,  Monday, October 19th at Saffell Street Elementary in Anderson Country.  We will then travel to Robert B. Turner at 11:25 and finally to Emma B. Ward at 1:50.  Invitations have been emailed to Anderson County Realtors.  This is the third year  LBAR  has purchased new books and presented them to the Central … (0 comments)

rector hayden: Another Tantalizing Recipe - 09/16/09 09:57 AM
Civilization and gardens
            During World War II Americans turned their yards (and sometimes roof gardens) into vegetable gardens so that they could ease the strain on the food supply. These were called Victory Gardens.   In 1944 about 40% of all the vegetables being consumed in the US were grown in Victory Gardens.  The food certainly aided the war effort, but it also boosted the morale of the people who didn’t themselves actively go to war.  The gardens promoted civilization, if you will.
            Last month I dragged Kathy to the Arboretum for the monthly meeting of gardeners.  It was … (6 comments)

rector hayden: Gardening, Rediscovering the Joy of Work - 09/14/09 12:59 PM

Tonight I want to start a series of blog postings that I will call simply "Reasons I Garden."  This may help some readers understand my passion to garden and why I think it should be such an integral part of owning a home.
When I am lonely, disheartened or just confused and bewildered with the cares of the world I find solace in the garden.  In the Biblical creation story in Genesis  chapter two verse 15 the text reads, "The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of … (2 comments)

rector hayden: Flippers Beware - 09/13/09 07:39 AM
I have been in the proceess of getting a home ready to sell the past three weeks.  When I bought it  I was hoping to have it on the market next week.  Things just take longer than I usually plan and of course it costs more to make the necessary upgrades than I had planned. I do some of the demolition work and help out a bit.  However, I am not a finish carpenter and don't pretend or try to be.  I contract out the work that I know I cannot do professionally.  .I recently had a friend say to me, … (128 comments)

rector hayden: Organic Supplies - 08/25/09 06:50 AM
Where do I get organic fertilizers?

That was the question Jerry left on my voice mail this afternoon.  Unfortunately Jerry did not leave a number and my phone did not capture his number.  

Jerry said he saw pictures of my garden on the web so I expect he is reading my blog.  Hopefully you will read this this entry Jerry.  

I bought the blood meal and bone meal from Fayette Seed which is located on Red Mile road very near Versailles.

I couldn't find anyone in Lexington that sold kelp meal so I ordered it … (0 comments)

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