relationships: Is it Possible Really to Buy or Sell a "Home?" - 01/21/10 11:57 AM
Can you really buy or sell a home? Neither this world nor any of its place is an "environment."  And a house for sale is not a "home."  Wendell Berry. p.19  of "The Mad farmer Poems"    I have been thinking about how we use the words home and house.

First, some ways we use "home" that are nonsense with "house."    We can "go home" but we don't "go house."   We can feel "at home"  but we don't "feel at house." We refer to "home baked foods" but not "house baked  goods."   We "write home" about our … (4 comments)

relationships: Friends and Family Revisited - 03/13/09 03:39 AM
My brother Jeff in Colorado recently called me to make sure I was alright.  He said I hadn't written anything on my blog recently and he was concerned about me.  My excuse is I have been too busy.  I hadn't really ever considered that someone actually reads my blog enough to be concerned if I didn't write.  So Jeff you get the credit or blame for my renewed writing effort.
Kathy and I are in the Pacific Northwest visiting friends and family.  My mentor and partner Mike Moynahan graciously encouraged me to make the trip and is standing in for me.

relationships: Forming Relationships with my Neighbors. - 11/13/08 10:06 PM
To those neighbors who are reading this blog for the first time thanks so much for stopping by. If you would like to know when I post a new blog entry send me your email address and you will be automatically notified. I promise to never share your email.
Sunday afternoon I began introducing myself to my neighbors? I have spent almost six hours so far and have talked to a total of 23 people. My goal was to meet 300 of my Gainesway neighbors. Kathy and I are hoping that ten percent of them will then come to our … (10 comments)

relationships: Marketing in a new geographic location. - 05/29/08 12:55 AM
I would very much like some tips on how to jump start my business in my new location of Lexington, Kentucky. 
I began to connect with 24 people that are friends of my son in March and have been sending them information every month.  I have called them to ask for permission to keep sending info and they have been very responsive.
I also have determined to use this blog on a daily basis.
One of my goals upon moving is to build relationships with other professionals in service industries.  Kathy and I will need to start from scratch with doctors, … (1 comments)

Helping seller and buyers understand the value of the land they buy or sell is my passion. My work as a real estate agent is fulfilling because I am passionate about negotiating value. Sellers, let me help you maximize the value of your land even if it is just a small front yard. Buyers I will help you find a place even in the middle of Lexington that can help your family build a wonderful home. Give me a chance to look at your home, your land, your garden and I will give you some great ideas on how you can enhance the presentation of your home with a very small budget.




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